Food Photo Retouching Services

We can make your food photographs appear enticing by applying the right blend of creativity and retouching techniques.

Being one of the top providers of photo editing assistance, MAP Systems excels in delivering food photo retouching services. We, at MAP Systems, are experts at enhancing all kinds of food pictures to help clients gain credibility in the market and perform exceptionally well in the industry.

At MAP Systems, we employ a team of experienced photo editors who are well aware of the intricacies of the food business and they understand what exactly drives sales. They can finetune food photos to an optimal extent, ensuring that they are able to capture the attention of the prospects. Whether you run a restaurant, own a blog, or write a cookbook, we can offer you the needed help with food photography retouching to make your images appear presentable to your audience.

Different categories of our food picture retouching services

At MAP Systems, we understand that a perfectly retouched picture has the potential to express the essence of a particular item. That is why our expert image editors who deliver exceptional photo retouching services strive hard to produce amazing photography outcomes. For this, we first start with paying attention to our clients’ needs. Then, we create the mood by finding out the strength of the dish and enhancing it. The strength may either be the color, texture, or shape.

Here are the different types of food image editing services offered by us:

Recipe Editing

We can edit food photographs as per our clients’ recipe instructions so as to make dishes appear interesting and allow our clients to boost their reputation.

Product Photo Retouching

Our image editing team can work on improving the pictures of food items, thereby increasing their commercial value and attracting more sales.

Photo Cropping/ Resizing

We can accurately crop or resize pictures while preserving their important details so that they can be used for the desired print and digital media.

Background Removal

Our background removal services can be utilized to eliminate unappealing background from pictures, which can distract the attention of viewers.

Unwanted Object Removal

Our photo editors remove unwanted/ irrelevant objects from food photographs to provide more focus on the dish or its vital elements.

Label Editing

We can add, remove, or change the labels on the images of food products for handling our clients’ customization requests and to address them appropriately.

Food image retouching techniques used by us

To ensure that the images are crisp and expressive, we employ a variety of techniques. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Lighting adjustment
  • Color correction
  • Saturation correction
  • Hue/ Luminance adjustment
  • Contrast & sharpness adjustment
  • Mirror effect addition
  • Radial filter

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Our food photo editing services are meant to serve the needs of

Food Bloggers

We help food bloggers by editing the images for their blogs. We also ensure that the format and quality of the pictures remain excellent when they are shared on different social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, etc., or on their websites. We always make sure to customize images to make them fit for use for various platforms and purposes.

Hotels/ Cafes/ Restaurants

Clients with diverse budgets mainly reach us to edit the photographs of their dishes for promoting their restaurants, hotels, or cafes, or for displaying their menu. We incorporate advanced Photoshop food retouching techniques to create finer versions of images that can boost your business's image.

Online Food Delivery

Our image retouching services are widely employed by retail outlets. These clients have a high demand for realistic food images that can lure customers into making a purchase. We make sure to add the right colors and proper lighting-shadow balance. We can finetune food images to perfection, ensuring greater sales conversion.


We also carry out food product image retouching so that it can be used for advertisement activities. For this, we identify the target audience and carefully generate image versions that can create wow effects. We also add the needed props to make images more engaging so that viewers feel like looking at the ads for a longer time.

However, when you outsource photo editing requirements to us, try to provide us with all the information on demographics and advertisement requirements so that we can refine the photographs accordingly. This will further increase your chances of meeting your business goals and standing out from the competition.

Why choose MAP Systems for food photo retouching services?

Apart from editing food photos to perfection, we offer the following benefits:

Experienced team of photo editors

Use of advanced photo editing software

Fastest turnaround time

Cost-effective pricing modules

Data confidentiality & security

Stringent data security measures

MAP Systems has always been trusted by global clientele when it comes to professional photo editing services. Having more than a decade of experience in the domain, we aren't just experts in food photo retouching services, but we can deliver exceptional retouching assistance in other areas as well. That's why when you outsource your needs to us, we make sure to do our best to produce outstanding food photography.

Besides, we can work on images of any format. So you can upload the files that are in diverse formats. The only thing you have to do is to upload them, and we will get back to you at the earliest with enhanced images for your personal or commercial use.

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We deliver best-in-class food photo retouching services. Get your food images edited by us and display them on your website to attract more customers.