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Grab the eyeballs of prospects with awe-inspiring magazine covers

For any designer, the greatest challenge is crafting a magazine cover that pleases his clients and serves their purpose well. Cover of a magazine should be capable of reflecting its genre and probable inclusions.

magazine cover design


Arranging texts, touching up photos and a lot more in there in the process. Only a professional can make sure of desired quality and implication in that. Digital versions are rapidly replacing print media but the significance of cover sketch has in fact increased. The reason for the same is that, now people are exposed to more options and the time you have to arrest their attention is minimum.

Some of the magazine covers design tips that can work miracles to create visually appealing magazine designs are discussed below. Let’s have a look.

Use text on design adequately

magazine text design


The text and design should mutually complement. The underlying element of any cover, as per expert service providers would either be an illustration or a photograph. It must be assured that the text is readable. For that, on a light background, text must be in dark or vice versa. Most of the companies use proper software for darkening or lightening areas to place texts.

The bolder and bigger text elements demands you to inject appropriate colour. It should not be a randomly chosen one but deliberately decided.

Certain companies offering magazine designing services follow a creative approach. They put the design elements in multiple planes. Most of them virtually set up 3 layers.

Amalgamate different designing elements shrewdly

magazine layout design elements


To make a cover stand separated from the herd, professional companies offering graphic designing services use a combination of photographs and illustrations creatively. Blending two worlds on a common platform can really be motivating. Some even ignore typographic fonts and use hand-written fonts.

There are service providers who shun away photo centric approaches. They confine to typography or illustration-only cover but for good. Unique style and perfect colour combinations are more important here.

It’s not a rule but being consistent is preferred.

magazine layout design


Maintaining consistency in the magazine cover design keeps your brand intact, especially in case of a regular publication. You have enough room for being creative if above tips are effectively utilized by the company in its processes. However if you think that sacrificing magazine design consistency can help you to do something even better, there is no harm.

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