Photo Editing/Retouching - pricing page

We always consider our customers as our most prized assets. That is why we remain conscious about the pricing we set for our different types of services that benefit diverse categories of clients and serve diverse purposes.

To determine the pricing structure for our photo editing services, the following consideration have to be taken in account:

  1. The number of raw photos
  2. The expected photo quality
  3. The complexity involved
  4. The project’s scope
  5. The project deadline

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach for our photo editing workflow. No matter that subject’s nature, we develop custom solutions for the image post-production. Thus, our offers are tailored.

Our flexible pricing models

Volume-based Dedicated editors Custom quote

Get the quote based upon the volume of your work. Based on the bulk work, the pricing will be determined

We shall assign a team of expert editors, or an individual editor (per the requirement) dedicated to your project.

Based upon the project scope, we shall brainstorm internally, calculate the effort and man hours required, and give you a special custom quote.

Our various categories of image editing pricing structure

We can edit a minimum 2000 images per day while adhering to the quality standard and other specifications mentioned by our clients. We provide 24/7 assistance which contributes to an increased level of customer satisfaction and supports the creation of a loyal customer base.

  • Portrait image editing

    Get praise-worthy portrait images edited by world-class photo editors.


    • Basic pricing starts from $0.35 (USD) per photo
    • Advanced starts from $1 (USD) per photo
  • Product Photo Editing

    Make your products the center of attraction, whether you upload them for product listings on eCommerce platforms, or showcase on website.


    • Pricing starts from $0.06 (USD) per photo
  • Real Estate Photo Editing

    Amp up the performance of your real estate property listings with enticing images, edited at an award-winning studio.


    Real Estate Image Editing Rates

    • Starts at $0.35 (USD) per photo for still image
    • Starts at $0.45 (USD) per photo for HDR image

    Panoramic Image Editing Rates

    • Starts at $1 (USD) per photo for normal editing
  • Image Clipping

    High-quality, professional clipping path service, that will refine your photos and leave no room for imperfections.


    • Pricing starts from $0.06 (USD) per photo
  • Photo Restoration

    Easily restore old, yet treasured photographs damaged by mold and water, torn, withered, wrinkled, and get them nice and shiny.


    • Basic edits starts from $25 (USD) per photo

Note: The prices mentioned above are all tentative and are subjected to change based on the complexity of work involved.

Choose a plan that fits your budget!