Reflowable ebook conversion services

Reflowable eBook Conversion Services

MAP Systems is in the vanguard of eBook conversion services ever since it started its operations. Reflowable eBook conversion services is an area in which we excel. We have worked for hundreds of authors from across the world and we bring this experience to your next eBook conversion project.

When you plan to digitize your manuscript, firstly you have to make a choice regarding the format. If you are well acquainted with the nature of readers you are focusing and the type of content, selecting a suitable format is never that difficult. In this layout, there are no fixed pages like in case of fixed layout eBooks. In this, graphics and text reflow based on the type size and font type selected by the reader.

Why choose reflowable ebook format/standard ebook format

  • This layout works perfectly with almost all retailers and devices. This means authors get a wider reach.
  • Text display is controlled by readers and the capability of e-reader is the only limitation.
  • File sizes are relatively smaller
  • Expenses incurred for production and updating are lower

eBook conversion formats & genres we support

Two of the most common formats are Mobi and ePub. It is versatile and friendly to almost all e-readers and tablets. Amazon kindle, Apple devices, Overdrive, Google Play and Nook are a few among them.

Dictionaries, novels as well as both fiction and non-fiction genres find this format suitable. However, as a rule of thumb, for books with less complicated or really simple designs having a single column layout, this is the best format. In case if there are few small images, you can embed them between paragraphs.

Benefits of choosing our reflowable epub conversion services

  • We offer free conversion samples of few pages, so that you can test our conversion quality before finalizing projects
  • Separate team dedicated exclusive for each type of eBook conversion
  • Well trained and veteran professionals working as a properly organized team
  • Optimal utilization of advanced ebook conversion software and technologies
  • Regular updating to meet the evolving customer demands with reasonable prices
  • Complete and comprehensive support to get maximum reach
  • Throughout communication through all modern means

Industries we support

We cater to a diversified author base and domains. Few to mention are:

  • Publishing
  • Libraries
  • Educational Institutions
  • Press
  • Health care
  • Retail
  • Advertising and more

With our e-publishing solutions, we aim to help publishers, libraries, universities, corporations, technology companies, software vendors, etc. to maximize the value of their content by effective conversion of manuscripts to eBooks. Along with this, we also make sure that our reflowable eBook conversion services also do the same while allowing the readers to experience comfort while reading the eBooks.

If your manuscript contains more text and you want the smooth flow of content, then opt for our superior quality services for receiving the best and error-free reflowable eBook conversions!

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