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We perform clipping path activity with precision and attention, making sure that the image background is removed neatly.

MAP Systems is a reputed clipping path company that is specialized in offering advanced photo clipping path services. Our highly skilled team can isolate noisy or unwanted backgrounds and carry out the needed edits to make the overall image look excellent. We perform professional image editing by employing the latest Photoshop techniques to create finer image versions.

Having strong expertise to deliver top-notch photo editing services, our competent clipping path specialist team is always ready to accept any project regardless of its complexity.

Our image clipping path services include

photoshop clipping mask

Image masking

Our professionals are skilled at efficiently implementing image masking processes. Often, we come across complex pictures having uneven outlines with curvatures and bends hindering the process flow. We use advanced tools and techniques to perform the task smoothly.

drop shadow creation

Drop shadow

As part of our advanced photoshop services, we apply techniques to create impactful drop shadows of people, objects, vehicles, or buildings. As a part of this service, we can also offer assistance concerning natural reflection and shadow creation. We can incorporate shadows with a natural feel.

natural shadow creation

Natural shadow creation

The creation of natural shadows is a common demand, especially for product photo editing. Our shadow creation techniques can enhance product photography, which can be further used for advertisement purposes. We can also replace the original background with a pleasant white background.

reflection shadow creation

Reflection shadow creation

This is a graphic output that produces the illusion of a fake shadow. With this process, we can add a three-dimensional effect to the object in the digital image, which can garner a higher degree of customer attention.

background removal

Image background removal

Our team uses top class clipping path processes, delivering high-standard image background removal services. We can replace existing image backgrounds with new backgrounds and can also remove unwanted people, vehicles, objects, as well as dark spots from images.

Multi-clipping path services

Multi-clipping path services

Our multi-clipping path services can be employed for those images that need complex cut-outs. Unlike the simple clipping path, these are more complex and need tweaks for different areas or subjects of the image. The resulting shots will be more precise and clean and help your products to stand out.

ghost mannequin editing

Ghost mannequin services

We offer neck joint or ghost mannequin photo editing to remove the mannequin from the image by employing advanced image editing software. These services are mostly used by professional photographers, the apparel industry, online retailers, magazine publishers etc.

Color changing


If you need to display your products in a particular color without going through the expense or hassle of additional photoshoots, then our color change services can come to your aid. We can add appealing colors in your preferred shade so that you can repurpose your images.

Clipping path techniques used by us

We are a reliable provider of clipping path service; we apply single layer as well as multiple layer clipping path methods to eliminate dull and unpleasant photo backgrounds. Our team is highly qualified to use advanced photo editing software to carry out the clipping path process.

By neatly cutting out image backgrounds and modifying improper colors, we offer refined images to clients as per their expectations. Whenever clipping path is not an option, we use detailed channel masking and alpha channel masking to deliver superior-quality results. We can also carry out hair or fur masking even with micro strands of hair or fur, and refine your images to an optimal extent.

We have helped numerous businesses over these years with professional deep etching support. Whatever techniques we apply, we do our best to deliver world-class outcomes that would catch the attention of your target audience.

Benefits of engaging with MAP Systems for clipping path services (CPS)

We are available 24/7, which means that you can reach us whenever you need us the most.

We offer customized packages for clipping path services at cost-effective rates.

We deliver best-in-class Photo editing services maintaining our focus on quality, allowing our clients to get optimal benefits from their investments.

We transfer your files via password-protected cloud paths, thereby embracing high levels of data security practices.

We complete the task within the quickest turnaround time so that you always meet your tightest deadlines without fail.

We can efficiently handle bulk image editing and offer volume based discounts.

Photoshop clipping path outcomes

Below are a few effects that we can incorporate in your images:

  • Transparent background
  • White background
  • Transparent background with extra layers
  • Creating vector paths using the Pen tool
  • Multiple paths for color correction
  • Custom image background

At MAP Systems, we hire only the best professionals to cater to the image editing and photo retouching requirements of our clients. So, all you need to do is to upload the details about your project along with a copy of raw images. With our professional clipping path services, we’ll perform precise editing of your photos and would deliver outcomes of the highest quality.

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