headshot photo retouching

Digital headshot photo retouching makes a headshot more attractive by strategically eliminating wrinkles, blemishes, pimple marks, visible scars, under-eye marks, or anything else that diminishes the beauty of the photo. Our flawless headshot photo retouch techniques ensure a natural look, devoid of anything unnatural and cosmetic—just optimum image quality. We can guarantee you impressive results as we are staffed with extremely talented and skilled professionals who, with their years of photo editing experience, can make your shots look the best! Whether you are an aspiring actor, a model, a performing artist, an IT professional, a photographer, or a studio artist, we help you entice your prospects with natural and authentic headshots.

What our headshot photo retouching services include?

You can choose from our multiple headshot retouching packages that suit your specific needs. Our photo post-processing services are scalable and include the following scopes for retouching:

Red Eye removal

Our headshot retouching team can effortlessly remove the red-eye effects from the eyes of the photo’s subject. They use advanced software to achieve this high level of editing. Following are the edits they make:

  • Sharpen the eyes
  • Clipping path across the sclera (white portion of the eye)
  • Color correction
  • Smoothening
Remove red eyes in photos using photoshop
high end skin retouching

Skin tone enhancement

Our photo editing experts perform meticulous skin photo retouching by neatly removing or reducing any imperfection on the subject’s face. To deliver flawless headshot images, we do the following edits:

  • Blemish/freckles correction
  • Wrinkles/spots/specks removal
  • Dark circles/pimples/ birthmarks correction
  • Visible veins on forehead removal

Body Retouching

We can beautify the subject’s body structure by reducing certain imperfections. Applying high-end tools along with our years of experience, we create a flawless headshot image. We do the following edits:

  • Double chin removal
  • Stray hair removal
  • Clothes crease fixing
  • Straighten the outfit
  • Fix armpit wrinkles/stretch marks
  • Remove cellulite marks
body retouching using photoshop
photo teeth color correction

Teeth color correction

Our image editing experts deliver high-end retouched images by whitening the dull and yellow areas of the subject’s teeth, enhancing the subject's smile. We do the following:

  • Adjust light intensity
  • Adjust contrast/brightness
  • Hue/saturation adjusting
  • Adjust white balance
  • Blend and smoothen

Hair Masking

We can significantly improve the appearance of the subject’s hair with several unique techniques. This is a part of our glamour image masking process. We do the following:

  • Removing fly-away/stray hair strands from the face/forehead
  • Adding shine
  • Changing hair color
  • Adding highlights
  • Adding curls/extensions
  • Color masking
  • Refine edge masking
photoshop hair masking
photo color correction

Color correction

We apply color correction techniques to affect the subject’s appearance positively. These subtle adjustments make the photo look all the more professional. Following are the edits we make:

  • Color tone adjustments
  • Adjusting highlights/shadows
  • Sharpness fixing
  • Brightness/contrast balancing
  • Fixing exposure
  • Vibrancy/hue/saturation adjustment
  • Body reshaping
  • Color addition to the image background

Background Removal

Our highly experienced image editors ensure effective background removal from the headshot image and efficiently deliver additional services. The techniques include:

  • Adding/removing objects
  • Fixing borders
  • Adding reflections
  • Cropping & resizing
  • Dropping shadows
  • Shadow/reflection creation
  • Image merging
  • Background extension
image background removal
image straightening


Our photo editors leverage advanced photo editing tools to ensure the headshot retouches look natural and blend perfectly with the image. They perform the following edits:

  • Skin straightening
  • Wrinkles/stretch marks elimination
  • Skin smoothening
  • Glass glare removal
  • Head side-tilt fixing
  • Head up/down tilt fixing
  • Fixing curved lip
  • Perspective correction

Our wide range of headshot photo retouching services

Legit/Theatrical Headshots

By using our theatrical headshot retouching, we can create different characters for a single model by employing a variety of effects. Either for plays, TV, or film work, while carrying out the editing or retouching, we ensure that the qualities and characteristics of the model are accurately defined so that it looks 100% natural and realistic.

Business/ Corporate Headshots

Business or corporate headshots are quite different, and you must usually make the photos presentable. That’s why we ensure our image editors carry out the editing with appropriate lighting, a background color scheme, and the right techniques. All these make the subject look confident, authoritative, and, most important of all, reliable.

Headshots for Model/Actor

Our headshot image retouching services are mainly demanded by models/actors as they must look stunning in all their photos. In this category, we first discuss the level of picture editing a particular client wants, whether basic-level retouching or high-end. After that, we use the necessary fashion photo editing techniques.

Commercial Headshots

Our prolific headshot retouching experts can edit commercial headshots to create a trustworthy or friendly aura that attracts more customers and instills trust. With advanced Photoshop editing techniques and the latest tools, our team focuses on enhancing the model’s looks and features, ensuring the edits look natural to the audience.

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Benefits of availing our headshot photo retouching services

MAPSystems has been the leading provider of professional headshot photo retouching services for various clients. Our expertise in headshot retouching can transform any plain-looking photo into an artistic masterpiece. Let us know if you have any requirements for our digital photo editing services; we can deliver the best possible quality to you at the most competitive pricing. Our experienced headshot photo editors work across diverse industries with diverse needs. So, whether you are an individual looking for stellar photo retouching services or a professional studio searching for a photo editing partner, we are just an email away!

Reasonable pricing

Our prices are flexible, negotiable, and, most importantly, reasonable. We also offer bulk discounts.

100% data security

We implement a secure FTP server for all project file transfers, ensuring maximum client data protection.

Multiple formats

As final file deliverables, we share universally compatible/optimized file formats for seamless viewing.

Superior quality

Our seasoned headshot retouching specialists guarantee superior quality for each and every edited image.

Fast TAT

Our professional headshot editing project delivery time is the shortest, due to our team’s robust expertise.


We are ISO-certified. All our best photo editors and retouchers maintain international quality standards.

Looking for an excellent headshot photo retouching service provider that can increase the artistic value of your headshots? Outsource your project needs to us and see the difference.

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What do our customers say

It has been a pleasure associating with MAPSystems for photo editing services. They are really perfectionists and assure that all the outputs look perfect. Needless to say, image quality is inevitable for a photo studio. And to be frank, we have never had to think of a second option to date. Thanks for your great professionalism.


Photo studio, Dubai

I am truly grateful to MAPSystems and its wonderfully skilled team. They delivered to me a stunning headshot that strengthened my resume and helped me secure a job at a big MNC. Thanks guys!

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