OCR Conversion Services

MAPSystems provides a wide range of optical character recognition (OCR) conversion services to convert scanned documents into an editable and readable format. We are one of the best OCR service providers, with a skilled workforce that is adept at using specialized tools and technologies. The tools that we use enable us to capture data from different files and carry out quality conversions.

At MAPSystems, our OCR conversion and scanning services enable quick and easy information access with a few clicks and scrolls. It enhances customer satisfaction and makes us a preferred vendor for various clients with OCR project requirements. We pay attention to their request and carry out proper analysis to generate searchable text documents with effortless conversion, replication, and editing of data.

OCR conversion service formats we support

Professionals delivering optical character recognition services are equipped to carry out conversions of the following data formats while achieving 100% accuracy and efficiency:

Typewritten Text

Typewritten Text

We can convert the scanned or photographed images of typewritten texts into the desired machine-readable format.

Handwritten Text

Handwritten Text

We use handwriting recognition techniques to interpret and convert handwritten texts into the required editable format.

Printed Text

Printed Text

We apply cutting-edge digitization methodologies to convert printed texts into their intended formats while maintaining a strong quality focus.

Cursive Text

Cursive Text

To successfully change cursive texts, we use cutting-edge and the latest OCR techniques to identify and extract the information.

At MAPSystems, we can handle any document type, whether it is handwritten or in printed format. We understand the importance of documents in business and take every necessary step to maintain confidentiality and efficiency. We also provide clear document recognition in different foreign languages.

Levels of OCR scanning services we provide

We handle projects that are associated with varied levels of complexity and provide results while ensuring accuracy.

  • Simple

    We ensure 99.99% accuracy. Here, we capture the data using OCR scanning software and deliver the output after minor clean-up in cases of low-resolution images or documents.

  • Medium

    We capture the data with 99.99% accuracy at this level through major clean-up activities. We leverage the latest OCR software and technologies in our workflow.

  • Complex

    This is the most critical level, where our OCR specialists perform exact character-level comparisons to create the perfect and most accurate results. The accuracy level is 99.99%.

Our OCR conversion process

Outsource your OCR conversion requirements to us, as we follow a systematic approach for the conversion process. The first step is to check the quality of the original documents. Once we are done with the checking, we define the processing rules and send samples for quality approval. Depending on the client’s needs, our optical character recognition process consists of three levels.



We understand the needs of clients and their scripts. Then, we detail out a concise and basic plan regarding the different characters and the order or structure.



We convert complex layouts featuring tables, charts, diverse fonts, and images. We retain the layout, headers, footers, page numbers, fonts, and formats of the actual document.


OCR conversion

We perform manual proofreading to correct errors. Since we check the specifics twice, we produce the correct outcomes with an accuracy of 99.99%.

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Benefits of OCR conversion services we provide

We have always been among the most dependable destinations for providing back-office support services that cover all types of digital data conversion requirements for our clients. Till now, our services have been used by hundreds of clients who have enjoyed stellar-quality outputs. There are various factors that we consider attributes of our success.

Affordable price

Our pricing is highly cost-effective and value-based. We also offer bulk discounts.

Data security

We ensure maximum data security by using a safe and secure FTP server for file transfers.

Fast TAT

Our delivery timeline is rapid and agile, giving our team strength and years of experience.

Robust infrastructure

We have a state-of-the-art infrastructure built to ensure the highest quality OCR services.

Transparent process

We maintain a transparent workflow process where our clients are updated on every development.

Dedicated project manager

Once the project is processed, we assign a dedicated project manager with technical knowledge.

Improve your business productivity and workflow by converting your files into digital formats through our top-class OCR conversion company.

Case studies

Document scanning services

Document scanning services for US based company

A US based company approached us for digital versions of print books.

OCR technology

Rare & old books are digitized using OCR technology

The number of pages collectively in all the books of the library ran in excess of 50,000.

digitization of old manuscripts

Digitization of Old Manuscripts for Historical Research Institute

Digitization of old manuscripts for an australian historical research institute

What do our customers say

We had to convert a heap of documents to Word files so as to manage things with more ease. To make things worse, we were running short on time. So, finding the best people to get the conversion done with quality was a big challenge for us. MAPSystems helped us immensely, and the quality they exhibited for OCR conversion to words deserves appreciation.

Manager, Museum

New York, US

We were facing some major auditing issues, and all our paperwork was scattered all over the place. We required a quick and reliable OCR scanning service to streamline things. Thankfully, MAPSystems helped us out. Highly recommended!


finance company, USA