Wedding Video Editing Services

We implement proven techniques and strategies to create memorable wedding videos for preserving the feel of your big day through our wedding video editing services.

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Wedding Video Editing Services

There is no doubt that wedding photography industry has become one of the most lucrative and fastest-growing industry sectors in the world. As couples have begun to prefer natural and candid audiovisual in order to preserve the feel of their big day, the job of photographers and videographers after the principal photography has become tougher and more time-consuming than it ever was. This called in for the support of companies that offer professional wedding video editing services.

MAP Systems has been on the forefront of the industry offering a wide range of impeccable and bespoke wedding image and video editing services for videographers, photographers, event organizers, and even couples. As an experienced company offering wedding video and image editing services, we can understand all your requirements in no time at prices that will surprise you.

However, with the help of an experienced company like MAP Systems, you can get your audiovisual edited with great style and aesthetical feel. While editing wedding video ideas always make the best impact and we conceive original ideas with each project we undertake.

Wedding video editing services at MAP Systems includes

As part of the larger video editing service propositions, MAP Systems is capable of offering comprehensive wedding video clips editing services with all-inclusive post-production assistance needed. Whether you need to give your tape a professional make-over, a simple edit, blend a few audiovisual snippets or want to craft an impressive show reel, our videography editors can offer you all the support you need.

  • Blurred portion removal
  • Color grading
  • Cinematic look
  • Consistent flow from the beginning
  • Connecting different videos captured by different cameras
  • 360 degree video creation
  • Slow motion replays and more

The wedding videography editing process we follow at MAP Systems

In order to help our clients understand the video editing process and get the best tape as they need, we have envisaged a unique and value-adding process in our company. This will make sure that the clients always get the best support according to their project specifications.

  • Complete the project specifications form

    In order to understand the vision the client has for the final tape, we have in place an extensive form that touches upon all the crucial areas that determine the quality and aesthetic approach we take during the editing. If you have any additional requirements, that also can be shared.

  • Share the media files with us

    Once you have provided us with your requirements, you can share all the files required for the project to us. You can do that via FTP and we have high speed and reliable servers for the same. Alternatively, you can also mail us a DVD, pen drive or memory card with the files.

  • Video post processing

    Depending upon your specifications and requirements that you have provided to us through the project specifications form, we will carry out the editing process as soon as possible. However, depending upon the length of the tape and the specifications of the clients, the time taken for the same will change as well.

  • Review of the wedding video

    Once we finish the video as required by the client, the edited file will be delivered to you for review. You can review the same and provide us the feedback if any. We will integrate the comments to the edited tape.

  • Delivery of the project

    Once the required editing has been implanted to the tape, we will send the edited file, all the original files and the images you shared with us back to you via any means preferred by you/

Why MAP Systems is the best video editing company

Over the years, MAP Systems has catered to a range of requirements of the clients in becoming one of the best and most preferred wedding video editing companies in India. In our efforts to always offer the most professional video editing services to our clients, we are supported by the following;

  • All-inclusive service support

    When you come to MAP Systems with video editing requirements, we offer all the services you can think about from moon to earth under one roof. Whether you need wedding image editing, video compositing or audio editing, we have it covered.

  • Consistent color correction

    We know that color is an integral part of the audio-visual editing and hence we take extreme care to ensure that the wedding video color correction techniques we use are perfect and in line with the expectations of the clients.

  • Creatively bound clips

    In order to ensure that the final edited tape has a definite flow and progression, all the clips and images sent to us are carefully and creative woven together.

  • Impeccable video cuts

    Since we need to cut various tapes to integrate and create a seamlessly perfect video, we only rely on the best wedding video editing software programs and most experienced professionals to do the same.

  • Apt and copyrighted background score

    We only integrate original and copyrighted scores to the tapes we edit and we also select the music with great care to make sure that it matches the video the best.

  • Uncompromised quality

    Quality is the most defining element of our service offerings. We have integrated several international and industry specific quality systems in our business to guarantee what the clients get from us is always the best.

List of software we use
  • Final cut Pro
  • EVid
  • Adobe premiere pro
  • LightWorks
  • iMovie and more

If you are looking for the best and most exceptional wedding video editing company in the market to outsource video editing, you have come to the right place. Our reliable services, with a strong list of clients to back our claims, will certainly prove to be the best you can find today.

Offering the most affordable wedding video editing cost and matchlessly creative, our audio-visual editing services flow unbound as far as creative and client support are concerned. This makes us the ideal place to get all your requirements met.

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