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Digital Typesetting History-till Date

To make a book look great and capture reader’s attention, many factors play crucial roles. One of the most significant among them is typesetting. It is the way in which texts and illustration are laid down for printing the book. Technology has transformed the approaches for typesetting but in fact the basic principles remain the same.

basic principles of typesetting

Typesetting process in the past

Earlier it was actually a painstaking and cumbersome task that had to be done manually. It was initially done using text-carved wooden blocks. This was really a time consuming process where the concerned person had to patiently create every letter and each word by his bare hands followed by their arrangement to make the matter readable and look good.

Contemporary typesetting

Now a days there are a lot of professional companies offering typesetting and page layout design services. Today it is no more a manual process; computers and lasers printers are used for it. Instead of making text blocks using hand, now text are inputted via word processing software and tools. Just with a mouse click, the typesetter will send the document for printing to the laser printer. This is faster, cheaper and obviously more efficient.

The role of typesetting services provider

Though technology has made the process autonomous, human intervention is still needed. In reality, professionals in typesetting companies have huge responsibilities to assure that the page layout design and every other aspect of the printed book assure perfection.

A professional involved in the job is responsible for:

  1. Choosing the right fonts, justifications, styles, letter spacing etc.
  2. Verifying the illustrations and photographs
  3. Analysing the readability and quality of presentation
  4. Proofreading and checking the whole document
  5. Assuring consistency and accurateness

In short, an ideal service provider must have excellent skills just as his old counterparts had. In addition, he should be adept in various word processing and page layout software programs.

Why embracing professional service providers for the job is important?

It is a misconception that things can be done with ease as everything is computerized. The fact is that getting each and every word, line and paragraph printed properly is not a walk in the park. Expertise and experience of an amateur would not be enough. So, hiring expert service providers is what smart authors and publishers do.

However, be sure that you hire the right people so that expected results are achieved.