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Photo Retouching Tips in Photoshop: For Jewelry

It is no secret that the fashion and jewelry industry relies hugely on visual grace. If something is displayed at its best and is appealing, it works. In other cases, it just doesn’t. As such Photoshop is a boon to this domain and is used not just to remove any imperfections but also to display a product to the best of its magnificence. The contrast settings, tone, brightness, and many other details are altered to make every image look perfect in all aspects.

photoshop jewelry retouching tips


This being said, Jewelry retouching techniques and the entire creative process involved in it are not easy to accomplish. A meticulous approach has to be followed while retouching every piece of jewelry, regardless of its size.

The main reason why jewelry retouching is done is to remove the flaws that have the power to negatively impact the picture of the jewelry piece. Another reason why jewelry retouching is undertaken is to make the picture look better so that it becomes more useful for commercial purposes.

Adobe Photoshop is the Holy Grail when it comes to retouching of an image. Here are some effective jewelry photography editing tips for you to be able to create a high quality jewelry image by retouching it brilliantly.

Adjust the colour balance of the image

The colour balance option in Photoshop helps adjust the colour balance of the image to make it look more appealing. One can choose which colour to be highlighted or to be treated as the background for the image.

  • Firstly, open the editing software and import the image that you want to edit.
  • Following this step, go to Image > Adjustment > Colour Balance
  • Choose the preferred colours with the help of the sliders in the box and select OK when you’re done.

Brightness and contrast

These settings make a great impact on any image and can easily make the image much more impactful. Photoshop does a fantastic job when it comes to adjusting the brightness and contrast of an image. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Import the image on Adobe Photoshop.
  • Make a new layer.
  • Select Adjustment layer > Brightness/Contrast.
  • Adjust according to the desired brightness and contrast.
  • Select OK to apply the changes.

One also has the option to create an adjustment layer and work underneath it. On clicking the half black and half white circle of the pallet, the brightness and contrast adjustment layer is created.

The utilisation of an unsharp mask

Sometimes, the piece of jewelry has sharp edges due to stones or metals like Gold and Silver. In such cases, to make the image look a little softer, the Unsharp Mask tool is used. It is an excellent retouching tool offered by Adobe Photoshop. The tool is activated by following these steps: Filter > Sharpen.

On activating this tool, 3 sliders appear. These are called Amount, Radius and Threshold. These 3 tools help adjust the sharpness of the image. This can be done effectively if the job is entrusted upon a skilled professional adept in jewelry photo retouching service.


It is important to adjust the exposure of the image. The adjustment layer helps to carry this out.

  • Choose the image.
  • Select image from the menu bar.
  • Adjustment > Level
  • Select OK to apply the changes.

To adjust the level of the exposure, a histogram box with the sliders appears. Adjust accordingly and then select OK to save the changes.

Grab the pen tool

This is a very good tool with high utility. When we talk about retouching a jewelry image for online stores, we include the background in it. We can edit the background or just remove jewelry photo background using Photoshop by different methods. We can use the clipping path tool as it helps to remove the background yet keeps the object in the exact same shape as before. Images edited with the help of professionals offering Photoshop clipping path services are published on commercial websites and also for advertisements.

  • Import the image to Photoshop and choose the ‘pen tool’ from the toolbar.
  • A shortcut to do the same is to press P
  • Select a path termed as ‘path1’
  • You need to draw the clipping path around the object
  • Select the Ctrl button and then, click on the path you created
  • To remove the background, press Q

Removal of unwanted spots

Unwanted spots removal is a crucial aspect of photography post processing services. Clear and stunning visuals are extremely important when it comes to images of jewelry pieces. For the image to look more attractive, it is essential that the image is void of any flaws. Sometimes, when the product is being photographed, the spots on it are not noticed. But, when the images are being processed, these spots need to be consciously removed. To do the same, Adobe Photoshop has a few tools. Different brush tools like Spot Healing Brush tool, Clone Stamp Tool and Healing Brush tool are a few to name.

Jewelry retouching takes time and attention to details. The aim is to create something that looks exquisite and flawless. Adobe Photoshop has various tools that help us create the best versions of an image. However, if one is unable to retouch these images, be assured that a professional offering jewelry photo editing service will do your work for you.

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