Photo Editing/Retouching Rate Structure

We have always considered our customers as our most precious assets. That is why we remain conscious about the pricing that we set for our different types of services that benefit diverse categories of clients and serve diverse purposes. While setting the photo retouching rates, we consider two parameters- our clients’ ability to afford the service and secondly, the level of complexity associated with the project that we would be required to handle. The same is applicable to the image editing pricing set by us. We make sure that our charges are competitive and properly strategized to match our clients’ budgets.

Every client is unique and has a unique requirement to be addressed. We understand this fact, which is why our photo editing services are offered at different prices to different clients as per specific project requirements. By considering basic factors such as volume, complexity, and deadline stringency, we determine the pricing structure for our photo editing services.

Our various levels of Photo Editing Pricing List

We offer the best photo editing packages in the industry while guaranteeing the delivery of high-quality photographs at cost-effective rates. Our photo editing services are mainly categorized into 3 levels, depending upon the type of modifications and corrections that need to be implemented. We can edit minimum 2000 images per day while adhering to the quality standard and other specifications mentioned by our clients. We provide 24/7 assistance which contributes to an increased level of customer satisfaction and supports the creation of a loyal customer base.

  • Level 1: Basic retouching

    This is an ideal option for amateur photographers or for those who don’t actually need intensive post-processing or any serious artistic interventions in their photographs. This level includes basic adjustments in the photos, including fixing of shadows, expositions and contrasts, minor color and lighting correction, and cropping of photos. Our Photoshop experts can also fix other defects and can efficiently perform tasks with regard to the removal of red-eye effects, smoothening of skin, whitening of teeth, etc.

  • Level 2: Mid-Level Retouching

    This is the best option for professional photographers who require systematic post-processing assistance for their image retouching requirements. We pay attention to the minutest details and provide customized editing solutions, which may include diverse activities such as enhancing the background, adjusting tone, color, and light, smoothening of skin, removal of eye-glass glares, face or body reshaping, portrait and newborn photo editing, and removal of stray hair.

  • Level 3: Advanced Retouching

    When the images are meant for use in fashion or publishing industries, we provide high-end photo retouching services. Our photo editors put in more effort towards producing exceptional images by focusing on adjusting the photograph’s angles, maintaining color balance, retouching hair, skin, or body, enhancing image background, etc. We can also enhance interior and landscape photography outcomes by adding high dynamic range effects as well.

How we are capable of offering image editing services at lower rates?

Photo editing pricing in India may vary and we guarantee you that our service pricing is cheaper compared to what other companies are offering. However, this does not mean that we would compromise on quality in any manner. Just send us a sample photo and we will work on it for free so that you can understand the way we complete a certain task.

Our affordable photo retouching services are meant to deliver end-to-end solutions to our clients with the help of a well-trained team of experts who can efficiently handle photo editing projects while promising a quick turnaround time. We are strategic in our approach and that’s how we manage to keep our internal costing properly managed, which, in turn, allows us to offer our services at reasonable rates.

Our Bulk order discounts for Image Retouching

We value every customer who approaches us with unique requests. However, we offer special rates to those who place bulk orders or have regular requirements in a queue. We even offer freebies or gifts to regular customers. At MAPSystems, we value long term business relationships and we do our best to serve the best interest of our customers. Check what our satisfied clients say about the various image editing projects that we have successfully executed.

We may decide the fee model based on hour, image, or the total number of resources assigned for a particular work. Contact us to discuss the packages that we can offer you. Call us, drop us an email, or fill out the form provided on our website.

If you are a first-time customer and looking to test our skills before you choose to pay for our services, send us one or two photos and we will work on them for free so that you get an idea about the delivery standard that you can expect from us. With our free samples, you can understand the level of expertise that we can deliver for tasks related to image enhancement and photo manipulation. Our photo restoration services are designed to meet your specific needs, however complex they may be. You can use credit cards, PayPal, or Wire Transfer to make a payment.

For queries or to get free samples, get in touch with our highly-professional photo editing company now!!