Virtual Staging Services

Let virtual staging add life to indoor spaces, thereby allowing prospective home-buyers to imagine how their future homes would be.

MAP Systems is a leading provider of virtual staging services that helps clients to improve their property sales by providing them with high-quality listings. We make sure that the properties we stage draw the immediate attention of potential buyers, thereby compelling them to make an investment or purchase. We have a team of experts who are well versed in using the appropriate software and techniques to render photorealistic physical dimensions of the property. Apart from that, we are also equipped with the right resources and infrastructure to cater to varied project requirements of clients.

Thus, by associating with us, clients can now close deals faster than ever. We can also work on different areas of a property space such as the

  • Bedroom
  • Living room
  • Kitchen
  • Outdoors, etc.

Different techniques we implement for virtual staging

With our virtual staging solutions, we can ensure better sales and profits for you as well as your company. We can do this by providing an accurate depiction of how real estate properties can be virtually staged or furnished by incorporating our digitally curated collection of virtual furniture and decorative items. It helps potential clients or customers to envision the capability of purely vacant or empty space. Apart from staging, we also pay attention to implement the following techniques for enhancing the appeal of the architecture properties.


In this technique, we focus on eliminating every unwanted material from the real estate images that can keep viewers from visualizing the full potential of the space. It can either be a messy kitchen countertop, a disorganized bookshelf, or a dirty coffee table.

Adding Twilight Photography

By adding twilight photography, we can enhance the exterior look of the architectural properties. For this, clients do not even have to be concerned about the schedule or weather conditions. On top of that, it can provide a warm, welcoming, and romantic feel to the listings, thereby capturing the attention of the targeted audience and helping companies with effective real estate marketing.


Redecorating is the key to transforming a simple image from drab to fab. Here, we completely redecorate the whole space by changing décor, wall and ceiling colors, flooring, furnishings, etc.


Here, we focus on beautifying the visual of a property space without using an actual paintbrush. Everything is carried out virtually, including the removal of an outdated wallpaper, changing the color of a flat surface, or adding a bright accent to the wall. Here, another offering of MAP Systems also comes in handy, i.e., photo editing services.

Process of our real estate virtual staging

We usually implement the following steps while working on your project. We have simplified it to the best of our knowledge so that you can easily understand and acknowledge it.

  1. Receive images from the clients

    We receive the images of the house or properties in a high-resolution file format.

  2. Add the design style for your property listings

    Clients can choose the desired style for their listings, and our seasoned artists can work on it to provide the results according to their needs.

  3. Submit the sample to the clients

    Our team submits a few samples to the clients so that they can review and approve it. We can also entertain special requests from the clients to include them in their home virtual staging projects.

  4. Wait for the client’s review and approval

    After getting approval from the clients, we immediately start working on the final renderings for their project.

  5. Upload the listings on your website

    Once we are done with the work, we send it to the clients so that they can immediately upload the outputs on their website or listing page.

Our prominent clientele

  • Real estate owners and builders
  • Property agents
  • Furniture manufacturers or retailers
  • Interior designing firms and decorators
  • Fashion magazine, portals, and publications
  • Creative artists

Benefits of employing virtual staging services from MAP Systems

Clients are sure to get the below benefits after choosing us as their virtual staging outsourcing partner.

  • We can project your property listings in such a way that it attracts the potential buyer’s attention.
  • You can reap maximum returns on your investment while saving your money, time, and efforts.
  • We add sophisticated 3D tools to add necessary furnishings and improve the value of the property.
  • We allow clients to choose from a variety of options, including virtual furnishings and embellishments.
  • We can appropriately stage the listings that will enable buyers to visualize themselves in the property.

At MAP Systems, we do understand the importance of each transaction for the clients. That is why we make the best use of our virtual staging services to expand and innovate their listing styles with digitally furnished and décor units. To ensure that the images look 100% real after the staging process, we carry out necessary edits while maintaining the quality with the help of our real estate photo editing services. It helps the clients to accurately present their property listings before their potential customers and gain more sales and profits from it. So, associate with us, and harness the power of our services to transform your virtual listings into the ideal home for customers.

What Our Customers Say

Make sure you make the first best impression on the minds of your potential prospects or clients by using our top-notch virtual staging services. We can also help you to enliven your client’s imagination and sell the properties faster at the best virtual staging cost.