MAP Systems engages in multiple collaborations with global companies providing services in related domains so as to build lucrative partnerships and win-win scenarios that can generate synergistic outcomes.

Writers Block Production, LLC. (Tennessee, US)

MAP Systems has recently collaborated with Writers Block Production, LLC, which is an African American ePublishing and Digital company, owned by Paula Perry, who is presently serving as the company’s CEO.

The purpose of this collaboration is to facilitate profitable exchanges between the two organizations in terms of marketing & promotions, enriched service delivery, addition of new services that would benefit both, entry into new markets, and catering to the unique needs of customers by leveraging the competitive advantages of both the companies.

Paula Perry is an acclaimed writer who has authored many books belonging to romance, motivation, and children’s genres. Some of her most noted works include Inner Turmoil, Hard Love (Part One), Hard Love (Part Two), Romance Of A Lifetime (Part One), Romance Of A Lifetime (Part Two), The Hot Cross Bun, and My Aunt Is A Witch, The Self-Help Guide For The Enthusiastic Writer, etc. A Jackson State University passout, Paula had volunteered in several humanitarian activities. Paula launched this venture to help creative people like her to reach their target audience.

The company specializes in the creation of gaming apps and novels, musical trends, technical tools, connections to social media platforms, exploring key trends in the market. The company is dedicated to providing opportunities to talented and creative people who lack the resources to partner with streaming, gaming, and publishing companies to bring their works out into the market.

Paula Perry

CEO, Writers Block Production, LLC

Books Garden for Publishing & Distribution (Amman, Jordan)

MAP Systems India is proud to declare about its collaboration with Amman-Jordan-based publishing and distribution house Books Garden. The publishing house, which was founded in Jordan, in 1995, focuses on the distribution of English books from its agent companies in USA and England. The company represents some of the big names in the industry including John Willy, Middle East Pearson, and McGraw Hill. The company operates from several locations including London, Saudi Arabia, Istanbul, and Dubai.

The purpose of this collaboration is to make continuous progress in the domain of ePublishing ensuring better service delivery in terms of digital conversion and distribution of ebooks to a wider reader-base.

The company is owned by Methqal Mohd Jamil Qasem, who is presently serving as the company’s director since the past 28 years. Born in Kuwait, Mr. Qasem served John Willy as a marketing manager for the Middle East till 10 long years. A civil engineering graduate from IIT Delhi and a high diploma holder in irrigation from the London School of Agtriculture, Mr. Qasem completed his environmental project from the Bangalore University.

Methqal Mohd Jamil Qasem

Owner & Director, Books Garden for Publishing and Distribution