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We offer comprehensive 2D animation services to help you build successful marketing campaigns and convey specific messages to your targets.

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MAP Systems is one of the top agencies offering a wide range of creative design services, where 2D animation is a part. It generally employs a team of experienced animators and graphic designers, who capitalize on the deployment of world-class infrastructure to deliver outstanding 2D animation services in the industry. Reinforced with extensive domain experience, we cater to the entire animation requirements of clients starting right from conceptualization and creation of storyboards, short films, and 2D animated comics until the designing of characters for commercial and promotional purposes.

Relying on our 2d animation studios can be highly beneficial for the clients and their projects. By associating with us, they can get high-quality computer graphics delivered to them as per their specifications. We successfully cover their requirements with the help of our talented professionals who demonstrate high levels of drawing, engineering, and animating skills to guarantee the on-time delivery of projects.

Medical 2D animation - MAP Systems We provide world class high-quality 2d animation services for various verticals such as medical, education, advertising and marketing, publishing and more within a quick turnaround time.
2D animation services - MAP Systems MAP Systems offers high quality visually attractive 2d animation services including 2d illustrated character and cartoon animation and more. Contact us for all kind of your animation requirements.

Our 2D animation studio production process

We follow the process of creating two-dimensional animations in the best way to come up with excellent results. We proceed by keeping your initial concepts in mind and using an array of software programs to create an animation that is a pleasure to view and extremely productive.

Concept Design

Concept Design

We understand the needs of our clients as well as their script. Then, we detail out a concise and basic plan regarding the different characters involved and the order or structure.

Storyboard Creation

Storyboard Creation

We use a series of   illustrations to visualize motion graphics or videos. After basic characters and script are identified, we proceed towards creating a complete storyboard.

Layout Design

Layout Design

Followed by the creation of storyboard, we create layouts based on the storyboards to define the movements and contexts for different scenes while ensuring relevance.

Using animatics, we pre-visualize the entire film before the starting of the production phase to get the complete feel of the actual concept, including the pace and style.

Key Frame Creation

Key Frame Creation

We, then, create the key frames for defining the movements as well as their timings, which the viewers will notice. This is a key steps to ensuring professional outcomes.

Cleanup and Coloring

Cleanup and Coloring

After the development of keyframes, we do the clean-up and the final drawings that can be seen in the actual film. Besides, colors are also added in this step.

Character Engineering

Character Engineering

We create a sequence of bones to form the skeletons to animate parts of a character. It provides the needful insight for production layout, 2D character animation, and story flow.



This is a key step in the visual development process. We combine and do the necessary editing for the different scenes in the story, ensuring that the outcome has a smooth flow.

Final Rigging

Final Rigging

After adding voiceover/sound effects, the rigging step begins. Rigging brings animations to life, and in this stage, a 2D model is developed.

Why choose MAP Systems for your 2D animation design services requirements?

Being one of the best 2D animation companies, we always make sure that our services bring a lot of benefits to our clients. The various advantages that they can receive by using our services are given below:

  • All the character designs are well researched and analyzed before we start the project.
  • Comprehensive animation solutions and photorealistic renderings are assured with the use of computer graphics.
  • Animators with us are skilled and extensively experienced, having a successful track record of excellence.
  • The highest quality standards are ensured with the help of a highly qualified team of quality analysts.
  • 99% accuracy is consistently maintained for all the projects through advanced software.
  • We can create awe-inspiring animation videos for businesses to help them convey their messages in an engaging manner.
  • We can create 2D animated illustrations, allowing businesses to launch successful marketing campaigns across major social media channels.
  • Our professionals are passionate about their work and they are always ready to collaborate with the client to produce desired outcomes that would serve their business objectives.
  • We have been helping startups as well as multinational firms with effective and targeted 2D animation videos that help them attract their target audience.
  • We help game studios and professional game developers with 2D animated game development solutions by providing them with end-to-end support, from storyboarding till production.
  • Data security is ensured by transferring the files through secured FTP or VPN channels.
  • Work is delivered on time without delay as per the deadline committed.
  • Creative and interactive animation production is ensured while delivering the projects back to clients in their requested file formats.
  • 2D animation pricing structure is fixed according to the client’s budgetary constraints and project type.

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Being in the domain for more than a decade, our 2D animation company always implement state-of-the-art technology and proven methodologies to ensure that the whole project is highly professional and perfect. Throughout the years, we have helped a large number of companies to market their services and boost their ROI with the help of our services. So, if you are looking to outsource your 2D animation requirements to a reliable company, then associating with MAP Systems will never be your cause of regret. Read some of our satisfied client testimonials regarding our 2D animation projects.

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Our 2D animation services are designed to meet the needs of businesses in different industries including Ecommerce, healthcare, and education. If you are planning to create 2D animated product commercial or a game, feel confident to discuss your project requirements with us.

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