Digital Archiving Services

Our digital archiving services is mainly designed to help clients secure data and manage their business processes for ensuring operation efficiency.

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Digital Archiving Services

MAP Systems is a leading digital media asset management company delivering ground-breaking digital archiving services. We value the importance of secure data preservation and our digital archival processes are designed to help businesses address their data maintenance and protection needs. Regardless of the volume and complexities involved in digital preservation, we have skilled resources who have a high level of expertise in the domain and can use state-of-the-art technologies to make operations simpler and faster. We have a dedicated team that specializes in document archiving. The team is capable of making the smartest utilization of innovative digital archiving software and strategies to seamlessly manage all processes with regard to keyboarding, content migration, document scanning, OCR conversion etc.

Why implement electronic document archival solutions?

  • Enhanced business procedures owing to faster access to information and easy retrieval of information would promote efficiency of operations.
  • You can easily locate the required information, which would raise the service delivery standard.
  • You can save productive working hours, which you might otherwise spend searching for information.
  • The level of data security remains high as the information can be encrypted and safely transmitted.
  • The costs to create copies and to ensure their safe storage and retrieval would get drastically reduced.

We deliver document and photograph archival services for personnel files, physical documents, books, invoice copies, order bills, emails, newspapers, magazine, photographs, manuscripts, films, records, etc.

Key features of our digital document archival solutions

  • Meta data tagging
  • Digital asset management
  • Secure storage of files in digital formats
  • Database development
  • Database preservation & conservation
  • Processing and cataloging
  • Creating customized DMS
  • Scanning & digitization
  • Systematic storage of digital audio-books
  • Archival maintenance
  • Archival storage
  • Data migration

Exceptional benefits of choosing us for data archiving services

Every project is not the same and especially for document archiving services, there is no one solution that can match all scenarios. We understand this fact and plan our work approach according to the uniqueness of project requirements. If you are planning to outsource image archiving services, here is how we can help should you choose to work with us:

  • All the documents given to us for preservation are stored in secure environments while ensuring the highest level of data security, which is what makes our electronic archiving services highly reliable.
  • We have a team of experienced professionals who have a high level of expertise in the digital protection of documents.
  • Each project is assigned to an expert supervisor who acts as an effective communication contact point.
  • All stages of the work are ensured to be completely free of errors and perfectly aligned with the digitization standard.
  • It can reduce manpower dependency and promote hassle-free, automated backup and archiving process.

With the increase in demand for data preservation, the importance of digital archiving should never be overlooked. Our archival digitization services are meant to deliver the required assistance that you need to analyze all the probable digital preservation or archiving methods as well as retrieval needs according to your business requirements and expectations. We specialize in offering high end digitization and other services such as archival scanning, indexing, document conversion, and OCR conversion, thereby doing our best to meet your print as well as web requirements. We also guarantee ease of accessibility, security, and enhanced storage capability of files without risking the confidentiality of the original documents.

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