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Interactive eBook Conversion Services

Integrating multimedia to eBooks needs professional training and substantial technical competence which we have acquired through incessant efforts and initiatives. This is one of the prime reasons why we always succeed in keeping our customers contented with perfect interactive eBook conversion services.

MAP Systems among the best eBook conversion companies in India with huge level of adeptness and comprehensive experience in serving clients from diverse industries.

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We provide interactive conversions through ePub or HTML5 technology format based on the requirement. The ultimate objective of any book is to keep the readers eyes hooked and to communicate the intended ideas effectively. The way that the content interacts with the prospects greatly depends on how it is presented. We leverage the features of CSS3 and HTML5 to create awe-inspiring highly interactive eBooks by embedding multimedia.

There are multiple benefits of HTML5 CSS3 conversion like

  • Audio and video can be integrated with using any plugin or flash
  • In comparison with ePub, HTML5 technology is easily adaptable across most devices be it PC, Tablets or phones
  • Scalable vector graphics can be used for enhancing image and illustration clarity
  • The level of interactivity is peak high, even buttons for the created animations can be developed
  • Extra functionalities such as Finger Painting, Canvas and Geolocation are availed
  • CSS3 offers options for text shadows, animations, columns apart from providing support for SVC and MathML
  • With interactive features, the limit for expressing ideas vanishes completely

Interactive eBook creation at MAP Systems

We excel in crafting enhanced interactive eBooks capable of delivering a great reading experience with picture books of children, institutional and educational texts, books of academic nature packed with diagrams and charts, photography related books, magazines, cookbooks, STM content and a lot more. We take care of entire interactive eBook design and development processes involved. The main inclusions are:

  • Incorporating interactive elements like games, quizzes, exercises and valuations, set in JavaScript, together with
    • Match the Following
    • True/False
    • Ranking & Sequencing
    • Fill in Blanks
    • Categorizing
    • Matrix Completion
    • Yes/ No
    • Alternative Choice
    • Media Distractors
    • Single Arithmetical Design
    • Dictionary Pop-Ups
    • Several Answers
  • Inserting audio as well as video with the use of HTML5
  • Including animation effects by using CSS3
  • Making Read-Aloud eBooks by bringing into line text and images along with eBook narrated audio
  • Adding stacking ToC for making navigation smooth
  • Including veiled searchable text for making selective reading convenient
  • Linking of content to different external references
  • Internally linking of content with indexes, annotations, cross references and footnotes etc.
  • Complementing the matter with semantic tagging for ensuring approachability and interoperability
  • Designing interactive teaching and eLearning content

Types of books we convert

  • Story books, children’s book and comics
  • Medical books
  • Travel guides
  • Multimedia e-books
  • Edutainment books
  • Multilingual eBooks

Our eBooks are supported by various eReaders such as

  • Amazon Kindle
  • Sony e-reader
  • Apple iPhone / iPad / iPod
  • Barnes and Noble Nook
  • Kobo
  • Google play

Benefits of choosing MAP Systems for creating interactive eBooks

Our team provides voice-overs for scripts and is proficient in audio and video editing, 3D animation and graphics creation. Thus interactive and illustrated eBooks created by our team are power-packed with high performance vibrant animations, transitions and transformations that create a positive impact on the readers.

  • Interactive conversions developed by our team are compatible with multiple devices
  • The output from us is better animated and cheaper than the apps developed for same purpose
  • Quality analysis and confirmation is done for every phase of the transformation
  • All our staff are trained regularly to keep them in sync with the latest drifts so that the clients get best results
  • We have a huge list of satisfied clients and diverse portfolio which reflects our excellence in these services

We provide complete solutions regarding the conversion of eBooks in various digital formats for our clients across different parts of the globe. This has enabled our clients such as individual authors and publishers to successfully sell their eBooks online. Apart from this, we also offer eBook designing services with best pricing structure to produce quality as well as interactive eBooks that are compatible enough to run on all the popular web platforms.

If you have any type of queries related to interactive eBook development services, just email or call us to receive the best solutions in a more personalized way that would surely exceed your expectations.

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