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We offer comprehensive 2D animation services to help you build successful marketing campaigns and convey specific messages to your targets.

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MAPSystems is a leading provider of creative design services including 2D animation services. Our immensely talented animators deliver best-in-class 2D animation outcomes while leveraging sophisticated 2D animation tools. They have profound domain experience and are strongly positioned to deliver end-to- end animation support that starts from concept creation and ends with the creation of the final outcome that may appear in the form of short films. We help businesses convey their messages to their target audience in the best possible way. Our reliable 2D animation studio is dedicated to generating high-quality computer graphics based on our clients’ specifications. We always do our best to meet our timeline commitments so as to help our clients complete their projects on time and to stay ahead of the competition.

Medical 2D animation - MAPSystems We provide world class high-quality 2d animation services for various verticals such as medical, education, advertising and marketing, publishing and more within a quick turnaround time.
2D animation services - MAPSystems MAPSystems offers high quality visually attractive 2d animation services including 2d illustrated character and cartoon animation and more. Contact us for all kind of your animation requirements.

The comprehensive 2D animation service portfolio at MAPSystems

We have designed a comprehensive service portfolio that allows our clients to get their specific needs addressed. Our talented animators can develop the following types of animation videos:

product explainer video

Explainer Video

We produce detailed 2D animated explainer videos to let people gain an in-depth idea about products or services offered by our clients.

animated ebook

Interactive eBook animation

We can integrate 2D animations in cookbooks, poetry books, eLearning content, user manuals, travel guides, children’s books, etc. to engage readers.

2d cartoons

Cartoon Animation

We create captivating 2D cartoon animation for movies, advertising, marketing, video games, etc. We create characters that are lively and engaging.

animated banners 2d

Animated HTML5 Banner Ads

We design responsive HTML5 banner ads for online advertising platforms and they are compatible with multiple devices.

logo animation 2d

Logo Animation

We produce personalized and unique 2D logo animations that distinctively reflect the value, vision, and mission of our client’s business.

2d games animation

Gaming Animation

We create 2D animations for the gaming industry; we can design props, game characters, and scenes, as per project requirements.

animated motion graphics

Motion Graphics

We develop motion graphics to help companies influence their customers through effective promotional initiatives.

2d character gif

GIF animation

Our talented animation artists can create relevant GIF animations to market products, services, content, or the overall business of our clients.

2d whiteboard animation

Whiteboard Animation

We deliver extraordinary whiteboard animated videos to allow businesses to demonstrate complex ideas in an easy-to-understand way.

The different stages of the 2D animation process that we follow at MAPSystems

We follow a very simplistic work process so that our clients find it easy to work with us. We have employed experienced 2D animators who ensure that you get what you pay for and in the most pleasant manner. Working with us is very easy as we would ensure that you get the best experience while working with us. These are the key steps involved:

Concept Design

We take time to understand the script and our clients’ specifications. We then create a basic plan about the characters the order/structure.

Layout Design

After creating the storyboard, we design layouts to set the movements and contexts for diverse scenes while maintaining relevance.

Key Frame Creation

We, design the key frames for defining movements and timings. This is a major step to create professional outcomes.

Character Engineering

We form a bone-sequence to create the skeletons so as to animate the various character-parts. This is vital for generating insights for production layout, story flow, and 2D character animation.

Final Rigging

Once the voiceover/sound effects are added, we commence rigging. With this activity, we give life to characters and this is how a 2D model gets developed.

Storyboard Creation

We make use of vibrant illustrations to create motion graphics or videos. After the main characters and scripts are identified, we create a complete storyboard.


Using animatics, we pre-visualize the whole film before initiating the production phase to get a feel of the concept, including the pace and style.

Cleanup and Coloring

After keyframe development, we do the clean-up and the final drawings that can be seen in the final film. Besides, we add colors in this step.


This is a key step in the visual development process. We perform the necessary editing for the different scenes in the story, ensuring that the combined outcome has a smooth flow.

Submission & Review

At this stage, we would send the final outcome to the client. Once the client approves the outcome, we would close the project.

Why choose MAPSystems for your 2D animation service requirements?

We are one of the best 2D animation companies and we always make sure that our services bring high value to our clients. These are the reasons why you may want to do business with us

  • All the character designs are analyzed well before we initiate the project.
  • Our professionals are always ready to work closely with the client to create desired outcomes.
  • We are skilled and extensively experienced and have a successful track record of excellence.
  • Our team of quality analysts perform stringent quality checks.
  • We transfer files through secured FTP or VPN channels.
  • We deliver on time without delay as per the deadline committed during the project scoping stage.
  • Creative and interactive animation production is ensured while delivering the projects back to clients in their requested file formats.
  • We offer customized pricing depending on our clients’’ budgets.

We have established ourselves as a reliable 2D animation company that deploys state-of-the-art technology and proven methodologies to ensure world-class outcomes. Looking to create 2D animated videos to tell a story? Do you want us to create 2D animated brand commercials that can boost your brand’s identity and sales? Contact us right now. we’re always ready to deliver exceptional assistance.

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