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All you need to know about the uses of animation

For most people, animation is just for entertainment as they do not understand different uses of animation in today’s world. However if you look at the uses of animation in a slew of areas, the possibilities are limitless. It can even be considered as a unique branch of technology which can bring matchless value to a trove of business and entertainment activities. One can without any hesitation say that it certainly is because of the advantages of animation in business, that it is quite extensively used everywhere.


However let us find out some of the most important areas where animation is extensively used.


Everybody understands that humans have a tendency to remember videos and images more than textual content. So it is natural that animation for educational purposes can be effectively utilized to enhance the reception levels of the students and trainees. As animated videos can effectively improve the quality of reception of the learners, it brings about exceptional changes to the academic capabilities of people without any doubt. Graphics is already used by several education portals and platforms where even the most complex and difficult concepts are shared to the students with greater reception.


There is no doubt there are various uses of animation in entertainment and perhaps it is extensively used for entertainment and perhaps it is the greatest use for computer graphics, as we know it. Diverse animation services are offered by several top animation companies to be used for entertainment in a range of platforms such as TV, internet and even on the phones. There are several animation series and movies created for children and adult audience that can be enjoyed as normal live-action movies. Famous animation programs such as Tom and Jerry, Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck are created to make everyone laugh all the while sharing important life lessons and moral values. Apart from such series, even a range of movies is created targeted at a wider audience that includes children and adults. Studios like Pixar, DreamWorks and DC Animation Studios are primarily involved with making animated movies.


If you consider the benefits of animation in advertising, they are quite astounding. Advertisements are always about creative visualization and hence, it plays an important role in making effective commercials that can capture the imagination of the audience luring them to buy the product being advertised. Apart from using this for creating advertisements on TV, the advent of internet has also led to the creation of a new platform where animated advertisements can be used in search and display advertisements. If you consider advertisements without animation, large portion of the advertisements will be rendered uninspiring and boring.


Animation brings lots of creativity to your marketing, which helps you to reach more demographics. An animated 3d demonstration of your product’s benefits instantly and it may be a more effective conversion.

In Scientific visualization

It is extensively used to create accurate and representative scientific visualization for the purpose of research and analytical studies. It can be effectively used to represent and create 3D models for a wide range of objects for realistic visualizations. An example could be in medical diagnosis where parts of body can be effectively studied and problems can be diagnosed more efficiently.

Creative arts

Motion graphics is extensively used to demonstrate and generate the skills required to attend a certain level of creative proficiency. For example, an IT course designed for creative arts. Such courses will utilize animation to get the education across the class leveraging various presentations and diagrams created by means of animation.


It would be an impossible task to find an industry where animation is as extensively used as in the gaming industry. It is an industry where everything is dependent on animation as most 3D characters for games are created with animation. It is the very basic upon which everything on a game is modeled and created. Also read our article about 3d character modeling practices for gaming industry. All such activities as texturing, lighting and rigging are done by several graphic professionals as per the requirements of the clients


Simulations are utilized in areas where real life training of people is dangerous or cannot be controlled. Military training exercises is one of the most adequate examples for this type of application of animation. Simulations are also used to train pilots without having to invest heavily on machines and fuel and without causing any damage to the trainees in case of any mishaps. Simulations are also used by various organizations to predict the outcome of a range of activities.

These are only some of the most widely acknowledged areas where animation is already utilized; there are many applications of animation in different area. As the technology evolves and advances with some of the best animation software programs on the way, the demand from professional animation service providers will definitely bolster as well. As a professional service provider, we are handling many animation outsourcing projects in India, in across various fields.

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