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Reflowable eBook Conversion Services

We carry out the most professional reflowable eBook conversion to meet the ever-evolving demands of clients while maximizing the value of their content.

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Reflowable eBook Conversion Services

MAP Systems is in the vanguard of eBook conversion services ever since it started its operations. However, one area where we gained expertise is reflowable eBook conversion services. We have worked for hundreds of authors and publishers from across the globe to convert their books into reflowable eBook formats to help them expand, innovate, and deliver outstanding outcomes. We ensure this with the help of our expert team, who make the best use of their experience to carry out the effective conversion of the client’s project.

While converting the files into reflowable eBooks, we make sure that the book’s content automatically adjusts to the screen size of any reading device, whether it is a smartphone, desktop, laptop, or tablets. However, this format is not ideal for every user and may vary according to their requirements. Sometimes, the layout design is far more important than the content flow, e.g., in magazines, comics, or photo books. In that case, we also offer services for converting fixed layout eBooks that can serve the desired need.

Features of our reflowable ebook format/standard ebook format

  • We allow readers to take control of the text display as per their choice of preference.
  • We use the best conversion tools to ensure that the content is free from errors or inconsistencies.
  • We optimize the size of files or documents to enable easy downloading for the users.
  • We also optimize the images for typeface legibility to help readers recognize individual text characters.
  • We also ensure that the expenses incurred for production and updating will be completely affordable.
  • We maintain the original print design of the eBooks by separating the style and format from the text.
  • We add hyperlinks for enabling readers to click on it for reference and then directly come back to the text.

Benefits of choosing our reflowable epub conversion services

We usually deliver the reflowable eBooks to the clients in the two most common formats, i.e., Mobi and ePub. These formats are versatile and can be used for almost all e-reading devices, such as Amazon Kindle, Apple devices, Overdrive, Google Play, and Nook. Besides, our reflowable ePub conversion services are in high demand among the clients for the conversion of dictionaries, chapter books, and novels in both fiction and non-fiction genres.

  • Before finalizing a solution for the client’s project, we carry out proper discussion to understand their needs.
  • We offer We hire a separate team that is dedicated exclusively to every type of eBook conversion projects of clients.
  • Our team is comprised of well-trained and veteran professionals who provide comprehensive support to serve the clients’ needs.
  • We ensure optimal utilization of advanced eBook conversion software and technologies to produce exceptional outcomes.
  • We regularly update our reflowable eBook conversion packages to meet the ever-evolving customer demands at reasonable prices.

You can find a lot of options online for the conversion of eBooks. However, not all will be true to their promises. In that case, you can rely on MAP Systems, as we can offer free conversion samples for a few pages so that you can test out whether the conversion quality is up to your expectations or not. With our professional e-publishing solutions, we always aim to help you by maximizing the value of your content. Besides, our reflowable eBook conversion services also does the same by offering a large distribution opportunity. It helps your content to reach a wider audience while enhancing the overall experience of readers.

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If your manuscript contains more text and you want smooth flow of content, then opt for our superior quality services that are designed to assure best-in-class and error-free reflowable eBook conversions!