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Post processing is an important technique for transforming raw images into eye-catching ones.. We at MAPSystems help you to deliver the best wedding photographs to your clients with our professional wedding photography post processing services. We have an expert team of photo editors who can provide thousands of edited pictures in an agreed timeline. We carefully cull the photos and proceed with our editing tasks to deliver the high-quality output.

Our wedding photography post processing services include

We understand the images shot for a wedding would be plenty, and editing them based on the significance is really important. We have expert editors in-house who can help you with touch-ups, editing, culling, etc. Overall, we include the following in our services

Photo Manipulation Services

Every wedding photograph would comprise portraits and close-ups of the bride and groom. In fact, we can help you with the best wedding portrait enhancement services, such as:

  • Airbrushing
  • Double exposure
  • Spot healing
  • Teeth whitening
  • Masking and clipping
  • Dodging & burning
  • Negative scratching
  • Darkroom manipulation
  • Background replacement/re-creation
wedding photo manipulation
marriage photo culling services

Photo Culling Services

We know the complexity of editing plenty of images. Based on your target number of edits, we define the timeline to help you with the eye-catchy photographs as follows:

  • Shortlisting images based on best moments
  • Handpicking the photos
  • Implementing AI-enabled software
  • Leveraging the "color coding" system
  • Use an SSD (Solid State Drive)
  • Leverage rating system for quick picks

Skin Retouching Services

Our professional wedding photo editors help you reduce the blemishes on the subject's skin with our advanced skin retouching techniques. This includes:

  • Scar/wrinkle/acne removal
  • Color correction
  • Skin tone retouching
  • Makeup enhancement
  • Eye enhancement
  • Airbrushing
  • Stray hair removal
  • Dust spot removal
  • Dark circles/eyebags covering
  • Clone stamp
skin retouching for wedding images
detail editing for marriage images

Detail Editing

Our skilled team of image editors helps you with detailed editing in terms of wedding photo editing services. We apply innovative retouching techniques wherein we take care of the following:

  • Noise reduction
  • Background enhancement
  • Image sharpening
  • Density correction
  • Exposure adjustments
  • Color correction/grading
  • Shadow removal/addition
  • Reflection removal
  • Vibrance/hue/saturation/tint adjustments

Artistic Editing

Our photo editors at MAPSystems help you with the artistic editing with our wedding photo retouching services that include black and white transitions, special effects, monochrome enhancements and more. We aim to deliver the best possible outputs for you to get the best out of it. Special effects are meant to make your shots even more special.

The highly experienced photo editors at MAPSystems cater to a vast clientele. They can help you with artistic editing with outstanding wedding photo retouching services that include:

  • Black and white transitions
  • Adding special effects
  • Monochrome enhancements
  • Adding conceptual backgrounds
  • Cinematic effects
  • Adding damaged/scratched film look
  • Adding a classic/vintage film look
  • HDR blending
  • Matte finish effect addition
artistic editing for wedding images
raw image conversion for wedding photos

Conversion of Raw Images into Professional Outputs

Our technically sound and skilled image retouchers transform any raw image file into stunning, eye-catching photos. The entire process is executed flawlessly without compromising on quality. This includes:

  • Raw file to JPEG conversion
  • Raw file to PNG conversion
  • Raw file to TIFF conversion
  • Raw file to GIF conversion
  • Raw file to WEBP conversion
  • Raw file to HEIC conversion
  • Creating HDR images
  • Creating Panoramic images
  • Resizing & optimizing for web
  • Resizing & optimizing for print

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Why hire us for your wedding photography post processing

We follow a purely customer-centric approach to our picture editing services. As a photography post production company, we strive to deliver the best to our clients by giving them what they want at the right time.

With the core expertise of the wedding photo editing services, we have been in existence for many years now, and we have delivered the best of our services with the help of our expert and skilled editors. We are sure we can help you too!

Competitive pricing

We deliver the optimum value for the best price. Our pricing model is highly competitive and free of hidden charges, making our services accessible to all.

Data security

We understand and value our clients' data privacy and take stringent measures to safeguard it. This ensures no breach of confidentiality from our end.

Global clientele

With our years of expertise and commitment to deliver the best wedding photo post-processing services, we have a laudable clientele from all parts of the world!

Quality assurance

Our photo auditors double-check the retouched images to ensure that they are of the best quality before they reach clients.

Deliver on time

Our team of experienced and certified professionals has immense speed. They can deliver stellar output within a very fast delivery time.


Being an ISO-certified creative and tech organization, the proficient photo editors at MAPSystems maintain international quality standards.

Our approach for wedding post production services

We follow a very simple process which includes the following stages:

  • Stage 1: Customer interaction for the business requirement.
  • Stage 2: Business scope derivation, freezing project timeline
  • Stage 3: Decide on resource allocation for smooth project execution
  • Stage 4: Initiate the project upon confirmation from the client
  • Stage 5: Send the first draft to the client for review
  • Stage 6: Incorporate the customer feedback and update the changes, if any
  • Stage 7: Send the output for the quality check
  • Stage 8: If all goes well, deliver the final output to the client

Looking for a reliable and affordable external team for top-notch wedding photo post-processing services? Your search ends here!

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