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How to become an expert in typesetting? Professional tips

Even when a book has really entertaining and excellent stuff to offer, presentation of the book is very critical for the reading-experience. There are many typesetting service providers that make it a point to adhere to the best practices.

professional typesetting tips
Tips for typesetting

Following are some of the proven techniques and ideas used by some of the best typesetting companies. If you are aiming to become one among them, you should start by laying the foundation strong.

Importance of front matter or preliminaries:

One of the right things to do while typesetting a book is to take full advantage of the ‘half title page’ and the ‘title page’. Though it may not require much effort to set them right, it can help the book relate to the readers at a personal level even before they start reading the same. ‘Half title page’ contains the name of book and may be the name of author as well. On the other hand, the ‘title page’ includes title, author and publisher of the book. It may sometimes include an illustration. It is an industry practice to make the title consistent in style on all pages including the cover design. An intelligent typesetting service provider would do so.

Justification of the pages

Justification is a common practice followed by all typesetting companies to make reading better and to make efficient use of spaces between words on a page. You can attain this easily by using the ‘Justify’ command over a paragraph in Microsoft Word. While taking advantage of this facility as a wise typesetting services provider, you must watch out for ‘rivers of white’ and disturbingly unnecessarily hyphenations. Rivers of white are the unattractive white patterns that run between the lines in a page. If not take care of, it can definitely spoil the reading experience.

Hyphenation of the words

Though hyphenation is never avoidable in a book, if enough attention is given during the typesetting process, most of it can be surely eliminated. If you are keen on eliminating hyphenation, you can do so by moving the entire hyphenated word to the next line by pressing the ‘shift’ and ‘return’ buttons at the same time after placing the cursor in front of the word.


It is good to have enough spacing between two lines to read a line independent of the one that lay above and below it. The general rule that many typesetting services follow while giving line-space is of ‘2 points. Line spacing also helps to prevent the descenders of the above line from overlapping with the ascenders of the bottom line.

A copy-right page

If an author wants to retain the rights to his/her work, as a typesetting services provider you will have to create a copyright page. As there is no standard page with all the pertinent information about the book, its author, publisher and the year of publishing, make a copyright page. Include ISBN and name of the copyright owner and also the statutory declaration.

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