Fixed Layout ePub Conversion Services

With our fixed layout ePub conversion services, authors and publishers can redefine the value of their content with high-quality, interactive features.

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Fixed Layout ePub Conversion Services

MAP Systems is among the topmost ePublishing service providers, which is well-recognized in the industry for offering outstanding digital conversion services with commendable expertise. These conversions are meant to create formats that are suitable for all major retailers, including Apple, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc. Our fixed layout ePub conversion services help in creating books that closely resemble the actual content of the source and are superior to the standard eBooks. Our attention to the minutest of details and responsiveness help us to deliver reliable conversion and formatting services to our clients.

At MAP Systems, we make sure that the content present in the fixed format ePub or eBook does not reflow but can be zoomed in and out just like an image. Apart from that, we also ensure that it enables our clients, i.e., the authors and publishers to embed fonts, position images on the page, and choose specific text sizes according to their choice.

As the name itself suggests, the content present in the fixed format ePub or eBook does not reflow, but can be zoomed in and out just like an image. Apart from this, our services ensure numerous advantages to our clients and the most significant among them are:

Classification of fixed layout ePub conversion files generated by us

Depending on the complexity of the files or the time consumed, we have categorized the conversions into three different types such as:

Simple ePub Conversion

Few books such as cookbooks, cartoon books, children’s books, and picture books can be considered as good examples of simple ePub fixed page format. These books are simple to convert as they mostly contain texts and pictures which do not require any complex coding. However, based on the requirement, you can also complement the text with multimedia features such as audio within very less time.

Medium Complex EPUB Fixed Files

Medium complexity can be seen in graphic novels or comic books for children. In this case, coding of the files is a bit complex as every image needs to be captured in high resolution through the conversion process. It provides users with the luxury to enlarge the graphics via key commands or touch screen. These books are mainly text-heavy; but make good use of strategic spot arts for illustrating the narrative text.

Complex EPUB Fixed Format Files

The level of coding needed for these types of fixed layout interactive eBooks is extreme and so attention has to be paid to even the minutest details. The books contain a lot of information such as images, graphs, tables, equations, and geometric figures, which make the whole process technically tougher and tedious. Mathematical, technical, medical, magazine, scientific, restaurant guide, etc. are some of the examples.

Key features of our fixed layout ePub conversion services

Our experts add a variety of features in fixed layout eBooks. These include visually-appealing background, flash animations, read-aloud features, popups, popovers, slide navigation, etc. In addition to that, we can also include other features, which are elaborated below:

  • Easy searching of a particular piece of text, choosing text sizes, and embedding the desired fonts
  • Integration of bookmark, navigation, voice-over, and dictionary-linking in the fixed layout eBooks
  • Allowing multi-column text pages with semantic structuring for improved accessibility
  • Using the ePub3 layout to reproduce print elements and VG to resize images while maintaining clarity
  • Embedding of audio and video with media overlays to ensure the highlighting of text during narration
  • Using embedded descriptions to make pictures and illustrations accessible to read-aloud users
  • Including CSS and JavaScript for adding animations and interactivity to create a dynamic layout

Popular categories of eBook that we recreate using fixed position layout

  • Travel Guides
  • Health & Fitness Books
  • Art Books
  • Photography Books
  • Business Books
  • Textbooks or Learning Materials
  • Academic Publications
  • Music Books
  • Technical Manuals
  • Coffee Table Books
  • Monthly Reviews and Reports, etc.

Enjoy seamless benefits from our eBook formatting company

With a lot of companies operating in the domain, why should you choose us? It is because we are one of the best providers of fixed layout eBook conversion services that can guarantee you high-quality outcomes. Our team of experts can create the desired fixed layout ePub files in the exact design and layout matching the source files by incorporating HTML5 and CSS3. For this, we generally follow a well-structured and streamlined process to carry out the conversions. We possess best-in-class infrastructure, including talented resources and large office spaces for our work, and employ the latest and advanced fixed layout eBook conversion tools and technologies. Apart from that, there are various other benefits of outsourcing your fixed layout project requirements to us, which are mentioned below:

  • Our team has extensive experience in the digital publishing industry to ensure high-quality conversion of eBook layout designs.
  • Our team always adheres to client-specifications while assuring that the final output will meet their desired expectations.
  • Our eBook formatting solutions are precise, and the eBook layouts created by us always meet the standard guidelines of popular platforms.
  • To enhance fixed layout ePub animated files, we incorporate 2D animation, 3D animation, puzzles, games, quizzes, etc.
  • We provide comprehensive digitization services across the globe with the best conversion pricing customized for our clients.
  • Our ePub conversion specialists always ensure to deliver outcomes to the clients within the shortest turnaround time.
  • Data security is our topmost priority, which is why we maintain the confidentiality of our clients’ documents at all costs.

MAP Systems has been providing eBook conversion solutions that are tailor-made and serves the business needs of various clients across the globe. We offer different pricing packages to make sure that every customer is benefitted from our services while appropriately meeting their budgetary needs. With years of substantial experience in the desired field, we can handle any type of project. Our fixed layout ePub conversion services help clients in effectively communicating their content to the target audience. Besides, we can also include additional features and animations to make the content more engaging and appealing for the readers. Our uncompromising attitude towards maintaining the highest quality standards and precise attention to detail helped us to become well-recognized in the industry. In addition to that, we use sophisticated technologies to deliver extraordinary outcomes.

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