Fashion Photo Editing Services

Our team of photo editors are experts at enhancing fashion photos and can appropriately mask errors and perform shape sculpting.

Fashion photo editing services is crucial for all companies related to the fashion domain as it helps them to achieve refined and vibrant versions of their fashion photographs.

MAPSystems is an excellent photo editing company having expertise in editing a variety of fashion photos. Our image editing experts are passionate about their work and can deliver enhanced versions of your clicks that can aid in attracting your target audience. Since the quality of snaps play a great role in creating a good impression, using our high-end fashion retouching services can bring you closer to your aim and boost your reputation in the industry.

Different techniques involved in our fashion photo editing process

photo retouching


We use various techniques and software tools to retouch images of body parts and generate perfect aesthetic outcomes considering all the details. We brainstorm projects and come up with apt editing solutions. Fashion image retouching is indeed a complex task and our experts can work on the background and surrounding elements as well.

photo editing

Image shades and
light editing

Shades and lighting effects determine the overall look and feel of the picture. Using sophisticated software, we incorporate appropriate shading and light to make fashion photographs appear more appealing. Based on the time of photography or the light sources used, we adopt suitable measures to get the best outcomes.

color saturation

Shadows and color

Shadows add realism to the photos, but any imbalanced shadow can spoil the aesthetics of an image. Our experienced glamor photo editors can add, delete, or tweak drop shadows in photos efficiently making them look natural. We also adjust the saturation and density levels enhancing an image's natural appeal.

color correction


When it comes to the photo retouching process, contrast correction is imperative. This type of image adjustment, if performed in an optimum manner, can assure finer quality outcomes. Our expert photography editors can tweak the entire contrasting tones, which works to significantly boost the appeal of an image.

regenerating skin

Enhancing and
regenerating skins

We can apply virtual makeover to fix photographic errors. Our skin retouching services include skin smoothening, teeth whitening, improving skin texture, eyes sharpening, softening eye bags, red-eye removal, lip color enhancement, reshaping lips, wrinkle removal, and changing skin tone or eye color.

background photo editing services

Background photo

Whether you want to modify the whole background or you are just looking to remove distractions, our seasoned experts can use advanced techniques such as image masking and clipping path to produce clear and vibrant images. Our professional background removal services are specifically designed to generate high quality outcomes.

sculpting  and adjustment

Shape sculpting
and adjustments

Slight adjustments in the shape of an object can create huge positive impacts. If our pro image editors identify any scope for improvement through shape sculpting, they brainstorm and apply the appropriate technique to accentuate both the body and facial features. We also use techniques such as face slimming, excess fat removal, etc. All these techniques yield the best looking image.

spots blemishes and moles

Spots, blemishes and
moles removing

After implementing changes at the peripheral levels, our team of image editors applies glamor retouching techniques to get rid of the flaws that may appear in the form of blemishes, spots, cuts, scars, bumps, pimples, scratches, moles, and stray hair, while retaining the skin's natural texture. Such improvements are crucial to make an image look perfect.

color correction services


With Color correction and color cast removal techniques, we can add special effects and appeal to an image. This can be performed either by changing or enhancing the background color or the color of attire or ornaments to boost image appeal. Slight modifications in the skin color can also be incorporated to adjust the temperature if required.

Who can avail our fashion photo touch up services

Our services can be successfully utilized by diverse businesses such as advertising agencies, fashion designers, and fashion product manufacturers. Our high end fashion photo retouching services have also been benefiting

  • Fashion photographers specializing in apparel photography
  • Garment manufacturers
  • Aspiring actors or models
  • Fashion or apparel retail stores
  • Fashion outfit magazine publishers
  • Any fashion-related business that wants to create superior-quality brochures, catalogs etc.

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Why select us for glamour photo editing related requirements?

We have been offering an assortment of services including headshot picture editing, portrait photo retouching, apparel image editing and image manipulation over the years. Our photo editing services company has worked for diversified industries such as fashion, eCommerce, and media on highly specialized projects. It made us apt in identifying and implementing the necessary modifications that can enhance the photo’s appeal. As a result, you will get the best image editing services that would appropriately address your specific image post-processing needs. Here are some key points that justify why MAPSystems is counted as one of the reputed names in the domain of fashion photo editing and retouching.

Our skilled image editors are equipped with modern tools, technologies, and software to deliver flawless and outstanding results.

Our proven track record of success testifies the fact that we are meticulous in approach and meet deadlines without fail.

Our services ensure the security of the clients’ information along with best pricing and transparency in the projects.

We can handle large volume projects within a short turnaround time without compromising on image quality.

We accept the raw studio-shot images in various formats, including png, dng, psd, tiff, arw, and more.

We assimilate proven strategies to achieve the best outcomes while abiding by the customer guidelines and industry standards.

By showing careful and great attention to detail, we carry out a final check on the outputs to make it free from imperfections.

The photo editing professionals at MAPSystems can edit and enhance your images in an optimal manner, thereby allowing you to create an exceptional portfolio of fashion photographs. No matter what techniques we adopt, our image editing company makes sure to retain the authentic feel, individuality, and innate charm of your image. Thus, confidently provide us with your raw images, our fashion photo retouching services set your pictures apart from the crowd.

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Our photo retouchers take pride in their work and they are passionate about delivering the highest standard of service. If you have a project to discuss, we are always ready to hear from you.