YouTube Video Editing Services

With over 10+ years of experience in video editing, MAPSystems is proud to say that it has also gained a worldwide reputation for offering YouTube video editing services. We provide personalized services that resonate with your style, vision, and content so that your final footage looks exactly the way you need it to be.

No matter what type of raw footages you are looking to get edited, our video editing company can handle your project with the highest level of professionalism. We have worked on varied projects so far and can go above and beyond to make your YouTube videos attain their full potential.

Our YouTube video editing services includes

We understand that every requirement is unique and so is the budget of each client. That’s why we offer an all-inclusive list of YouTube video editing services that can enable clients from different spheres of life with varied budget constraints to capitalize on our services. Here are the various types of YouTube videos we generally edit at MAPSystems.

Vlog videos

Vlog videos

By employing the latest video editing tools, we can carry out professional vlog video editing that captivates the attention of your viewers.

Video testimonials

Video testimonials

Through professional testimonial video editing, we make success stories relatable to prospects, thereby improving the chances of conversion.

product reviews

Product reviews

We can edit review product videos or services by making strategic enhancements that can aid in increasing the awareness of your brand.

event videos

Event videos

MAPSystems also specializes in event video editing, which may include trade shows, seminars, conferences, expos, holiday parties, and many more.

Corporate videos

Corporate videos

We can edit corporate videos in the most professional manner, thereby helping businesses to convey the desired message correctly to their targets.

brand films

Brand films

We are proficient in editing brand films and can boost your brand identity by sharing your brand story in the most impactful way.

cooking videos

Recipe/Cooking videos

We can produce high-quality and delicious-looking cooking or recipe videos that will have the potential to arouse the appetite of your targeted viewers.

travel videos

Travel videos

Our skilled youtube video editors make use of cutting-edge video editing techniques to convert your raw travel videos into the engaging ones.

Interview Q/A videos

Interview Q/A videos

We can polish the Q/A interview footage by reducing background noise or audio discrepancies to ensure that the output video is free from errors.

gaming videos

Gaming videos

Our video editing team can creatively edit your gaming videos to make them more fun and entertaining by including music, text, or special effects.

Educational videos

Educational videos

By employing the best video editing practices, we edit educational footage to make the learning process easy and fun for the audience.

live stream videos

Live stream videos

Our talented and versatile video editors are also efficient in editing live stream videos, thereby helping you to engage your audience in real-time.

Our YouTube post production services techniques

Make sure to outsource video editing services to MAPSystems as we have a selection of video refinement services to offer in every niche that you cater to.

Voice-over syncing

In case your voice-over isn’t synced properly, we’ll help to sync it with the script at the right timing. This will ensure that your footage is accurate and people won’t have any problem with understanding your content.

Jump Cut Addition

We add jump cuts to your clips to remove mistakes, unnecessary pauses, or repeated words and phrases. It ensures that your footages run smoothly from start to finish and keeps your viewers focused on the topic.

Multimedia Addition

We can add royalty-free background music, text animations, motion graphics, audio and sound effects, etc. We know exactly when and where to add them to make the footages more interesting.

Audio Correction

We can reduce unwanted background noises, such as echoes, car beeping, phone ringing, etc., which may cause a distraction in your clips. We can also adjust your voice in the footage in case you’re talking too softly.

Color Correction

Our trained video editors correct flawed color casts in the footage to create a natural look. They also perform high-end color grading techniques that set the video's tone, giving it a cinematic vibe.e.

Lighting Correction

We adjust the lighting without making it too bright or too dull so that your audience enjoys the best view. We also add the right amount of lighting to the important parts to direct your viewers’ attention towards them.

Our YouTube video editing process

Below is the process that every client generally follows:


Client briefing

Once the order is confirmed, our video editing experts will initiate a requirement-gathering session. The client is requested to share the creative brief and project scope. This requirement briefing session is vital for our experts to understand the client's exact requirements.


File Upload

The client shares the existing video source file, raw footage, images to be incorporated, corporate brand guidelines, etc. The editors utilize these during the post-production process. The file-sharing process happens via a safe and secured file transfer protocol to ensure maximum data protection.


Initial Brainstorming

Once we gather all requirements and data, our video editing specialists start their brainstorming and initial conceptualization session. They analyze all the collected data and project scope and develop a custom solution to follow. In each step, we keep our clients in the loop and share updates on the developments.


Video editing

Following the roadmap and plan of action developed in step 2, our expert video editors start with their editing workflow. Leveraging the latest tools and technologies, we sort raw video footage or the source files from the existing video to edit. The dedicated project manager regularly updates the clients with the stages in post-production.


Review round

Based on the feedback and revisions we receive, our post-production team makes the iterations. Once again, we share the revised video file with the client. We perform multiple rounds of revisions until the client is happy with the final file.


Final file delivery

Once the client confirms and approves the video ensuring no further changes are required, we start the final delivery process. The final deliverable contains the edited video in optimized file formats. We support all the universally compatible formats that ensure the video can be opened with any software or computer.

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Benefits of outsourcing YouTube video editing services to us

At MAPSystems, you’ll get to work with the top video editing professionals who will understand your needs and perform the required edits to meet your requirements. With our affordable video editing services you’ll get help to carry out the most basic video editing tasks as well as the advanced ones so that your footages are powerful enough to win the hearts of your viewers.

As a reputed YouTube video editing company, MAPSystems will take care of everything that you need regarding the editing of your footages. So, use our YouTube video editing services and we’ll help you create distinct brand identity videos.

With our video editing services for youtube, you will be able to generate the maximum returns from your investments. We are always by your side to help you succeed; call us for a quote.

Multiple formats support

We can render outputs in a variety of formats such as MP4, AVI, MOV, etc. So, specify the one you would like.

Affordable service rates

Our video editing packages is customer-oriented and divided customizable categories.

On-time project delivery

We deliver the projects on time or sometimes, even before the deadline, without compromising on quality.

24/7 support

We provide 24/7 support to clients so that we are always available for them whenever they need us.

Maximum data security

We implement a secure FTP for all file transfers, ensuring high data protection.


We adhere to ISO quality standards in our YouTube video editing process to deliver top-notch quality.

If you wish to increase your viewership and want your brand to grow, then without wasting any more time, use our YouTube video editing services!

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What do our customers say

I have used YouTube video editing and post production services several times from MAPSystems. They always kept me informed of the progress and finish the work very quickly. I hardly get their works revised and every time their work is exceptional. Keep it up, MAPSystems!

Sales Operations Manager

Insurance Company, Omaha, Nebraska, U.S.

I’ve always received the best quality editing for my YouTube videos at MAPSystems. It’s been a while since we have been working together and I can’t think of any other companies beside them. I’d definitely recommend giving their services a try. Their attention to detail and efficiency in editing any type of video is phenomenal.


Bath, South West, England