Top 24 Websites to Download Free Photoshop Actions

Photo Editing

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Photoshop is widely preferred by the graphic designers because of its rich toolset. It is a truly versatile program when it comes to photo editing or creating a virtual design. With its aid, the whole editing process can become less time consuming and more effortless. One of such time-saving tools that is included in this software is Photoshop actions.

These files run a series of command which can be recorded by the users. Once recorded, it can be replayed automatically so that the steps are performed in a sequential manner for completing the task. Here, designers have the choice of either recording or importing the Photoshop actions free. The software also offers a collection of pre-set actions so that you can take photo editing to the next level and improve process efficiency.

There are multiple websites present online which offer free or paid Photoshop actions to serve the individual or business needs. Thus, in this article, we have compiled a list of the 25 best websites from where you can download actions to enhance your image or design.

Places to find Photoshop Actions for free

  1. Deviant Art

    deviant art

    You can sign up and download the best premium as well as free Photoshop actions from Deviant Art. Here, you will find quality actions available in pastel, night, and other themes. It is a popular community resourcece used by designers to produce creative outcomes for their projects.


    photoshop tutorials

    The free actions offered here would enhance your creativity as a photographer and help you to save time during image retouching. This site is mostly dedicated to offering Photoshop tutorials, however, also provides actions for downloading. Apart from that, it offers free gradients, brushes, textures, presets, etc.

  3. Presets Galore

    presets galore

    You can get access to 37 actions that will help you in image enhancement activities. All these can be downloaded without registering. The edited image does not flatten and hence, you can adjust all the layers. The actions offered here mostly include dreamy film, deeply matte, and copper sunlight effects.

  4. FinesseFX

    finesse FX

    FinesseFX contains a80+ actions along with Photoshop brushes and styles. Here, you can find actions that are available for free or premium for producing the desired effects in the image. An interesting example of the actions offered here is Old Parchment that allows the creation of aged paper effect.

  5. Turning Turnip

    turning turnip

    Turning Turnip provides Photoshop actions that are best for enhancing the landscape and portrait photos. The best part of using this website is that the actions provided here are accessible for free download. Apart from actions, this site also provides free tutorials for web designing.

  6. MCPActions

    MCP actions

    Professional photographers can quickly and easily edit images using the free presets or actions available on this site. However, most of the actions offered here are paid. In addition to applying effects, MCP Actions also offer free Photoshop video tutorials or interactive online training for effectively using the actions.

  7. PanosFX


    You can get access to many free actions such as Edge Effects and B & Big Picture for commercial or personal use. However, some of the advanced actions are available only if you are a registered member on the site. It offers more than 20 free Photoshop actions, styles, and brushes to use it for photo enhancement.

  8. PSD Dude

    PSD Dude

    You can get paid or free actions either from its site or from other sites that you may be redirected to. It offers a variety of Photoshop actions having various effects such as vintage, split tone, paper folding, stitched denim, and more. This site has a collection of more than 70 actions.

  9. bitFUUL


    This website is created by the contributors and offers plenty of Photoshop actions to download for free. These are also very handy for improving the quality of your pictures. It is basically an online magazine that is dedicated to art, photography, illustration, and other imaginative works.

  10. Brusheezy


    You can get access to free actions, brushes, and resources related to Photoshop from this website. The site enables you to explore multiple creative actions submitted by artists from around the globe. Many of the actions available here are free and have been quite helpful to cover various designing tasks.

  11. Gettotallyrad


    This website is home to several free as well as paid Photoshop actions, Lightroom presets, overlays, and plugins. However, first, you need to create an account for accessing the free samples on the site. When it comes to premium users, it also offers 4 different sets of actions priced between $79-$129.

  12. Exposure Empire

    Exposure Empire

    You can get Adobe Lightroom presets and 10 Photoshop actions at Exposure Empire. Besides, it allows you to view the comments, ratings, and the designer’s name before downloading an action. Even after selecting the action, you can also learn about the action’s compatibility and preview it.

  13. Adobe Exchange


    At Adobe, you will gain access to 40+ Photoshop actions. You can preview any action, learn about the software varieties, and view information related to the version, file size, and compatibility. By becoming a premium member, you can download 400+ actions. However, many are also available for free.

  14. Photoshop Desire

    This website offers 30+ actions as well as Photoshop tutorials to create exceptional photos. The video tutorials offered here help a lot in learning the different outcomes after applying the actions. For free download, you need to subscribe to Desire’s YouTube channel or follow its page on Facebook.

  15. Sleeklens


    Sleeklens has a collection of 21 creative and high-quality Photoshop actions that are available either for free or paid. It is a great site that can be trusted for creating a gif, stunning images to cover your needs on any level. Apart from that, it also offers a unique collection of templates, presets, overlays, textures, etc.

  16. Greater Than Gatsby

    Greater Than Gatsby

    You can download good quality Photoshop actions for free from this website. However, the premium users will get more advantage than the former as the paid actions offered here are truly exceptional. These actions usually come with a high price, however, can bring out the best in your pictures.


    This website has a huge collection of free Photoshop actions that are professional and easy to use. These are available as samples and can be used to add outstanding effects to the image. Besides actions, it also offers Lightroom presets, print templates, marketing materials, overlays, frames, etc.

  18. Shutter Pulse

    Shutter Pulse

    It offers a free collection of 2O Photoshop actions and Lightroom presets. Along with this, it also provides you with plenty of options to edit your photos. The site also offers premium actions that are present in 16 different sets provided to users at an affordable price, i.e., ranging from $4-$13 per set.

  19. Lookfilter


    Lookfilter is a photography company headquartered in Germany. It consists of Photoshop actions and Lightroom presets available for free and premium. By using them, you can easily give a professional look to your photos. However, to access the free bundle, you have to subscribe to its newsletter.

  20. Bellevue Avenue

    Bellevue Avenue

    Bellevue Avenue is a great website that offers a collection of Photoshop actions at affordable prices. However, only a few are available for free. It contains different types of actions that include retouching skin, eyes, teeth, newborns, and more. You can also find different bundles available at discounts.

  21. FilterGrade


    FilterGrade is one of the best websites that can help users on a professional level for their photo editing projects. It consists of a huge collection of free as well as paid Photoshop action sets. The free bundle available here mostly contains 15 actions that are of the best quality and are frequently downloaded by the users.

  22. Paint the Moon

    Paint the Moon

    It is also an excellent website offering a wide range of Photoshop actions. It can be easily incorporated into your projects to speed up the workflow process and enhance the appeal of your images to produce the desired results. These actions are unique, creative, and offered for both free and premium.

  23. Speckyboy

    The website contains some of the best quality free Photoshop actions. These will help you to add a variety of effects, including vintage, film, HDR, matte, sketch, etc. to your pictures. The actions offered at this website are time savers and can help to create stunning results.


    The site specifically contains free Photoshop download actions for wedding. With these, you can enhance the look of your wedding images easily and quickly. These are compatible with every Photoshop version like CC, CS6, mobile, etc., and works well with JPG and RAW image files.

Thus, by optimizing the potential of photo editing software and actions, you can save more time while avoiding repetitive tasks. These pre-recorded actions will make your photo editing work more effective and productive.

The websites mentioned above offer several Photoshop actions for free download. If you want to go for paid actions, you can first view their demos before processing the payment. An action’s quality and compatibility should always be kept in mind while carrying out the selection process. Besides, experimenting with different actions will also help you to find the best one.