3D Texturing Services

3D Texturing Services

  • Do you want to make your promotions stand out and appealing?
  • Do you want to showcase your 3D model close to reality?
  • Are you searching for the three-dimensional textures for your 3D models?

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MAPSystems, a reputed 3D design company offers cost-effective 3D texturing services for various types of 3D models. We have an experienced team to create realistic textures to the models as per the requirements. Our designers can apply solid textures and geometric textures based on the type of models.

Our 3D texturing services include

Architecture models

Architecture models

With the process of 3D texturing, we create an amazing 3D architecture models opportunity exclusively for you to showcase your residential or commercial architecture designs in the best way possible.

Furniture Models

Furniture Models

Do you want to add an elaborate detailing of your 3D furniture models? That’s why we add 3D textures for your furniture models - be it your living room, bedroom, or even any commercial furniture.

Product Models

Product Models

Our expertise in 3D product model helps you get the best of three-dimensional textures for your products to stand out with stunning appearances, however simple or complicated the product is.

Prop models

Prop models

If creating stunning games is on your list, then we help you with three-dimensional textures for your games - whether it is low poly, high poly.

Stages of 3D texturing process we follow

Even though textures are available in 2D formats, Texturing involves the development of a 3D model which will undergo certain steps before getting into the design. Some of the major stages involved in standard texturing process are:

UV unwrapping
UV unwrapping

This is the first and foremost step in the texturing process wherein we unwrap the 3D model. The flat version of the 3D model which is termed as the UV map where the latter represents the 2D space which contradicts with the 3D space (with X, Y,Z).

Our designers use the editing tool to initiate the unwrapping process from 3D to a UV map (2D) making it comfortable to make updates to the model easily.

Texture painting
Texture painting

In this stage, we add the texture to a 3D model with the help of digital paint. Texturing will be done on a 3D model surface which keeps constantly rotated for any additional work. Whatever isn't visible on a flat map can be corrected here.

We utilize texture shading to create the volume of an object - this is better suited for the creation of mountains, landscapes, etc which will give emphasis on the elevation aspects.

Lighting and Rendering
Lighting and Rendering

Here we bring our expertise in giving a lifelike appealing and stunning graphics with ambient lighting to the texture with the natural environment lighting. However, the assets of the game may be in different environments supported by diverse lightings.

In order to form the sufficient balancing lighting effects, we take utmost care to transform the external information into a flat image which would be superimposed on a 3D model for perfection.

3D model texture mapping
3D model texture mapping

Our experts would then wrap the 3D model with different texture maps like bumps, metallic, rough, glossy etc. We adhere to the recommended best practices to mold a flat image to fit into a 3D model so that it matches perfectly with every detail.

Why choose us for 3D texturing services

Agile project management strategy

We stick to timelines as committed to the client and hence follow a strict agile strategy for managing our projects. This helps us to meet the deadlines and deliver the outcomes with no compromise to quality

24*7 support

We work beyond our time zones to make it convenient for our global clients to reach us for support anytime.

3D Textures of Utmost Quality

Whether you look for printable formats or even digital ones, we deliver high-quality and stunning 3D textures which you can utilize well.

Confidentiality policies

We follow strict adherence to the confidential information for which we sign an NDA with the client and follow it throughout.

Cost-effective 3D texturing services

We make it affordable for you - you get the best quality without any compromise to quality.

ISO Certified Company

We are an ISO certified company with a global clientele - serving the needs of our customers with utmost perfection beyond geographical boundaries.

Our approach to 3D texturing services

  • Gather your business requirement
  • Before creating the 3D model, we craft the singular texturing for the first impression and would share the same with the client.
  • Based on the client feedback, we will initiate the process to work on the model.
  • Upon developing the 3D model, next, we would set up texturing - with UV mapping techniques.
  • We also define the type of texture to be used, the number of mapping pieces required and more.
  • Next, we move on to create the texturing
  • After texturing, next, is the material tuning wherein we enhance the quality of the object with several 3D texturing techniques.
  • Lastly, we would forward the final 3D textured object for the Quality Assessment. If it gets through, immediately we will send it to the client for further proceedings.

Note: This is the basic workflow that is subject to change based on the client's requirements.

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Outsource 3D texturing services to us

We are a team of 3D texture artists, graphic designers, 3D model specialists and have been serving the customer requests seamlessly for few years now.

We cater to your texturing needs by combining various approaches and mapping to make the output perfect. Well known as one among the best 3D texturing companies, our clientele is spread across the world.

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