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7 things for effective usage of Photoshop for photo retouching

There is always a scope for improvement when it comes to images. Professionals in a digital photo retouching company are adept in that. Among many tools available for refining captured snaps, Photoshop has always been the most preferred option for image retouching service providers. While using this software program, proper attention must be there so as to assure best possible results.

photo retouching techniques using photoshop
Photo retouching using photoshop


Top 7 things you must know about photo retouching using Photoshop are enumerated below.

  1. Use history brush

  2. Over-blurring is something that you must avoid. Using history brush spares you from committing the same while digital image editing. You should put every editing effect snapshot in history pallet. By this you can be spared from the discomfort of repeatedly pressing undo button.

  3. Use pen tool

  4. For selecting really smaller areas such as eyes, teeth, finger nails etc., pen tool can be exceptionally helpful. Any randomly shaped or crooked image can be easily selected using this tool.

  5. Stay away from using clone stamp tool

  6. This tool is in fact about copying a part of the digital image and simply pasting it. As per the professional companies offering digital image editing services, clone stamp tool may pave for horrible outputs in many cases. Therefore using this is not always advisable.

  7. Use heal brush tool

  8. Matching colours is not that easy; for it Clone Stamp Tool may not be enough at all times. The best tool to use in such cases is heal brush. This tool takes care of different tones and fuses based on that. Heal brush because of many reasons is a far better tool than clone stamp.

  9. Gaussian Blur may deceive

  10. This tool is not always reliable as it blurs the colours of background and cause a mannequin effect to the photo. The best alternative for this is the median tool.

  11. It’s not just about contrast and brightness

  12. Adjusting the contrast and brightness is important when it comes to image correction. Using colour adjustment layers may be really helpful. So, a lot of companies offering image retouching services adjusts saturation and hues for better results.

  13. There is no harm in experimenting

  14. A lot of photo post processing tools are there that you seldom use. Experimenting them may give you some novel ideas of carrying out the retouching process easier and faster.

Above tips can surely come handy when it comes to get amazing results with photo retouching services.

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