Typesetting Services

MAPSystems has evolved over the years to emerge as one of the leading typesetting companies in the industry. Many authors and publishers employ our book typesetting and book layout services to cover the varied needs of their projects. With extensive knowledge in digital typesetting, we bring perfect harmony between the structural layout and book layout design and get your files ready for printing or publishing.

MAPSystems also offers an entire gamut of prepress services that can help address your end-to-end digital prepress needs. It includes copyediting, proofreading, graphic design, and page compositing services. With a team of professional typesetters, we can convert your manuscripts into print-ready formats while keeping your book’s theme and genre in mind. Besides, you can specify other requirements, such as the delivery of print-ready PDF files, printer specifications, etc., and we will make sure to adhere to your specifications.

Our digital typesetting services include

MAPSystems has years of experience in creating print-ready files that are formatted and typeset to meet your unique requirements. We consider even the minute typesetting details and carefully select the typography and fonts to portray the theme and feel of your content. Our typesetting, print layout, and design services typically include

Chapter headings

Chapter headings

Our layout designers create attractive chapter headings to captivate the readers’ attention. We also incorporate images or graphic design text into the book to maintain consistency and uniqueness.

book cover page illustration design

Cover page/ illustrations

Our graphic design team creates interior layout design, book illustrations, and eye-catching cover pages in the most outstanding manner, keeping in mind the clients' requirements and specifications.

selecting fonts for books typesetting

Selection of

According to modern typesetting, the font can say a lot about the author’s style and taste. We can make changes with the aim of creating a proper visual hierarchy that can attract the attention of the target audience.

alt text usage in typesetting

Usage of Alt text

We take all possible steps to ensure data accessibility and visibility. Our team of subject matter experts makes use of the alt text command to help users provide alternative information if they can't view the image.

Running headers & footers

Running headers and footers

We can insert running headers and footers to help readers easily navigate through the paginated document. We can also add graphics or content as per the clients' requirements in the most appropriate manner.

Bullets and lists

Bullets and

Our book typesetters make use of bullets and lists according to the demands of the text as well as the style. Whether you need the writing to be formal or informal, our team has the knowledge to make it just the way you want.

Proofing & quality control

Proofing and quality control

Finally, we carry out proofreading to correct errors related to typography, style, format, font, hyperlinking, etc. We then perform a quality check to ensure that the final output meets our clients’ needs.

Multilingual Typesetting


We also carry out multilingual typesetting for documents. While typesetting foreign language texts, we ensure that the design elements are placed as per the rules and conventions of that language.

Categories that we can typeset

  • STM books
  • Journals
  • Magazines
  • Academics
  • Cookbooks
  • Comics
  • Legal books
  • School books (K1–K12)
  • Travel guides

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Why outsource typesetting services to us?

MAPSystems is a leading name in the pagination and book formatting domains. We, at MAPSystems, follow a quality-centric approach as we aim to deliver extraordinary outcomes as experiences to our clients.

At MAPSystems, we are not just experienced in typesetting books; we can typeset academic and scientific journals as well. These often feature complex drawings, elaborate layouts, tables, charts, diagrams, and complicated mathematical formulas. While working on the projects, we adhere to strict formatting guidelines and use sophisticated pagination tools to ensure formatting consistency. With a wealth of experience in delivering top-class multilingual book typesetting services, we stand as your most trusted company for prepress solutions. So, if you have a requirement, contact us to learn about the different packages that we have and how you can make the most of them.

Here are the reasons why you may want to hire us:

Affordable price

Our typesetting services are extremely cost-effective and fit all budgets. We also offer exciting discounts on bulk volumes.

Fast delivery

Our seasoned typesetting experts maintain a rapid TAT for each project. They also ensure the quality remains uncompromised.

Advanced infrastructure

We possess a robust infrastructure with advanced tools and technological resources that ensure world-class quality.

Stringent data security

We follow strict data security methods, for example, by implementing a safe and secure FTP server for file transfers.

Multi-level QC

We perform a multi-level quality checking process by experts. This ensures the formatted draft is error-free.

Experienced and creative team

When you collaborate with MAPSystems, you get unlimited access to a prolific team of experienced and creative artists.

Frequently asked questions

The typesetting charges for a book would typically depend on the complexities involved and the length of the manuscript. The cost would vary if you are looking for multi lingual book typesetting services as well. If you have a requirement, Contact us to know the different packages we have and how you can make the most out of them.

Why not? Multilingual typesetting is one of our core specializations. We have helped numerous publishers and self-published authors across the globe with multilingual typesetting support at the best rates, helping them to make value-for-money investments.

Yes, definitely. In fact, this is one of the key reasons why we have an ever-growing client list. If you need to test our services to review the quality of the outcomes that you can expect from us, you may request us for a pilot project. You may send us two pages from your manuscript and we would be happy to perform typesetting on them. If the samples make you happy, you can confidently sign up with us.

You can take advantage of timezone differences. So when you will be sleeping or enjoying the weekend, our typesetters would work at the backend to complete your project as soon as they can. Secondly, if you choose a local vendor, they will charge you on the basis of the local rates and you won’t be able to get high returns on your investments. On the other hand, we would charge you on the basis of typesetting rates in India, which are typically lower than what your local vendor might offer you.

We can typeset novels, journals, magazines, annual reports, newspapers, periodicals, school books,frictional books and non frictional books typesetting etc. We can typeset any type of manuscript; all you have to do is to let us know what your requirements are and we would take care of the rest.

You can expect the best in this aspect of our service. We, at MAPSystems, always ensure that we follow a systematic workflow throughout the project, which ensures timely deliveries. We always aim to deliver outcomes within the shortest possible timeframe.

We sign the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) when a client signs up with us. We value our commitment to safeguarding our clients’ confidential information under all circumstances. We have stringent data security policies and modern infrastructure in place and this allows us to prevent data loss/leakage incidents.

We accept all major types of payments including wire transfer and PayPal.

For any query or to get free samples of our professional typesetting services and page layout designing services

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What do our customers say

We are truly impressed by the advanced typesetting process MAPSystems follows using the best software. This ensures our drafts are 100% error-free. Thanks, team!


Publishing house, London

Ever since I have started working with MAPSystems, I am completely tension-free regarding the typesetting responsibility. Everything is taken care of by their experts.