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With video marketing gaining popularity around the globe, business firms from various sectors are integrating the strategy into their marketing of their products or services. Today, most successful property developers seek real estate video editing services from established video editing companies to develop powerful videos for marketing purposes. These videos help them get their marketing messages across to potential customers.

These videos provide clients with a realistic representation of the property's final appearance. This enables them to make an informed purchase decision. At MAPSystems, we provide image editing as well as video editing services for real estate, leveraging the marketing mechanisms of our clients. Our property video editors have extensive experience in the industry, and they can polish these videos to enhance their visual impact.

Over the years, we have been collaborating with real estate companies, agents, realtors, builders, owners, and advertising agencies to deliver customized video editing solutions to them. You can turn the raw visuals into professional and smart ones with our video editing assistance.

Our real estate video editing services include

At MAPSystems, you will find the right mix of technology and human resources. Our experts are well-versed in the latest techniques. They keep themselves updated with the latest video editing tools, ensuring that the services are of the highest quality. Besides, we can deliver the services quickly. Have a look at the different types of videography and editing services we provide.

About videos

“About” videos

Explain yourself and your real estate firm, and what sets you apart from others in the market. Our expert video editors can include perfect headshots of your team members, putting a face behind your brand.

Drone videos

Drone videos

Our team of skilled video editors can stitch multiple raw aerial drone shots together to create one single cohesive drone video. Upload the video to your website or social media handles and inspire prospects.

Property listing videos

Property listing videos

Our skilled video editors have extensive knowledge of real estate property listing videos. They can edit each listing video paired with high-quality photos and the properties' details to entice prospects.

Neighborhood video

Neighborhood video

Prospective property buyers want to know everything about the neighborhood they will settle in. Showcase the surrounding locale of different properties with a flawlessly edited neighborhood video tour.

Just-sold videos

Just-sold videos

Which were the best deals you cracked recently? We can help you convey all that. They can sync the selling details with the properties that inspire prospects to hire you as their realtor partner.

Guided tour videos

Guided tour videos

Give the buyers an engaging property tour through a comprehensive video. Our skilled editors can include the property's key highlights and USPs, catching the prospective buyers' attention.

Customer testimonials

Customer testimonials

Showcase what all your past or present clients have to say about your services. Inspire your prospects to schedule a property tour with you after they see your satisfied clients praising your firm!

Social media videos

Social media videos

Let our editing team create your real estate agency's best-optimized social media videos. Upload them to your social media handles. Talk about the best home features, show an aerial view, and more.

Our real estate digital video enhancement process

You can approach us for your real estate video editing needs. Our services are swift, and the process involves four simple steps.


Client briefing

Once the order is confirmed, our video editing experts will initiate a requirement-gathering session. The client is requested to share the creative brief and project scope. This requirement briefing session is vital for our experts to understand the client's exact requirements.


File Upload

The client shares the existing video source file, raw footage, images to be incorporated, corporate brand guidelines, etc. The editors utilize these during the post-production process. The file-sharing process happens via a safe and secured file transfer protocol to ensure maximum data protection.


Brainstorming & conceptualization

Once we gather all requirements and data, our video editing specialists start their brainstorming and initial conceptualization session. They analyze all the collected data and project scope and develop a custom solution to follow. In each step, we keep our clients in the loop and share updates on the developments.


Video editing

Following the roadmap and plan of action developed in step 2, our expert video editors start with their editing workflow. Leveraging the latest tools and technologies, we sort raw video footage or the source files from the existing video to edit. The dedicated project manager regularly updates the clients with the stages in post-production.


Review round

Based on the feedback and revisions we receive, our post-production team makes the iterations. Once again, we share the revised video file with the client. We perform multiple rounds of revisions until the client is happy with the final file.


Final file delivery

Once the client confirms and approves the video ensuring no further changes are required, we start the final delivery process. The final deliverable contains the edited video in optimized file formats. We support all the universally compatible formats that ensure the video can be opened with any software or computer.

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Why outsource high-quality video production services to us?

Great video content must have the ability to increase engagement amongst the target audience, instill trust in them, and provide real value to them. Here at MAPSystems, we do exactly that. So if you are looking for the best-quality video editing services, we are the right choice. Outsource your real estate video editing services to us, and let our expert video editors add impactful effects to your footage!

Extremely talented in-house video editors

We have a well-resourced team with some of the most extraordinary talents and creative minds. They have extensive exposure to the real estate industry and know all the kinds of video editing services it requires.

Competitive pricing

Our pricing structure is designed to keep value addition’ at the top. Our prices justify the value we add to every project and are highly competitive.

Quick TAT

We believe time is money. That’s why we ensure to deliver all video editing projects within the stipulated deadline with zero compromises on the quality of the final deliverable.

Stringent data security measures

We pay the utmost attention to safeguarding our clients’ data and maintaining confidentiality. Our robust security measures ensure no data leakage occurs from our end.

ISO certified

We are a CSR-compliant and ISO-certified organization (27001:2013). We are committed to a world-class technological framework and industry standards while offering our clients stellar IT/IES services worldwide.

Scalable team

Our editing team is highly scalable, i.e., we can upsize or downsize our team strength based upon clients’ requirements. No matter the size of the project and the volume, MAPSystems’s scalable team can deal with it.

Real estate video editing services We offer world-class high-quality video editing services including video transition efforts, adding special effects to videos, removal of camera shake, audio editing and more for real estate videos. Contact us for more details.

Our video editors are creative, and they can fine-tune your real estate videos to an optimal extent, ensuring that they maintain a proper flow of sequences and tell a visual story in the most captivating manner.

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What do our customers say

MAPSystems edited our real estate videos very well, making sure that they retained the best footage and enhanced them further by adding special effects and highlights. We could use the videos to promote our latest projects and close deals faster.

Owner, Real Estate Firm

Texas, US

We hired the video editing services from MAPSystems and were highly impressed with the edited outcomes. The videos not only portrayed the best features of our properties, but they were also able to convey an emotional feel to the target homebuyers.


California, US