Ways in which animation helps to promote your business

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Marketing, online or offline always remains in a state of evolution. Expansion and changes are integral parts of marketing dynamics. Strategies which produced stellar results few years back would fail to deliver in today’s competitive landscape. Obsolete and excessively used, many tactics lose their cutting-edge with time.

To ensure that sales and profitability follows an exponential growth path, it is important that you embrace proven and contemporary marketing techniques. Animation production is the latest buzz which is taking promotional campaigns to newer heights. Animations resonate with audiences as moving characters and attractive videos are liked by all. Various researches have served to testify the fact that increasing number of people want to watch more video ads. Animation can be put in effective use for marketing purposes in various amazing ways. This post takes a deeper look into the various manners in which power of animation can be leveraged for startling marketing results.

uses of animation in different fields
  • Animation of Brand Logos

    The purpose of logo is to make your brand more memorable. Prospects tend to better keep your brand in memory and associate them with products/ services sold by you when logos are unique and quirky. Animated logos serve this purpose the best and companies which have invested in this novelty are reaping rich rewards.

  • Animation Driven Advertisements

    Animation videos are highly successful in capturing the attention of audiences as has been proved by their phenomenal success in social media. Animated advertisements are bound to return rich dividends when integrated in your marketing strategy.

    • Inexpensive resources and easily available digital infrastructure can be used
    • State of the art devices, high resolution cameras, lighting, mikes etc. are not required
    • Any idea can be materialized on a good video editing program by experienced designer
    • Everything can be completed on a computing device only
    • Animation has a refined and original feel which can be aligned with brand image
    • Each detail can be meticulously taken care of
  • Use of Explainer Videos

    If your organization is providing a product or service, you can exhibit its use and purpose with the help of animated videos. Explainer videos creation for every niche is gradually picking up as customers can be convinced about the utility of various services or products.

    You can also create FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) videos wherein each relevant question related to the product or service is answered in animated manner. Your customers can analyze on their own if the product/ service would save their time, money and efforts.

    You may also create ‘About Us’ video to be posted on your brand’s site. Instead of having drab content cover the ‘About Us’ section, you can deploy an animated video which would grab more attention and cause better lead conversion. Cut short the long and boredom inducing paragraphs and insert a promotional video for securing more site visits.

  • Stop Motion Videos

    If you are interested in conventional mode of creating animation, then stop motion is ideal for you. You need not rely on computer software or on the creative skills of seasoned animation professional to pull off stunning promotional animations. You can easily produce stop motion videos but the catch is that time taken would be more compared to digital mode.

    You have to arrange for all necessary components and then move them in logical manner within the animation frame. Each individual motion is captured through a camera and then sequentially positioned within a slideshow. The stitched frames are then mixed with audio-video inputs. This results in enchanting video which is in no way less impactful than computer generated animation. With a good camera, tripod stand and elementary video editing software, mesmerizing product promotion videos can be created.

  • Whiteboard Animation

    In the last few years, creative whiteboard animation videos have gained in popularity because they have been successful in capturing the imagination of prospects. On a board with white background, animated characters are allowed to depict a scene which appears like writing with chalk.

    The imagination and creative skills of graphic designers can be optimized for creation of such videos. The video plays out in a manner as if someone is drawing diagrams, charts or pictures on a board. With this animation type, you can show the growth of your business through statistics and creative ideas. The video can be produced in stop motion mode with a person neatly writing or drawing on a chalkboard while someone records it.

  • Interactive Videos

    Interactive videos can also help add more emphasis to the tone of your advertisement. The videos can supplement your marketing strategy by allowing audiences to interact with your brand’s videos. Raising awareness about your products through this mode would cause your brand’s message to remain in potential customers’ memories for long.

    When the video is created, certain areas are rendered responsive which can be clicked by audiences. These powerful videos can be created with the help of programmers who can embed responsive action within the animated sequences. With each trigger, you can endear your brand to prospective buyers more intimately.

  • Integrating Animation with Real Life Video

    Integrated animation videos involve putting animated sequences within real life video footage. You can highlight the product from different angles while showcasing the working of the product in animated manner at a corner of the video. With these videos, you can integrate real life working style of your product with informative animations simultaneously. Entertaining and information providing videos are liked and shared more which spontaneously spread the word about your brand.

    These videos combine under one roof the advantages of commercial videos with real life action footage along with agile animations. The live action footage has to be produced with the help of good quality cameras. You have to take care of lighting exposure, narration, after effects and integration with animated sequences. However, the time and efforts invested would repay themselves manifold times through more popularity and credibility for your brand.

Ways to leverage the potential of animated ads

By now, you must have gained fair insights into the various animation types which can be used for unlocking the full potential of your promotional campaigns. Animations can be used in any ad scene for all business types. After the video has been created, it has to be deployed in a way which is compatible with your strategic marketing plans.
Animation videos can take your brand’s promotional efforts to the next level in following ways.

  • Newsletters and E-Mailers

    • No need to write long winding product/ service description paragraphs
    • Images need no longer be explained by words
    • Animated Gifs and product videos can showcase product’s functioning
    • Smaller size of animated modules makes loading mails a fast process
    • Processes, systems and other aspects can be articulated clearly
    • Email opening rate significantly increases
    • Compatible with all viewing device types ad demographic audiences
  • B2B Presentations

    • Effective presentations can be made before clients, stakeholders, financers etc.
    • Drawings, statistics, plans, charts, graphics can be showcased without verbosity
    • Attention of audiences can be captured in more convincing manner
    • A product in nascent stage can be shown how it would appear after completion
    • Strong visualization can be achieved through animation
    • Complex processes’ working can be shown in easy to comprehend manner
    • Working of all system types related to your brand can be demonstrated
    • Plans and ambitions of your brand can be depicted with ease
  • Website Animations

    • Responsive, interactive, animated videos and GIFs can be deployed
    • Attention of site visitors is captured optimally
    • Appealing animations drive home your brand’s message effectively
    • Animated images can be deployed for helping users navigate the site
    • Animated characters can be used to guide users find relevant information
    • Enchanting animations can inspire visitors to explore more about your brand
    • New surprises can be made to spring up using cool animations
    • Engagement quotient of site visitors increases manifold times
    • Response to CTAs becomes more which triggers more purchases
    • Satisfied site visitors would make purchases just to reward your brand
    • Complex ideas can be presented in funny and engaging manner


Animations can yield exponential returns for your business if you utilize its potential wisely. The inherent agility of the animation renders it adaptive to different concepts and audiences seamlessly. Rhythmic and correctly timed, the animations can take the promotional stage by storm. Audiences are bound to get engaged with carefully created animations. MAPSystems can help your business reap rich returns from animation production by aligning your brand’s mission with your specific promotional needs. Connect with us to learn how we can help you experience exponential growth in loyal customers with animation production.