Real Estate Video Editing Services

We are upgraded with the advanced infrastructure and technology to edit high-quality videos for the architectural properties through our real estate video editing services.

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Real Estate Video Editing Services

With video marketing gaining popularity over the globe, business firms from various sectors are integrating the strategy in marketing their products. Business firms from the eCommerce, food processing, automobiles, electronics and other sectors have already incorporated video marketing in their promotional tactics. Today, most of the successful developers seek real estate video editing services from established platforms. These companies collaborate with reputed third parties to develop powerful videos for marketing purposes. These videos help them to get across to potential customers with their marketing messages.

The clients get a realistic feeling of the final looks of the property through these videos. This enables them to make an informed purchase decision. You can get across to us for audio-visual editing services. At MAP Systems, we provide image editing as well as video editing services for real estate, leveraging the marketing mechanism of our clients. You can come to us for a reliable solution for your requirements. Our experts carry an extensive experience in the industry and they can polish these videos to enhance their visual impact.

Over the years, we have been collaborating with real estate companies, agents, realtors and brokers, builders, owners, advertising agencies delivering customized video editing solutions to them. You can have a word with us regarding the video editing service rates. You can turn the raw visuals into professional and smart ones with our assistance.

Our real estate video editing process

You can get across to us for real estate video editing any time you want. Our services are swift and the process involves four simple steps.

  • First of all, you need to upload the video. After the enquiry form is submitted, we request our clients to upload the raw video through VPN or FTP. You can upload it in any format
  • Next, our experts collaborate to edit the video. We integrate all the changes in it, as specified by our clients. You can come up with your own recommendations
  • Our clients review the edited video and share's their views. In case any change is to be made, we carry out the process with the specific instructions
  • Finally, we deliver the edited video in the format that the client requests for

Get high quality video production form MAP Systems

If you are looking for an established platform for video editing services for real estate properties, feel free to approach us. Our team of video editors has an extensive exposure to real estate industry. Besides, the integration of advanced technology further enhances the quality of videos. Our clients also find our real estate pricing packages compatible with their budget. We deliver these services at reasonable costs.

We can deliver professionally edited videos within a very short turnaround time, however, this would typically depend on the duration and the quality of the raw video that you provide to us. We can perform basic video editing and work on formats such as AVI, WMV, MP4, MOV, etc. We can perform shot sequencing and stabilize shaky footages. We can enhance videos by adding special elements such as music, voice-overs, animations, transitions, sub-titles, creative titles, etc. We are experts at performing 360-degree real estate video stitching and can generate a holistic view of a property, thereby generating a life-like look and feel. We can apply state-of-the-art video enhancement techniques and can drastically improve video quality through color corrections/ adjustments, titling, background noise removal, sound enhancements, correction of defective pixels, video upscaling, addition of 2D/3D effects, sharpness adjustments, etc.

We pay utmost attention to data security, ensuring that we are able to safeguard your valuable data at all costs. We also provide round-the-clock support so that you are able to reach us at any time of the day. Outsource your real estate video editing services to us and let our expert video editors add magic to your footages.

What Our Customers Say

Our video editors and creative and they can fine-tune your real estate videos to an optimal extent, ensuring that they maintain a proper flow of sequences and tell a visual story in the most captivating manner. Whether you need enhancements, additional effects, or 360 degree video stitching support, we are there to assist you.