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2D animation services

India has always been the top most preferred outsourcing destinations by directors and studio heads. Professionally equipped animators backed by global standards of infrastructure offers unmatched quality professional 2d animation services in India.

Reinforced with extensive experience, MAP Systems caters to your entire requirements starting right from conceptualization and creation of story board to design of characters and commercial as well as traditional animation’s turn-key production. Relying on us can be highly beneficial for you. When you associate with our 2d animation company, you get multiple computer graphics delivered as per your need. Experts working with us assure apex class of drawing, animating, engineering and timely delivery.


Various industries can benefit by outsourcing 2d animation jobs to us. Few of them are

Advertisement and marketing

  • Demonstration of products, events or services
  • Collaterals for events and training
  • Advertisement for companies
  • Banners for the web


  • Short films and tele-films
  • Logo animatics
  • Creation of story boards

Academics and learning

  • E-learning
  • Class room tutorials
  • Event coordination and promotional activities


  • Online magazines, comics and books

Services related to 2D animation we offer

We follow the process of two dimensional animations in such a way that it shows absolute justice to your actual requirements. We proceed by keeping your initial concepts in mind to come up with amazing quality results. Animators with us use a wide array of software programs to create moving picture that are a pleasure to view and extremely productive when it comes to fetching you results.

Notions and writings

The very first thing we do is to understand the underlying initial concept as well as the script you have with you. Then we detail out a concise and basic plan regarding different characters involved and the order or structure.

Storyboard creation

After basic characters and script are identified, we proceed towards creating a complete storyboard while keeping the initial concept in mind. It provides us the needful insight for production layout, 2d character animation and story flow etc.

Layout design

Followed by the creation of storyboard, we create layouts based on the storyboards to define movements and viewpoints for different scenes.


Using animatics, we pre-visualize the entire film before the starting of production phase so as to get complete feel of the actual concept including pace and style.

Key frame creation

We then create key frames for defining the movements viewers will see along with its timing.

Cleanup and coloring

Post development of key frames, we do the final drawings which you see in the actual film along with the process of cleaning up. Besides, color is also added.

Character engineering and animation

We create a sequence of bones to form Skeletons that animate certain parts in a character

Compositing and editing

We then combine and do the needful editing to different scenes in the story.

Voice over

We then add voice, special effects, background music and whatever audio needed to ensure that the animatronics is attractive and appealing.

Final render

Finally, it is brought to life by generating a 2D model. Our team can also offer amazing 3d animation services.

Read here a case study on how we helped a leading advertisement company with their 2D animation project requirement within short turn around time.

How our 2D animation stands separated from the crowd?

We understand every concept associated with 2d animation creation, let it be basic or intricate. Our experts are skilled and beyond that they are passionate to expand their creative vistas. Key strengths that you can leverage when you shake hands with us are detailed below

Designing of character

We carry out entire pre-production activities including design, conceptualization, editing, making of storyboard, animatics and backgrounds etc. Our experts do proper research and carry out needed analysis to ensure that your ideas are represented appropriately by the characters.

Comprehensive production

Besides the sketching of characters and designing, MAP Systems also avail technical as well as post-production effects. We also take care of entire audio requirements such as narrations, sound effects and music etc.

Specifically styled motions

Beyond mere sketching, it is about creating perfect motion sequences. Our professionals create strategically tailored motions for all the characters in movie or 2d animation for games, whether it’s a normal simple walk or an intricate running cycle.

Technical animation and simulation

Technical team with us provides stellar animation and illustration services the squad with us is exceptional in delivering complex animations such as segmented zooms, extended views, blowing up animations and line drawings etc.


We cover entire aspects starting from hair or fur to simulations, reflective finishes, lighting and everything for delivering excellent animations.

Interactive animation

We are well acquainted with all facets of interactive and hence can create products and characters that viewers can easily connect to.


After project completion, you can get the work in your desired format. If needed, we will broadcast it or share it online. Else, you can take it in a portable device. And in case if you want any particular format for a video sharing website, then also we can help.

Our key strengths

Our team members understand the animation concepts and techniques and provide the quality outputs in given timeline. Few of our team’s key strengths are

  • Complete post production solutions
  • Photorealistic rendering in computer graphics
  • Ability to create interactive animation

Benefits of outsourcing your 2D animation services related requirements to MAP Systems

  • Animators with us are skilled and extensively experienced with a successful track record of excellence
  • We maintain highest quality standards and have a highly qualified QC team in place
  • Projects we carry out maintain an accuracy rate of nearly 99%
  • Our company uses most advanced software for 2d animation
  • We follow practice to assure data security. File transfer is done using FTP or VPN
  • Work is delivered on time without delay; we know how crucial deadline are
  • We have considered budgetary constraints of all categories of clients while designing pricing structure

We have incorporated a planned project management methodology to make sure that the whole process is facilitated with professionalism and perfection. Read here creative design testimonials from our satisfied customers. Our company is equipped with state-of-art technologies and we regularly train the animators with us.

MAP Systems is one of the best 2d animation outsourcing companies in India. Not our words but our works testify our claim. Reach us and let’s discuss in detail.

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