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Improperly used grammar and punctuation and flaws in sentence construction can spoil the impact of your text content, however innovative your ideas may be. At MAPSystems, we have a team of elite proofreaders who have in-depth knowledge of multiple languages and can deliver best-in-class proofreading assistance in your native languages. Whether you are an author or publisher or a business owner who’s looking to get grammatically sound and professionally refined versions of your business documents, we are there to help you with superior document proofreading services that would promote a better reading experience.

Key elements of our proofreading service

  • Conducting spell-checks, grammar and punctuation corrections, and abbreviation cross-checks
  • Performing reference checks for the table of contents, lists, quotes, and glossary
  • Ensuring proper style and tone for the document.
  • Using appropriate writing conventions for clarity and to enhance readability
  • Indexing and maintaining alphabetical order, capitalization, page numbers, sequences, etc.
  • Ensuring the use of proper terminologies for the document's subject matter.
  • Ensuring the use of consistent formatting in terms of line and page breaks.
  • Ensuring the use of appropriate labels and captions in an effective manner.

Working with us is so easy! All you have to do is let us know what type of proofreading help you want. Leverage the expertise of our multilingual proofreaders, who will deliver high-quality, polished versions in your native languages.

Our areas of proofreading services include

Manuscript Proofreading

We help authors and publishers get error-free versions of manuscripts that promote a pleasant reading experience. We can accurately rectify language issues and provide further advice on writing style.

  • Manuscript critique: Let our experts provide critical reviews of your manuscript so that you can understand its prospects.
  • Script proofreading: We will conduct a detailed review of your final draft before you forward it to self-publishing companies or traditional publishers.

eBook Proofreading

We would conduct a high-level review of your eBook content before it is published and distributed.

  • eBook formatting: Our experienced eBook proofreading experts ensure that your document has consistent formatting and complies with the specific parameters of eBook publishing platforms.
  • Ebook copyediting: We deliver high-standard copyediting support, thereby helping authors impress their target audience and create an impact on them.

Academic Proofreading

We have learned that proofreaders who have subject matter expertise in various subjects, including psychology, medicine, engineering, chemistry, biology, and education, can render exceptional academic proofreading assistance, thereby bestowing a professional look and feel to your academic paper.

  • Thesis proofreading: Whether you need to refine a college dissertation or you want to refine an article that will be published, our proofreaders are always ready to deliver outstanding experiences.
  • College admissions essay refinement: Writing an admissions essay can be challenging. Let us help you with a cleaner, more concise, and error-free version. Send us your rough draft now.
  • Research paper proofreading: We can meticulously proofread research papers, helping research scholars get their papers approved by journals.

Business Content Refinement

Errors and misinterpretations may create communication issues, so it’s important that your texts convey what you actually want to communicate. Let our experts help you develop a more refined version of your business content. We have business editing packages in place that would help you get the most out of customized services.

  • Business document proofreading: Create an impact on your associates with high-quality, error-free business documents that clearly communicate your concepts.
  • Website content refinement: Your website is your online identity. Impress your target audience with website content that’s polished, professional, and concise.
  • Blog editing: Let your articles create branding for you. Let our proofreaders review your blogs before you make them available to your target audience.

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Benefits of our professional proofreading services

Apart from rendering proofreading assistance, we can also index files, manuscripts, research papers, documents, academic books, journals, course materials, training manuals, and more. We can fulfill any proofreading requirement with respect to prepress services, and till now, we have supported various businesses such as advertising, education, finance, publishing, and healthcare across the globe.

Cost-effective rates

Our proofreading service rates are highly competitive and value-based, affordable for all kinds of budgets.

Usage of the latest tools

Our proofreading service process workflow involves the usage of cutting-edge technologies and software.


We are an ISO-certified organization and abide by international quality standards in our services.

Maximum data security

We have implemented a secure FTP for all file transfer and data sharing, ensuring high data security.

Rapid TAT

Our project timeline is extremely fast given our team strength, and our value for our clients' time.

Transparent process

We maintain an aboslute transparent process and keep our clients in the loop for any developments.

Get your manuscript ready for publication by availing of our affordable and best-in-class proofreading services.

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What do our customers say

It was my first book, and I was a bit paranoid. So, I needed some really expert people to carry out all the needed copyediting and thorough proofreading of my manuscript. The experts at MAPSystems were of huge help. Now, my work looks great. Thanks, team! Keep up the good work.


Berlin, Germany

I was working on my academic PhD research that involved large numbers of written materials. Hence I required someone to do the proofreading flawlessly. The team at MAPsystems surpassed my expectations. Thanks guys!

Linguistics research scholar

Cambridge University