Explainer Video Production Services

We follow a unique and creative approach to create your explainer videos that can generate awareness about your products and services and build a trustable connection with your audience.

explainer video production services

MAPSystems is a reputed animated explainer video production company that employs a creative team of experts who follow a systematic process to deliver targeted explainer videos that can help you put your message across to your targeted audience in the most effective manner. From creating explainer videos for businesses to creating product demonstrations or developing tutorials for various E-learning courses, our professionals can create extraordinary videos that can earn attention of your target audience. We ensure to incorporate your brand’s identity in the videos we create, thereby guaranteeing that your brand’s values reach your target audience in the way you want them to be.

Types of animation explainer videos that we create

We can develop beautifully narrated visual stories for your audience by simplifying complex ideas and presenting them with rich graphics that can make your brand stand out from the competition. The videos that we develop for you would help you to create empathy with your target audience and set up a connection of trust with them. We understand that the use of the right style of animation is the key to developing amazing business-specific and industry-specific videos and we do our best to promote visual storytelling in the best possible way.

Cartoon Explainer Video

Cartoon Explainer Video Production

Our experts at visual storytelling can develop appropriate animated characters that your target audience can easily relate to. With this approach, customers are able to get product ideas with better clarity. We can create 2d animations, helping you to tell business stories in a great way.

Infographic Explainer Video

Infographic Explainer Video Production

We help several B2B businesses in pitching new product ideas through an appropriate use of graphical icons and abstract images. We value minimalism and create simple yet effective videos featuring simplistic graphics that convey complex facts and figures with better clarity.

Mixed Media Explainer

Mixed Media Explainer Video Production

With these videos, you can leverage the powerful features of multimedia to create rich and dynamic presentations that can create strong impacts on the viewers’ mind. Our storyboarding experts can identify the right media that are needed to generate the right type of presentations.

Industries we support

We have multi-industry expertise; we can develop targeted explainer videos for businesses operating in diverse industries like

Technology Industry

We assist technology companies in developing detail-oriented technology tutorials as well as promotional demonstrations for customers.

Finance Industry

We create infographic animations, helping finance companies in presenting complex financial data, allowing people to gain concept clarity.

Healthcare Industry

We create animated videos, allowing healthcare companies to demonstrate new products and solutions with better clarity and excitement.

E-learning Industry

Our expertise in developing diverse video tutorials has made us one of the most reliable partners for major E-learning service providers.

Real Estate Industry

We can effectively use image renders in animated form so as to create immersive experiences that can wow the prospective buyers.

PR and Media Industry

We can create stunning video commercials for diverse products, allowing PR and media agencies to develop strong client rapport.

Why choose our explainer video production company?

With years of experience in addressing the unique needs of several businesses, MAPSystems has evolved as a leading explainer video company that delivers world-class solutions 2D animation, 3D animation, and whiteboard animation solutions. We have an ever-growing list of happy clients who engage us regularly for diverse projects related to new product launch presentations, product demonstrations, development of video tutorials, etc. When you choose to do business with us, you may relax knowing that your investment would get justified. Here’s why you may want to do business with us:

  • We base our explainer animation services on uncompromised ethics and integrity. Our services are transparently charged and we do not include any hidden charges.
  • We never use prebuilt video templates; we deliver customized outcomes. Based on your brand’s persona and the purpose for which the video is to be used, we would develop a unique video.
  • We put strong emphasis on delivering the highest standard of customer service to all our clients. We have a dedicated team that operates even on odd hours of the day.
  • We can scale up our resources as per the volume of work that we need to handle. That means, you would continue getting quality outcomes within the predetermined timelines even if we need to handle multiple projects.
  • We have developed a strong data security infrastructure in our organization. This empowers us to safeguard our clients’ confidential information.
  • We do our best to deliver outcomes within the shortest possible turnaround times depending on project complexity and the revision requests that we need to handle.

One of the trusted names in explainer video production services, MAPSystems has the stellar competency to produce high-converting explainer videos for businesses of all sizes and natures. Get access to a vast talent pool of expert video editors and build your brand’s visibility, explain your products in an engaging way, drive traffic, and much more.

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Are you looking to create stunning explainer video for your latest branding campaign? Contact our team of creative artists who are always ready to give you a hand in developing uniquely-crafted outcomes.

Frequently asked questions

What if we need a video to be created within 24-48 hours?

Of course. We would assign more resources to deliver outcomes within a 24-48hour turnaround. However, such immediate project deliveries would call for additional charges.

What are your charges?

The pricing would typically depend on two factors such as the length of the project and the turnaround time. We offer customized packages depending on your specific requirements.

Do your in-house experts handle the projects?

Yes. A team of people will work on your project at the backend while there will be one point of contact who would keep you updated about the project progress and convey your feedback to the team.

How do you accept payment?

You can pay us by PayPal or wire transfer. We would let you know about the payment details in your invoice. If you have more questions, you may get in touch with us.

How many revisions can I expect from you?

This would depend on the service contract. If the number of revisions goes beyond what we mutually agreed to during the sign-up process, we may charge you.

Can you deliver outcomes pertaining to specific industries?

We cater to the needs of diverse industries and we have already mentioned about it in our website. You may consider browsing through this page to get your response. If you need additional information, do get back to us.

Should I prepare script on my own?

Never. We have in-house scripting experts. We would send you a questionnaire and we would develop a script based on the answers you provide. This would allow us to develop the right message that you want to deliver. In case, you already have a working script, we can start early.

What are the different ways that I can use my video?

You can use your video in your website, investor pitches, events, emails, demo meetings, trade shows, conferences, television ads, etc.

Will you arrange for the voiceover?

Yes. Definitely. We don’t need our clients to provide voiceovers. We have professional voice artists with us and they are trained to deliver awesome support.