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Image Masking Services

Cutting-Edge Image Masking Support that is meant to instill a feel of clarity, neatness, and professional appeal

Masking is an important part of the image editing professional. It is time-consuming, strenuous, and can effectively improve the level of perfection in an image when done correctly. So, if you also have a requirement for the same, then hiring a reputed image masking service provider like MAP Systems will be the right decision to make.

MAP Systems is a reliable image masking company in India that has been offering Photoshop masking services with accuracy and dedication. Our team is highly skilled, efficient, and has successfully handled several small and large editing projects for clients. The prices are fixed at cost-effective rates with the aim to save both their time and money while effectively meeting their project needs.

Advanced image masking techniques employed by MAP Systems

Employing the best photoshop image masking techniques enable us to perform editing on a variety of images. Here are some of the major techniques we use.

Alpha Channel Masking

We apply this technique to translucent or semi-translucent pictures. It is used when creating new layers become difficult for us. It guarantees the separation of objects with undisturbed edges.

Quick Masking

This Photoshop technique enables us to partially show the selected areas in the image through a temporary pixel-based visualization. It helps in the easy creation and editing of selections.

Complex or Advanced Layer Masking

We implement this technique while working on finer or concentrated objects, such as fur, hair, smoke, feathers, rice grains, etc. With this process, the extraction of objects becomes easier.

Transparency Masking

By employing this technique, we can remove the transparent or see-through objects from the original background. A few examples of these objects are glass, water, optics, fabric, etc.

Translucent Masking

With the translucent technique, we can isolate the translucent looking objects from the image backgrounds. The technique can be also used to remove pixels to achieve a perfect finish.

Clipping Masking

We apply this technique when we need to combine two layers for maintaining transparency and opacity. It is usually implemented when several objects are collaged into the same background.

Collage Masking

We utilize the Photoshop collage masking function to edit the background pictures for commercial use. We mainly use the technique for catalogs, brochures, online portals, leaflets, and more.

Vector Masking

By using this technique, we can effectively define the visible area of a fully opaque object bounded by hard edges. We may also turn it into a layer mask to replace the existing layer when needed.

Additional services we offer with photo masking

  • Customized coloration
  • White background
  • Color separation
  • Photo resizing
  • Image compositing
  • Background change

Our varied clientele

Our image masking services are not just limited to one specific business but can be employed by individuals from varied sectors. Here are various clients who reach us to seek the editing of their photographs.

  • Photographers
  • Photo & portrait Studios
  • Real estate agencies
  • Advertising agencies
  • Publishing houses
  • eCommerce or Online Businesses
  • Fashion Houses
  • Jewelry & Toy Store Owners

Image masking workflow at MAP Systems

The following steps describe the workflow for the image masking process adapted at MAP Systems.

Step 1: Clients discuss the requirements of the projects with us.
Step 2: Details are sent in any format, like JPG, JPEG, PNG, etc.
Step 3: Image editors download the file and carry out process.
Step 4: Photos will be edited and sent to clients as fast as possible.
Step 5: Files will be sent via VPN, FTP, or any other secured channels.

Advantages of using our photo masking services

Below are the key benefits of partnering with MAP Systems for the respective service.

  • We can help you meet the tightest deadlines by developing outputs in the fastest turnarounds.
  • We offer image masking services at affordable rates with high-quality outputs.
  • Our photo editing team understands your exact requirements and offers the desired outputs.
  • We choose secure file transfer methods to ensure data security and confidentiality.
  • Our pricing structure is flexible and can be customized to suit your budget plans and needs.

Your satisfaction is our topmost priority. That is why we will never compromise on our quality of services that can harm your business or brand reputation. So, sit back and relax while we perform the photo cut out service for you.

At MAP Systems, we always assure high-quality outcomes that can impress your targets and turn them into your customers. Even though we offer photo editing services at cost-effective rates, we ensure that the quality is not affected during the process. The quantity of photos also doesn’t matter. Whether it is a single picture or a batch, we can perform editing for all.

So, visit our website to employ our image masking services and receive premium quality pictures for fulfilling your individual or business needs. Our creative approaches will bring you effective sales by attracting your customers. You can also opt for free quotes. We can offer quotes for any project within a few minutes.

What Our Customers Say

Achieve perfection in your photographs by editing even the finer details of hairs or furs with our high-end image masking service.