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Tips for wedding photo editing and retouching

Wedding photography can be a fun and when you do it creatively, amazing results can be obtained. But still there are certain types of imperfections that need to be fixed or else the snap would seem to be completely normal and graceless. Avoiding such a mishap is possible only if you proceed with retouching the snaps taken. And for the same, there are some operative tips for wedding photo editing.

wedding image editing
Tips for wedding photo editing


Before you start

  • Take enough backups on DVDs, network drives or external disks
  • Wedding photography editing should be carried out only on the duplicate ones
  • Unless the shooting is done in RAW, you should preserve the original one
  • Assure that the monitor is of quality and it reproduces the exact colours and shades

The wedding snaps should exhibit elegance and class. Experimenting modern techniques is good but it is imperative that the creativity thrown in is at the right places. Blending different wedding photography post processing styles helps in producing awesome outputs.

  • Colour to black and white conversion is comparatively more effective when you manually edit post snapping
  • Soft focus is a nice effect used by a typical image editing company at it adds certain delicate haze or radiance
  • Lightening and darkening is facilitated with the dodge and burn tool to give a more realistic and artistic feel
  • Vignettes is yet another effect that lightens or darkens the picture’s edges to grab more attention from the viewers
  • If you are looking for photographs that are contemporarily styled, experiment with some multiple exposures
  • Cross processing when carried out innovatively can pave way for interesting results that will be really appreciated
  • Colour popping and pop art are yet another artistic effect giving options

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Now you have two options- either you can try yourself by making use of some free or paid software programs or else you may hire any of the best wedding photo retouching companies. The latter one is recommended as manipulating the wedding snaps need an expert approach and only a professional company can do the job with that dexterity.

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