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7 pitfalls to identify and eradicate when it comes to foreign language typesetting

Translating your advertisement materials into multiple languages can immensely help you by strengthening your transnational presence. This will increase the volume of your sales and help your name to propagate without the restriction of geographical boundaries. For any business, it is what they strive for.

foreign language typesetting


Multilingual typesetting is unavoidable in such a context. In shortest of words, it is a common term that refers to the placement of different languages text into print applications and artwork. Let us see some of the key elements to be considered as per expert companies offering foreign language typesetting services.


In certain languages, hyphenating words is considered as weird; it is not that common. At the same time, languages like German and Russian having compound words mandates usage of hyphens. You should be aware of this fact.

Line breaks

It is obvious that you want your text to be easily readable and the lines should appropriately break. When it comes to Japanese, it looks better if line breaks occur between words. It is however not a linguistic demand; the software doesn’t do this automatically. You will have to manually do it.

Page structure

Languages that are right-to-left are read from the back towards front. This means that the entire artwork has to be reversed.

Non-breaking spaces

In certain languages, as per the professional companies offering multilingual typesetting services, non- ending spaces are required for keeping words & numbers or two words together.


Check whether the capitalised words possess accents and verify whether these are showing. Also confirm that the font used have the needed accents and it is not substituted. This is very important.


Only companies indulged in offering professional services are acquainted with the right practice for capitalizing headings. It normally varies with the language.


This is the area where you should be very careful. In case if the corporate or official font does not have letters needed for your desired target language, it can be an issue. This needs to be solved.

Text length

Filling text to the entire space is considered to be a good idea. But this can pave way for troubles when it about foreign language typesetting. For instance, French is nearly 30% longer than the English language.

The above mentioned are some of the major issues that may pop up when it comes to multilingual professional typesetting services. Hiring any of the expert typesetting companies to get the work done is the best thing you can do.

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