Corporate Video Editing Services

MAPSystems is a reliable video editing company that provides professional corporate video editing services and guarantees the delivery of exceptional outcomes and high returns on your investments. Our rich experience in the domain enables us to deliver high-quality corporate promotional videos to our global clientele.

We provide our services to start-ups, small businesses, and large companies that require professional corporate videos to promote their businesses. Our video editors create compelling video versions that can have a strong impact on your target audience.

Our corporate video editing services include

editing conference videos

Conference or Exhibition Video Editing

Our team can provide you with professional video post processing services if you are conducting a conference or an exhibition. With our help and creative ideas, you can get great recognition. We can transform your rough cut into a polished masterpiece that will make people curious about your business.

client testimonials video editing

Client testimonials video

Client testimonials videos showcase happy customers who are thrilled with the service that they have received. These people know firsthand what it is like to enjoy an amazing experience, and they feel happy to talk about it. Adding a polished touch to client-testimonial videos is important.

product demo videos editing

Product Demo

We can make your product demo video stand out from the competition. We'll highlight all the features of what you're launching and showcase all the aspects of your offerings. We can also include additional effects to make it stand out and capture the audience's interest. successfully.

recruitment video editing

Recruitment Video Editing

Recruitment video editing is an excellent way to reach the right audience. We edit recruitment videos professionally with high-quality visuals that entice new applicants. Showcase your office premises and give an appealing presentation about your company culture through our editing.

video brochure editing

Corporate Video Brochure Editing

Video brochures are a concise and effective. They can deliver your organization's brand information. Not every company can implement video communication in an internal setting. Our video editors will help get the attention that you need from customers.

marketing video editing

Marketing Video Editing

The best way to promote your brand is through branding videos. That's where we come in with impeccable solutions, professional software knowledge, and rich experience. We'll create a strong impression on prospects by giving them a first-hand look at what makes your company so special. Also, our expert video editors can edit your existing sales videos or create one that can drive engagement and communication with your audience.

company profile video editing

Company Profile Video Editing

Next time you want to share your company's vision, mission, and story with your target audience, do it with a professionally edited, engaging video. We always do our best to ensure that our clients have a professional video that they can use on their profile pages.

instructional video editing

Instructional Video Editing

Want to make an instructional video that is noted for clarity and professionalism? We will take your script and footage, then add our magical touches. With some editing work, we'll turn your video into something highly engaging for anyone watching on the other side.

whiteboard video editing

Whiteboard Video Editing

It's important to make your marketing content engaging, but what if you could do that with an interactive whiteboard video? With our service, you can get a custom-designed graphic overlay for the viewer to interact with. Let us help optimize your message and increase conversions or sales.

youtube video editing

YouTube Video Editing

Our services also include YouTube video editing with spot-on editing tools. So, if you have lots of footage or blurred scenes, no issues. We can remove unwanted sounds and distracting scenes in order to create a masterpiece at an affordable price.

3d explainer video production

Explainer Video Production

We are an ISO-certified professional video editing service provider compliant with industry standards. We help you create an explainer video that builds trust. Through this service, you will finally understand why visual content is important to get your brand's success story across.

panorama video editing

360 Video Editing

Numerous companies worldwide are using 360-degree video editing services to grab the attention of their target audience. Our team of highly experienced video editors, who are well versed in creative editing, can add the charm and precision that you require to create impactful footage.

Screencasts editing

Screencasts Editing

If you are looking to convert your old and boring screencast videos into professionally rendered videos, then this is the right place for you. We can perform world-class editing of your screencast videos so as to generate refined video versions that are effective and result-oriented.

social media promotional video editing

YouTube/Facebook Ads Editing

With our YouTube or Facebook Ads editing services, you can penetrate the niche market on social media in a flash. We help you create effective online video ads from raw and cluttered footage. The finetuned ads can create a strong impact on your target audience and help you establish a strong brand identity.

vlog video editing

Internal training video editing

Do you want to impart a robust employee training and development program through engaging training videos? We can edit and create interactive training videos tailored for entry-level employees to managers.

Our stellar video post-production techniques

Audio editing and mixing

We remove microphone feedback, fillers, and other environmental noises. With advanced equalizers and denoising technologies, we make the audio as clear as possible, making the video appear professional.

Adding motion graphics

We make a business video look more meaningful and smart by implementing attractive motion graphics like social channel callouts, animated pop-ups, and text bubbles using the best editing tools. Try our best-in-class editing services today!

Chroma removal

Our chroma-key experts can skillfully remove the green-screen or other solid-color backgrounds, replacing them with transparency. Make screencasts, image overlays, or webcam recordings free of any background.

Cuts and transitions

Strategical cuts and mind-bending transitions showcase time change, changes in settings, the age gap, and other elements. Our skilled video editors add transitions in a way that sets the mood of the video and guides your audience.

Color correction & grading

We can make any commercial video look much more balanced, vibrant, realistic, and lively. Our top-notch color correction and color-grading services can make employees, clients, or impress stakeholders!

Adding titles caption

As all workplaces adopt diversity now, it is mandatory to make business videos accessible to a larger audience. Our prolific video editing professionals can seamlessly add subtitles, closed captions and other texts, understandable and likeable by all!

Multicamera editing

No matter how many DSLRs/smartphones have been used to shoot the corporate event, our video retouchers can flawlessly edit them. Using advanced software, they stitch all the multi-camera source sequences, syncing the audio, In/Out points, and clip markers.

Video stabilizing

Videos shot on handheld cameras or Smartphones have jerky movements and jitters. Our highly skilled and trained editors can use the latest video stabilizing tools and technologies to stabilize the camera movements, rendering professional video content.

Apart from stellar post-processing services, MAPSystems also offers the following add-on services at highly reasonable rates and a quick TAT:

  • Ad jingle creation
  • Storyboard creation
  • Script writing
  • Thumbnail creation
  • Stock footage enhancement

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Why outsource corporate business video editing services to us?

If you care about your brand, professional corporate video editing services from MAPSystems are the best thing you can do for your company. We have many years of experience, and we never produce average-quality outcomes. Instead, we make sure that you are completely satisfied with the requirements and always exceed expectations with a wide range of corporate video editing techniques.

Partner with us to outsource video editing services to help you accomplish your goals. We have been in the industry for a long time, and we follow a streamlined process to deliver extraordinary outcomes. Let us know what your requirements are, and we will design a customized package for you. Call us now!

Top-notch Quality

Given our years of hands-on experience and expertise, we deliver world-class quality.

Affordable pricing

Our video editing prices are extremely cost-effective to suit all budgets.

Fast delivery

We maintain a rapid TAT for each project, keeping the quality remains uncompromised.

Data security

For each file transfer, we implement a secure FTP server to ensure maximum data protection.

Experienced and creative team

With us, you get unlimited access to a team of experienced and creative artists.

Advanced infrastructure

We possess a robust infrastructure with advanced tools ensuring premium quality.

Corporate video editing services At MAPSystems, we deliver outstanding corporate video editing services through a team of expert video editors. Highlight your corporate success with us.

Outsource your business video editing requirements to us and get unmatched quality services at the most reasonable prices while ensuring the best ROI.

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It was an absolute pleasure working with MAPSystems. The communication, professionalism, quality of videos, delivery, everything was up to mark. I highly recommend their corporate video production services.

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Thank you for the exceptional quality of editing. I must say that your video editors are quite talented. I will surely contact you for my next corporate event video editing project.

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