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Tips to make the clipping path task effortless and top notch

If you happen to be a photo editing services provider you would know what clipping path means. If not, it is a vector path that is used by many photo clipping services providers to carve out an image in any of the latest photo enhancing softwares such as Adobe Photoshop or InDesign. Taking care of many things that may look trivial to everyone’s eyes can improve the ultimate quality of final product. As a professional photo editing company you should know how to make your clients delighted with the end results.

photo clipping in photoshop
Image clipping path tips


How to go about on Clipping Path

Step 1

Open the image in Photoshop directly rather than opening the image from the menu. Now, open the ‘Pen Tool’ option from the menu and use the same to create a path around the image area which can become the silhouette of the image that you have opened.

If you are unable to see the Save Path, then the path has already been saved. You can skip to the next step.

Step 2

You are now required to open the Panel Menu in the Paths Panel and click on Save Path. Importantly, make sure that you name references.

Step 3

Select the Clipping Path from the same Panel Menu. Select the path that you have saved from the dialog box of Clipping Paths and click OK.

Unless you want to change the value of the Flatness Device Pixels, you can leave the text field blank. As you would know, the flatness values can determine the number of device pixels that have been used to create the silhouette. If the values are higher, the number of points created will be fewer increasing the swiftness of processing. However, speed can affect appeal of the image; higher flatness value results in straight edges instead of the more desirable curved edges.

Step 4

Choose the Save As option in the file and select the Photoshop EPS in the format dropdown. Another dialog box would open in the EPS Options dialog box. Give OK to the defaults.

Clipping Path is undoubtedly a crucial element in deciding the overall quality of the image that undergoes the enhancement procedure. As a hoto editing companythat wants to withstand the competition and provide extensively incredible image clipping path services to the clients, aspects such as these must not be overlooked.

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