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Our professional editors have subject matter expertise and can copy-edit documents that are written on diverse topics.

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Copy Editing Services

At MAP Systems, we deliver expert copy editing services that are meant to generate refined versions of wording so as to impress the target audience. However interesting an idea may be, it will lose its overall impact if it contains errors with respect to language-use, grammar, punctuation, and alignment. That’s the reason why individuals and businesses need professional copy editing services to help them generate cleaner and readable copies that would engage the target audience in a more holistic way.

At MAP Systems, we cater to the needs of numerous customers from diverse business verticals with our professional copy editing and indexing services. We have experienced copy editors onboard and they can eliminate all errors and deliver a cleaner copy.

Authors requiring feedback on their works may find our copy editing services to be highly useful. Our editors are perfectly positioned to provide critical reviews so as to help authors improve their writing styles, clarity, and tone. They can pinpoint potential issues while ensuring consistency throughout the manuscript. Our copy editors can create better writers through detailed feedback and constructive criticism.

What do our manuscript editing services include?

  • Checking and rectifying spelling, grammar, punctuation, and abbreviations.
  • Checking for repetitions and eliminating them
  • Checking for inconsistencies in the layouts of tables, lists, captions, and style
  • Conducting reference checks for TOC, lists, quotes, and glossary
  • Ensuring proper writing style and tone
  • Using appropriate writing conventions to achieve clarity and to enhance user readability
  • Indexing, maintaining alphabetical order and eliminating inconsistencies capitalization, page numbers, sequences, etc.
  • Correcting sentence structure and paraphrasing
  • Checking the content structure to ensure that it has a logical order and to determine if it would require footnotes or referencing
  • Checking if the formatting of the headings and paragraphs are consistent
  • Conducting fact checking to make sure that all quotes, dates, references, names are accurate
  • Keeping the author informed about potential issues with respect to plagiarism, libel, racism, and copyright

The copyediting process at MAP Systems

We are a reputed copy editing company, assuring the delivery of error-free content editing. We practise adequate care to eliminate all flaws to create print-ready manuscripts. Even though you are in the final stage of the publishing process, feel free to approach us. We will help you create a finer version of your manuscript.

Let our expert copyeditors conduct a meticulous scrutiny of the draft. They thoroughly check the document and fix all sorts of errors with respect to grammar, typos, and punctuation. Once they complete editing the document, they would send it back to their clients so that they can now proceed with printing.

Benefits of choosing MAP Systems for copyediting services

MAP Systems is a leading name in the copyediting domain and we have been helping publishers and authors across the globe with superior support. When you choose to work with us, we would guarantee you world-class service delivery and do our best to meet your expectations.

  • We have a team of in-house language experts having extensive experience in this field.
  • We have state-of-the-art infrastructure and sophisticated technologies in place to promote a highly-efficient work environment.
  • We follow an attention-to-detail approach to provide customized editorial solutions that best suit the requirements of our clients.
  • We keep our communication channels open round-the-clock so that our clients can get assistance at any time they want.
  • We guarantee the best proofreading service rates and quick turnarounds.
  • We assure data security and privacy by implementing procedures such as restricted access, password protection, and by strongly abiding by non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

If you are looking for the best copy editing services in India, we would say that you have already found us. With the best service rates in the industry and with experienced editors in our teams, we stand as a leading provider of manuscript copy editing services. We can efficiently handle tasks related to the indexing of files, documents, academic books, journals, manuscripts, research papers, course materials, and training manuals. Till now, we have supported various businesses in the advertising, education, finance, publishing, and healthcare sectors across the globe. If you need more information about the standard of assistance that you may expect, the quality of our work, or the pricing structure, feel free to contact us anytime. We would be happy to discuss with you about the different service packages that are tailored to suit your specific requirements and budget.

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