Wedding Photo Retouching Services

Make your marriage photo albums nothing less than perfect by employing our professional wedding photo retouching services.

MAPSystems is a reputed and experienced company that delivers the best-in-class wedding photo retouching services. We retouch wedding photos to eliminate even the tiniest flaw and impart a professional look to your images. We have more than a decade of experience in marriage photo editing and retouching and have helped various clients including wedding photographers, decorators, planners, wedding videographers, event management companies, matrimonial sites, etc.

Our wedding photo touch-up services are delivered by professional image editors, who are skilled to retouch even the most complex image types. They are also efficient in retouching large volumes of images within a short time without compromising on quality or appeal. At MAPSystems, we not just retouch your marriage photographs but transform them into captivating versions that can make you enjoy your memories every time you look at them.

Our wedding photo retouching services include

Image culling


You’ll have a lot of photographs taken on your wedding day but you need not select all for editing. If you need help with choosing the best ones out of them, then use our wedding photo culling services. We can find the best photos and edit them so that you can save time for other important works.

Image Manipulation


MAPSystems can also help with wedding photo manipulation. If you need to add a creative flair to your marriage photographs or albums, then you can employ our image manipulation services. By using advanced software, we’ll add fantastic creations to your pictures and make them look unique.

Color Correction


Sometimes, the color of your marriage photos won’t come out as expected. In cases like that, we can retouch the images and make the colors look natural and beautiful with our wedding photo color correction services. We can also help with color cast removal from your pictures if required.

Red-Eye Removal


A red eye may appear in your marriage photographs and ruin the entire mood. This happens when people are close to the camera flash. But, no worries! We can remove them. By opting for our red-eye removal services, you will get images that are free from red eyes and appear flawless.

Photo Density Correction

Photo Density

Improper exposure and white balance can disturb the image density, thereby resulting in unpleasant marriage photos. To make sure that you don’t have to compromise on getting the best marriage images, we can carry out density correction to eliminate imbalances and imperfections.

Photo Restoration


If it’s an old wedding album or photograph that needs retouching, MAPSystems can do it. Just opt for our wedding photo restoration services. Aside from that, our restoration services can be also used for those photographs that got damaged either during or after the marriage photoshoot.

Background Change


If you’re unhappy with the background in some of your images, no issues, we can change it. Just tell us the type of background you need in your marriage pictures and we can work on it. We will carefully cut out the background without affecting the people in it and replace it with a new one.

People Addition


It’s sad but true that not all the people you love will be present at your wedding. However, there is a solution to this. You can add the people to your marriage images that are missing out. Just send us their images and we’ll crop them and add them to your photos in a believable and realistic manner.

Our professional wedding photo retouching process

At MAPSystems, we follow a streamlined and systematic process for retouching wedding images. It generally includes the following steps.

  • Step 1: We understand your requirements and suggest different services that could be suitable for your project needs.
  • Step 2: After selecting the desired service/services, you can upload the raw wedding images and specify the output format.
  • Step 3: Our photo editing team will immediately start working on the wedding images and retouch them as per the given instructions.
  • Step 4: We will send the retouched wedding pictures for quality checking, which will be approved by our elite QA team.
  • Step 5: After quality checking, we’ll send you the images via a secured FTP channel. You can download them and offer feedback.
  • Step 6: In case you have requested revision, we will work on the images again or else the process ends with step 5.

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Benefits of employing wedding image retouching services from MAPSystems

MAPSystems is a trusted wedding photo editing company in the industry. We have been serving global clients for a long time and have gained extensive experience in marriage day photo editing. We have handled many projects that involved photo editing of raw wedding images and have delivered the outputs as per the demands of our clients. So, you can rely on us for any of your wedding photo retouching needs.

Fast Delivery

We’ll retouch your wedding photographs and deliver you the results within the shortest timeframe in the industry.

Affordable Pricing

Our wedding photo retouching rates will depend on the project type. However, rest assured that it will be affordable.

Quality Assurance

Our photo auditors double-check the retouched images to ensure that they are of the best quality before they reach clients.

Data Security

We respect the privacy of clients. That’s why we’ll never share any information regarding the project without your consent.

A wedding is one of the most important events of your life. So, think before you hire an amateur editor for the wedding retouching task. Avail our best wedding photo retouching services instead and let our experienced and talented image editors take up the job of retouching your marriage photographs.

Besides, our services can be also employed for wedding anniversary photo editing or pre-wedding photo retouching needs. So, if you have similar requirements to marriage day photo editing, then reach us! We assure you that our touch-ups will bring back your memories that will help you to relive your special day once again.

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Get reliable and cost-effective wedding photo retouching services from MAPSystems to enhance your marriage photographs that will stir up your emotion of joy, love, and happiness.