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Reader base is continuously augmenting for digital books and to exploit this opportunity, publishers are seeking all possible means. Being one of the most reputed graphic designing company in India, we get regularly inquires for digital magazine designing services.

There are certain tricks that we consider significant for assuring that the digital magazine we design get maximum downloads. Some of the most important things we would suggest for assuring maximum success in terms of download rates are explained below.

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  1. Minimize download size

    Download size has to be minimum. We all know that these days’ people are least patient and time devoid. So, your eBook must get downloaded swiftly. For that the size should be kept minimum by compressing it.

  2. Don't use embed video

    Embed video only if it’s inevitable. It would be great to avoid videos always. Though it increases interactivity with the audience, video files increase the download time. It is always advisable to shun away from using video covers and auto-play. Remember that all your prospective audience may not be using the fastest internet connection.

  3. Don't rely on PDF replicas

    Being the magazine designing company, we have closely watched the services offered by our competitors. Unfortunately even today there are certain companies that rely on PDF replicas. Creating an optimal experience for a user, technology and device is something that has to be mastered.

  4. Font size

    Give enough consideration to font sizes. You should think of the reader from all devices. It would be better if you can test the comfort level of readers from different sections through direct feedback.

  5. Affordable cost

    Rates must be reasonable. When you overcharge, subscriptions will surely nosedive and even Apple has realized this fact. So, affordability and attitude of prospects should be taken into consideration.

  6. Reliable customer support

    Customer support is very crucial. Without it, even the best products and services fail. Keeping customers happy should be the main focus, always. Answer every mail and respond to every comment. Fix all possible issues and ensure that you get the best reviews.

  7. Customer storefronts

    Custom storefronts work well but still, most of the magazine apps are yet to embrace kiosks. With these, a brand can exhibit more content via which they can be more social, show videos, provide market offers and help users. If you can have a designer and developer with you, a highly impactful output can be obtained.

  8. Lack of marketing promotion

    Enough marketing should be done. Digital issues must be promoted to the best possible levels through all possible channels including social media. First of all, make the launch of the app with a huge bang to grab maximum eyeballs possible. Make users get convinced by showing them how great your app is. Create a promotion video and simply give a no-obligation free issue. Capture the users with an awesome product. Ensure that it’s engaging and exciting, something that offers immense value. Retain the subscribers with irresistible offers. Then keep on telling users where they can find the application and keep on repeating the process. Regular pushes and reminders can be great. One of the prime reasons for smartphone and table edition failure is lack of visibility, not the digital magazine design.

  9. Poor app usability

    See to it that the app experience is great. Buggy, technically slow, and complicated with poor navigation apps turn down the prospects. Getting an app technically correct and user-friendly too may not help. Users never bother to be loyal towards an app easily. So, be creative and try something capable of invoking interest in users. Make some special videos, provide offers and create some alternative revenues; how to manuals, seasonal editions, top 15 issues etc. can be very helpful. Extra issues should be made equally graceful like that your regular provision. Keep on experimenting to check the effectiveness of a particular idea and based on that you can create future ideas that are more effectual. If you hire experienced magazine design companies, they can contribute towards the same.

  10. iPhone editions

    Google and Apple Newsstands are stacked with countless magazines that are in fact PDF replicas. It can be gravely unpleasant experience as far as smaller screens are considered. Create things that work for iPhone user. Include social sharing and web stories rather than print stories. You can seek the assistance of a UX designer with superior capabilities in graphic design to help you with iconography and navigation. This can make the app a thing of joy for users. This brings huge potential with it.

Our experience as a magazine layout design service provider in India has revealed to us another important fact that overly priced magazines attract least sales.

Much more is there to discuss in this regard. We will bring to you further details in our next blog. Keep in touch!

Leon William

Working in MAPSystems as a Senior Business Strategist, Leon William has solid experience in strategizing business plans that are targeted to meet business objectives in every way possible. Leon is specifically interested in performing gap analysis and adopting special measures to take the brand to the next level by using the right communication channels. He can handle challenging situations while developing a hard-core strategy for the emerging markets and is passionate about taking the legacy forward.