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Children's book illustration services

Beautiful artworks can immensely impact children and this is a fact everyone knows. Pictures and artwork are not just appeal enhancers for book; they also assist children to relate words with figures and objects. This widens the dimensions for child’s imagination and convinces them to go through the content.

It is not a cakewalk to get the right artists capable of effectively and attractively telling a story via pictures. The concerned professionals must have in-depth knowledge, great creativity and considerable amount of experience in offering childrens book illustration services from MAP Systems.


There are countless children's book illustration companies and to get the most suitable one with proper resources is a cumbersome task. However, you will reach the right place and shake hands with the most capable book cover artists if proper inquiries are made and a little bit of effort are taken.

We are renowned digital graphics service provider offering illustration and artwork solutions to global clientele across various domains like marketing, publishing, education etc and having diverse requirements. Underlying are the main children’s content sketch and related services provisions from us

Book illustration

There can be around 12-30 art works in a picture book for children, normally. Artists usually associate with the concerned before the design starts to decide the amount of drawing needed. Further categorization for the same are:

  • Single: Single standard illustration is designed
  • Spot: Artwork for a maximum of two characters with minimal background
  • Spread: A single scene spanning from the left to right page

Cover art illustration

Covers are crucial in determining the acceptance and success a book enjoys. It is the very first thing that your prospects (children) see. So, you have to assure that the best book cover illustratoris hired who can craft compelling and creative covers that will glue children’s eyes and make them open and scan the whole content. Different illustration techniques are used for different genres including science, horror, fairy tales, adventure, mystery and so on.

You can either provide an illustration or ask the vendor to design based on that. Else you may ask the creative design service provider to start right from scratch and provide you both sketches as well as design.

Character art illustration

Character development is a significant aspect as getting the visual particularities of a character right is vital to get connected with the target audience on the best note. Our illustrator artist will develop most strategic and optimal visual concept based on factors such as character looks, features etc. and the environment and culture in which the content is developed.

Training manual illustration

Some of the businesses need a great deal of visual designs and artworks, especially when the need to showcase the training manuals depends on detailed images. Our creative artist can help you to deliver visually attractive illustrations for any types of books and manuals.

Advantages of outsourcing kids book illustration services to MAP Systems

  • Understanding your core requirements and draw illustrations to convey right message and match book theme
  • Close coordination with the client in the decision making process for development of character and design
  • Capability to provide output in various sizes and formats like JPG, GIF,PNG, PDF, BMP etc..
  • Most competitive and customized pricing based on the requirement
  • Skilled artist with various domain expertise providing perfect visual graphics
  • Quick turnaround time to ensure your customized needs are met

You get artwork that can work wonders. Our skilled visual design artists can realize your imaginations and amaze you with the work output.

Contact us now to get the best children's book illustration service at reasonable pricing!

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