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Pre-Wedding Photo Editing Services

Get quality pre-wedding photo edits in varied styles at cost-effective rates at MAPSystems.

MAPSystems is one of the leading companies in India delivering exceptional pre-wedding photo editing services. Our wedding photo editors are equipped with the best software and technology to give your pre-wedding images a professional studio look.

Despite having extensive experience in the domain, our editors are consistently trained to implement the latest wedding photography editing techniques that enable them to produce high-quality outcomes that look nothing less than your imagination.

Our image editors work closely with you to understand your needs and include them appropriately in your projects. We also do our best to remove every flaw from the image, thereby making it both expressive and impressive.

Our pre-wedding photo editing services include

Photo Culling

Out of the various pre-wedding images taken, we select the best ones and perform editing on them while eliminating the ones that don’t appear the best.

Skin Retouching Services

We can improve your skin tone and make it appear flawless in your pictures. We remove skin imperfections such as blemishes, wrinkles, redness, etc.

Noise Reduction Services

We reduce tiny, disorganized flecks from your pre-wedding pictures, which is also known as noise, by employing the best Photo editing techniques.

Portrait Editing Services

We can carry out simple to complex edits for enhancing the portraits of the to-be bride and groom. This can involve fixing their makeup, attire, jewellery etc.

Types of pre-wedding photo editing styles that we implement

You can request us to work in different wedding photography editing styles such as

Natural Editing Style

If you want to give your images a rich and elegant appearance, then opt for the natural editing style. Here, we’ll try to showcase all areas of your picture as it is. It means the look and feel of the image will be similar to what you experienced during the shoot.

Moody Editing Style

With the moody editing style, we add a romantic and cinematic feel to your pre-wedding pictures. If you wish to accentuate the element of drama, we suggest that you try this style on indoor photo-shoots.

Light & Airy Editing Style

The light and airy style of editing will give your pre-wedding photographs a clean look. It will possess lots of light and emotion along with an organized and uncluttered background. It is one of the commonly requested editing styles preferred by our clients.

Dramatic & Glam Editing Style

In this type of photo editing style, we add more contrast and vibrant colors to your pictures. The images will also be of high quality without any noise or grain whatsoever. The style is quite opposite to that of the natural style of pre-wedding photo editing.

Fine Art Editing Style

Here, we’ll keep the overall look true to life with a hint of manipulation. We’ll add grain to improve the organic appearance of your pre-wedding photo-shoots while the exposure will be slightly favouring the highlights. We may even tone down the saturation.

Desaturated Editing Style

In this editing style, we mute or tone down all the colors in your pictures. For example, the bright colors of the flowers or the outdoor scenery are all muted to make them appear less bright. Also, do keep in mind that your skin may also appear washed out.

Matte Editing Style

In this case, we’ll make your pre-wedding images appear soft and hazy. We do this by adjusting the tone curve in the Develop module of any good photo editing software. This style looks good on outdoor digital images but may not look good as printouts.

Black & White Editing Style

The black and white photo editing style is a favorite for most of our clients. The classic style needs no explanation. Here, our expert photo editors will give your colored pre-wedding pictures an iconic black and white look while preserving all the needed details.

Vintage Editing Style

The vintage-style edits are often the reminiscence of old pictures. Thus, to achieve the look, our pre wedding photo editors add warm filters to your photographs. It also gives the feeling as if the pictures were clicked during sunset and the skin will have a subtle orange tone.

Why choose our pre-wedding photo editing services?

MAPSystems has been serving the domain for a long time by offering best-in-class wedding photo retouching services and can handle all types of wedding image editing works. This can range from editing pre-wedding photos to editing wedding anniversary images.

Apart from that, here are other reasons why you should outsource photo retouching services of pre-wedding clicks to us

  • We provide robust data security for your files. So, you should know that your data is safe and secure with us.
  • With our flexible pricing modules, we let clients customize their pre-wedding image editing pricing plans as per their project needs.
  • At MAPSystems, we assure you that you’ll never have to compromise on the quality of services or with project delivery deadlines.
  • We can take any volume of work, i.e., perform bulk image editing for your pre-wedding projects.

Whether you need us to edit pre-wedding or post-wedding photoshoots, we provide customized wedding photo editing services and offer the best version of your images. Outsource your pre wedding photo editing projects to us, your images will be improved in terms of quality and appeal so that you cherish the memories forever.

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Fix the imperfections of your pre-wedding photoshoots and get them professionally enhanced by leveraging our high-standard pre-wedding photo editing services.