Headshot Photo Retouching Services

We demonstrate high level of expertise in editing headshot photos and applying major retouching techniques to boost overall appeal.

Opting for digital headshot retouching services can significantly enhance the quality of your images. It will bring out the natural look in your pictures by retouching shadows, enhancing background, getting flawless skin, correcting red-eye, whitening teeth, etc. If you are looking to partner with a reputed headshot photo editing services company to enhance the headshot images then we are your best choice.

At MAP Systems, we specialize in editing and enhancing headshot photos, whether it is basic or advanced through a harmonious combination of advanced technology and creative human touches. The primary aim of our services is to provide industry-grade and professional-quality photos. Over the years, we have been assisting various photography studios, actors, models, e-commerce companies, by providing state-of-the-art digital photo editing services to enrich the quality of their headshot pictures while serving their corresponding needs. We also ensure that the outputs we develop do not have any visible changes, which means that it looks completely natural. Apart from that, we also ensure the editing is carried out in a way so that the skin does not look much smoothened or plastic.

Our experts can improve images to a considerable extent, rectifying image sharpness. You may also want certain elements to be modified or eliminated from the headshot images like removing sweat or spots from the face, highlighting facial features, hiding imperfections, improving the overall look, etc. In that case, we can add the required headshot effects to enhance the overall appearance of your pictures while making it attractive. Since our services are designed to address all your retouching needs while maintaining a strong focus on quality, our photo editors keep themselves updated with the latest technology and resources to integrate them into your projects. By availing our services, you do not have to worry about getting the attention that your photo deserves. That will be our task, and we will make sure it happens without fail. We are also happy to inform you that we will always be available for our clients so that they can reach us anytime they want for their projects.

What our headshot photo retouching services include?

You can choose from our multiple headshot retouching packages that would suit your specific needs. Our photo post-processing services are scalable, and include the following scopes for retouching

red eye removal

Red Eye removal

Our expert retouching team delivers quality editing of the images of eyes by sharpening their features and removing the red-eye effect. While editing the sclera or white portion of the eye, we exercise adequate care to ensure that we preserve the natural feel.

skin retouching

Skin tone enhancement

Our photo editing experts perform meticulous skin photo retouching to deliver flawless headshot images by neatly removing or reducing blemishes, freckles, wrinkles, dark circles, pimples, etc. and veins visible on the hands, wrist, arms, and feet.

body retouching

Body Retouching

We can beautify the body of the subject(s) by reducing imperfections that may show up as double chin, armpit wrinkles, or fats. We can straighten and smoothen the clothing as well and make changes to make the subject of the image appear slimmer.

teeth color correction

Teeth color correction

Our team of experts who deliver high-end image retouching can whiten and brighten the dull and yellow areas of the teeth, thereby enhancing the appearance of the smile of the subject(s) and boosting the overall impact of a portrait.

hair masking

Hair Masking

We can significantly improve the appearance of the hair by removing fly-away or stray hair from the face, skin, or background. We can also enhance hair-appearance by adding shine, highlights, and color. This is a part of our glamour image masking process.

image color correction

Color correction

We apply color correction techniques to bring positive effects concerning color tone adjustments, highlights, shadows, sharpness, contrast, exposure, and vibrancy. We can reshape the body and add vivid color to the image background.

photo background removal

Background Removal

Our image editors can ensure effective background removal and efficiently deliver additional services that include adding or removing objects, fixing borders, adding reflection, resizing photos, dropping shadows, or merging two images into one.

image Straightening


Our photo editors can neatly straighten skin, eliminating wrinkles, & add a smooth look. They use advanced Photo editing tools to ensure that the changes look natural and that the changes are perfectly blended with the image.

Our wide range of headshot photo retouching services

Legit/Theatrical Headshots

By using our theatrical headshot retouching, we can create different characters for a single model by employing a variety of effects. Either it is for plays, TV, or film work while carrying the editing or retouching, we ensure that the qualities and characteristics of the model are accurately defined so that it looks 100% natural and realistic.

Business/ Corporate Headshots

Business or corporate headshots are quite different and usually need to make the pictures presentable. That’s why we make sure that our image editors carry out the editing in such a way that the person in the photograph looks confident, authoritative, and the most important of all, reliable. You can trust MAP Systems if you wish to make your pictures look decent and professional so that you can put them in your resume or company portfolio.

Headshots for Model/Actor

Our headshot image retouching services are mainly demanded by the models and actors since it is really important in their profession to look stunning in all their photos. In this category, we first discuss the level of photo editing a particular client wants. It is because some actors or models prefer moderate or basic level retouching while others go for advanced or high-end ones. After that, we use the necessary fashion photo editing techniques to make the model look perfect.

Commercial Headshots

We can edit commercial headshots to create a trustworthy or friendly aura for attracting more customers. Here, our team focuses on enhancing the looks and features of the model making it look completely natural to the eyes of the audience.

Benefits of availing our headshot photo retouching services

As one of the leading providers of photo retouching services, we assure efficient refining of images and can neatly remove any unnecessary elements that can worsen the look. Some of the top advantages of our partnering with us are

  • We offer cost-effective photo enhancement services for improving headshot images to cover the needs of various industries across the globe.
  • We understand the importance of timely delivery and make sure to complete the project within the predetermined deadlines.
  • At all stages of the editing process, we make sure to keep in touch with our clients and keep them updated about the progress.
  • We are adequately equipped to offer a comprehensive range of services for catering to your requirements regardless of the project’s complexity.
  • Our image editors do their best to retain the original essence of the image by implementing proven measures and ensuring a subtle and natural outcome.

MAP Systems has been in the industry for a long time now and has been successfully catering to the needs of various clients as per their expectations. You can also approach us for capitalizing on our high-end photo retouching services, which include services ranging from old photo restoration to portrait photo retouching services. So, if you are associated with any of the industries mentioned above, then you can rely on our headshot photo retouching services for creating finer versions of your headshot pictures.

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