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MAPSystems is a reputed and experienced company that delivers best-in-class wedding photo retouching services. We retouch wedding photos to eliminate even the tiniest flaw and impart a professional look to your images. We have more than a decade of experience in marriage photo editing and retouching and have helped various clients, including wedding photographers, decorators, planners, wedding videographers, event management companies, matrimonial sites, etc.

Our wedding photo touch-up services are delivered by professional image editors who are skilled at retouching even the most complex image types. They are also efficient at retouching large volumes of images within a short time without compromising on quality or appeal. At MAPSystems, we not only retouch your marriage photographs but transform them into captivating versions that can make you enjoy your memories every time you look at them.

Our wedding photo retouching services include

Image culling

Photo culling can be a time-consuming and monotonous process. We will help you save time by going through the thousands of wedding pictures and selecting the best ones for image processing. We do the following:

  • Removing duplicates
  • Sorting images for further processing
  • Eliminating bad shots
  • Picking the best images
  • Culling assistance if you want to use a tool
  • Edit the selected images
Image culling
Image Manipulation

Image Manipulation

We can help you get creative with your wedding images with our photo manipulation services. Our photo editing experts will use a combination of tools and techniques to create fun and unique images. We perform the following tasks:

  • Photo clipping path
  • Image cropping
  • Background removal/replacement
  • Object removal
  • Color correction
  • Color grading
  • Creative backdrop creation
  • Image compositing

Color Correction

We use this basic photo editing technique to make digital images look natural to the human eye. We will color-correct your wedding photos so the end results are perfect. We do the following:

  • Fixing white balance/brightness
  • Correcting exposure/contrast
  • Balancing highlights and shadows
  • Adjusting saturation/hue
Color Correction
Red-Eye Removal

Red-Eye Removal

Our skilled photo editors will remove the red-eye effect caused by flash in low-light conditions. We will make your wedding portraits look natural and beautiful with this technique. We do the following:

  • Photo clipping path
  • Blend color as per the subject’s iris
  • Adjust pupil size
  • Red-eye/healing/clone tool
  • Match eye color
  • Color blending

Photo Density Correction

We will make your marriage images clearer and sharper with our wedding photo retouching services. Our photo editing experts will improve your wedding photos by correcting issues that arise from poor lighting and over-exposure. We do the following:

  • Adjusting white balance
  • Fixing improper exposure levels
  • Correcting highlights and shadows
  • Tweaking image sharpness
Photo Density Correction
Photo Restoration

Photo Restoration

We can help you relive your wedding day by restoring your old marriage photos. Our expert editors can fix old, faded, and worn–out images from decades ago. We perform the following:

  • Image clipping path
  • Color correction
  • Filling missing parts
  • Adjusting hue/saturation/white balance/brightness
  • Color cast removal
  • Red-eye removal
  • Airbrushing

Background Change

We can help you get your dream wedding photos with our background replacement services. We can make changes to the existing background or completely change it to meet your expectations. We do the following:

  • Photo clipping path
  • Color correction
  • Sky replacement
  • Unwanted object removal
  • Color change
  • Complete background replacement
  • Color grading
Background Change
People Addition

Person addition

Wedding photos are incomplete when some important family members are missing from the shots. We can help you make your wedding images feel complete by adding members of your family and friends to the photos. We do the following:

  • Image masking
  • Photo cropping
  • Clipping path
  • Color correction
  • Shadow adjustment
  • Image alignment
  • Perspective correction
  • Color matching

Our professional wedding photo retouching process

At MAPSystems, we follow a streamlined and systematic process for retouching wedding images. It generally includes the following steps:


Discussing requirements

We will understand your requirements and discuss different services that will be suitable for your project's needs


Uploading files

Once you have selected the desired services, you can upload your raw wedding photos and specify the output format.


Work begins

Our photo editing team will immediately start working on the wedding images and retouch them as per the given instructions.


Quality check

We will send the retouched wedding pictures to our elite QA teal for quality checking and approval.


Sending output

After the quality check, we’ll send you the images via a secured FTP channel for download and subsequent feedback.



In case you request revisions, we will rework the images. If not, the process ends at step 5.

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Benefits of employing wedding image retouching services from us

MAPSystems is a trusted photo editing solutions company in the industry. We have been serving global clients for a long time and have gained extensive experience in marriage day photo editing. We have handled many projects that involved photo editing of raw wedding images and have delivered the outputs as per the demands of our clients. So, you can rely on us for any of your wedding photo retouching needs.

Besides, our services can also be employed for wedding anniversary photo editing or pre-wedding photo retouching needs. So, if you have similar requirements for marriage day photo editing, then reach out! We assure you that our touch-ups will bring back your memories and help you relive your special day once again.

Affordable pricing

Our wedding photo retouching rates will depend on the project type. However, rest assured that it will be affordable.

100% Data Security

We respect the privacy of our clients. That’s why we’ll never share any information regarding the project without your consent.

Multiple formats

We deliver outputs in multiple formats optimized for web and print use and compatible with multiple software (JPG, PNG, TIFF, SVG, GIF).

Quality Assurance

Our photo auditors double-check the retouched images to ensure that they are of the best quality before they reach clients.

Quick TAT

We’ll retouch your wedding photographs and deliver the results within the shortest timeframe in the industry.


MAPSystems is an ISO-certified company. All our professionals maintain strict international quality standards in their work.

Get reliable and cost-effective wedding photo retouching services from MAPSystems to enhance your marriage photographs and stir up your emotions of joy, love, and happiness.

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What do our customers say

The editing was very good. They are professional and highly competent people. I surely recommend their wedding picture editing services.

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Salvador, Brazil

I recently got married and wanted to retouch a few of my marriage photographs. After researching online, MAPSystems was the only company I came across that was within my budget. So, I decided to go for their wedding image retouching services. The final images looked extraordinary. My wife was so happy when she saw the images. Thanks a lot!


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