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Fixed Layout ePub Conversion Services

MAP Systems, one of the most reputed ePublishing service providers in India offers exceptional conversion services with unparalleled excellence. We offer these conversions to create formats that are suitable for all major retailers including Apple, Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Offering an array of benefits, superior to the standard eBooks, fixed layout epub conversion services from us create books that intimately resemble the actual outline of source. Our attention to the minutest of details and focused responsiveness enables you to get reliable conversion and formatting services.

Fixed layout eBook creation services
fixed layout epub design services


As the name itself suggests, the content does not reflow but can be zoomed in and out just like an image. There are vast array of upsides because of which fixed format ePub succeeds in enticing the readers from diverse categories. Most significant among them are

  • You can search for a particular piece of text, choose text sizes and embed desired fonts
  • Integration of audio-video features, bookmark, navigation, dictionary linking can be done in fixed layout eBooks
  • You can position images accurately and for larger images that cover both pages, you can make two-page spread
  • Multi-column text pages with Read aloud option

Fixed layout eBooks with rich image

Our experts offer fixed layout eBooks with visually appealing background, animations, real aloud, popups and popovers, slides and other features. Other features of our fixed layout eBooks include:

  • Reproducing print elements using ePub3 layout
  • Semantic structuring to improve accessibility
  • Audio and video embed with media overlays to ensure text is highlighted as narrated
  • SVG to resize images ensuring no loss of clarity
  • Embedded descriptions to make pictures, illustrations accessible for read aloud users
  • Adding CSS and JavaScript to enable animations, interactivity to ensure layout is not static
  • For animation and interactivity, we use 2D animation, 3D animation, voice-over, sound effects, puzzles, games, quiz, etc. for enhancing the fixed layout epub animated files.

Fixed layout eBook formats we support

Our provisions are carefully strategized to make available the best outputs for our valued customers. We know which techniques are to be adopted and what would suit your expectations and requirements. Our fixed layout file format conversion include ePUB 3, KF8, PDF compatible with apple ibook, Google store, Kobo, Overdrive, Amazon, B&N and more.

The Fixed layout ePub3 output is compatible with devices such as ipad, iphone, Kobo arc etc… These devices allow for readers to read the content as single page or two pages spread.

KF8 and KTC (kindle textbook creator) are supported on the Amazon platform. Fixed layout KF8 and KTC can be used on devices like Kindle Fire, tablets, eInk readers and Kindle reading applications on android phones and tablets. KF8 is best suitable for text which is not small and detailed and does not support read along audio narration.

Unlike KF8 KTC is more suitable for detailed content and smaller text as it supports pinch – zoom navigation allowing readers to enlarge page area. KTC also does not support read along audio narration.

We also provide conversions in page perfect and nook kids formats which can be sold on Barnes and noble platform and are compatible with NOOK tablets and color devices.

We convert fixed layout interactive epub into nook kids format. It allows reader to enlarge parts of page using zoom, pop-up text and also audio narration of the story. This format allows for audio but not video.

Page perfect based on PDF basically provides for single or double page views, which can be enlarged based on the reading device. This format is suitable for non-fictional books and titles apart from children books.

Fixed layout epub formats we support

  • Simple ePub fixed page format

    Cook books, cartoon books and picture books can be considered as simple ePub books.

  • Medium complex EPUB fixed files

    Medium complexity can be seen in graphic novels and comic books for children. Coding of the files in this case is a bit more complex as high resolution for every image has to be captured through conversion process. This provides users with the luxury to enlarge the graphics via key commands or touch screens. Comic books are mainly text heavy but make use of strategic spot arts for illustrating narrative text.

  • Complex EPUB fixed format files

    The level of coding needed is for these fixed layouts interactive eBooks is extreme and attention has to be paid on even the minutest of details. There are a lot of images, graphs, tables, equations and geometric figures that make the whole process technically tougher.

Under this complex formats, we serve different categories of book types for fixed layout including medical, technical, scientific books, cook books, restaurant guides, travel guides, academic and mathematical publications and more.

Popular categories that we recreate using fixed-layout include

  • Picture books

    As picture books mainly have images, it is easier to convert PDF to ePub; it would be quick and most of the times effortless.

  • Children books

    Converting children books is very simple most of the times but in certain cases creating fixed layout children's books is quite difficult. It all depends on the elements book include and its type. Difficulty level varies based on the complexity of texts, tables, charts and graphs. Normally children’s book comprises of poems, stories, cartoon, comics and jokes etc. Non-fiction books for children usually have pictures and texts.

  • Cook books

    These books encompass some great recipes for delicious dishes. There will be color illustrations detailing the process along with guidelines to purchase quality ingredients, using substitutions and making lip-smacking snacks or mouthwatering meals. As far as fixed format ePub features are concerned, cook books may have complex or simple formatting.

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Enjoy seamless benefits from our eBook formatting company

With the increase in demand of a product or service, it’s obvious that the merchants for same also increase. So, it may seem quite a tedious task to determine which company to choose. Now, why we consider ourselves as an ideal choice for those in need of fixed layout eBook conversion services? Well! We have some genuine reasons to believe so.

  • Our team has all-embracing industry experience in publishing for years now
  • Our high level of expertise helps as this conversion needs specific skills for unique set of process to be followed
  • Our team always adheres to client specifications thus assuring the final output always meet their expectations
  • Our formatting solutions are precise and eBooks provided by us meet all standards and guidelines of major store

Our eBook conversion solutions are tailor-made and we have also created different packages to make sure that every customer is benefitted from our services. We provide complete digitization services across the globe with the best conversion pricing. With years of experience in the desired field, our fixed layout ePub conversion services have helped us in effectively communicating the content to the targeted audience. Besides this, we can also include additional features and animations to make it engaging and appealing for the readers.

Contact us for a no-obligation quote and get a free trial work done by us with the help of our fixed layout eBook formatting and conversion service to meet your specific project needs.

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