3d sculpting services

MAPSystems is recognized for its industry-leading 3D sculpting services. At MAPSystems, we employ a team of highly skilled digital artists who demonstrate professional 3D sculpting expertise and strive to deliver the highest standard of digital sculpting services. We can sculpt models digitally by effectively transforming our clients ideas, photos, or sketches into reality. We are competent, and we do our best to be able to give our clients’ thoughts a solid, practical shape while taking all their specifications into consideration.

At MAPSystems, we offer digital sculpting services that enable clients to preview the final product before its development. We employ a team of professional artists who use advanced 3D rendering and sculpting software to create virtual 3D models for the desired subject. After creating the model, we add the required textures and details to make it look realistic and attractive. Apart from this, we can also make further modifications if requested by our clients.

Our areas of expertise in 3D sculpting

We use advanced 3D sculpting software to generate photo-realistic digital sculptures for the following verticals:

3D Printing

Using appropriate 3D sculpting tools, we design and develop detailed, high-end 3D models by using the latest techniques of additive manufacturing. This allows us to develop mesh designs and complex shapes as per project requirements. We focus on creating detailed, print-ready models while ensuring the highest level of precision.


We have a team of proficient digital artists who work with advanced technology and software to modify or create detailed 3D sculpt models that resemble real-life objects and textures. It can serve the film industry with diverse outcomes, including the creation of hyper-realistic visual effects, movie scenes, and characters.


With the help of our 3D sculpting services, we can design high-end video games by creating photorealistic game props or characters. We also implement custom 3D modeling and 3D texturing techniques to create source meshes for games. It further includes adding the needed details to make low-poly game models appear realistic and appealing.

Advertising & Marketing

Our services help the advertising and marketing industries by creating high-precision mesh designs for their products or services. It enhances the visual appeal of a company’s product by incorporating required details such as texturing, shading, etc. to attract potential customers. This, in turn, works to generate more sales and profits.

Medical and Healthcare

The medical/healthcare industries leverage our services to a significant extent. We help them create high-quality 3D mesh models for anatomy, prosthetics, healthcare equipment, implants, etc. It helps medical professionals or surgeons plan out various treatments or surgical simulations to improve their daily work.

Product Designing

Using top 3D scanning techniques, we have helped various clients create 3D sculpting designs for different products such as jewelry, automobile parts, electronic components, etc. We use high-poly organic modeling techniques to create detailed sculpture designs to capture the attention of potential buyers.

Besides this, we also serve other industry verticals like engineering, aerospace, defense, automotive, architecture, construction, the arts, education, and more.

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Benefits of choosing our digital 3D sculpting services

With our digital sculpting online experience, we have evolved as one of the best 3D design services providers in the 3D modeling industry. Whether you are creating a CGI film, working on a video game, or looking to create 3D models for printing, we, at MAPSystems, are always ready to deliver world-class assistance, thereby allowing you to make the most out of your investment. We can render extraordinary pint-ready models even from scratch or from 2D drawings provided by our clients. If you have a requirement, do share the details with us, and we would be happy to suggest custom packages at the best rates.

Reasonable pricing

We want our services to be affordable for all. Hence, we keep our 3D sculpting prices extremely reasonable.

100% data security

We assure maximum client data security by implementing a safe and secure FTP server for all file transfers.

Multiple formats

Our 3D team delivers the final files in universally compatible and optimized files for seamless viewing.

Superior quality

Our digital sculpting workflow ensures the utmost quality, featuring all the subtle intricacies accurately.

Fast TAT

Given our expertise, we have a swift project turnaround time, regardless of the complexity of the models.


We maintain ISO standards for our sculpting projects. This is the reason why we cater to a global audience.

Our 3D sculpting samples

If you are looking for the best 3D sculpting company, then feel free to outsource your 3D sculpting requirements to us. Our certified 3D sculptors will provide you with the assistance you need.

Case studies

aluminum cast products

3D modeling of aluminum-cast products

Having over 24 years of experience in the engineering and manufacturing of overhead communications.

3D product animation

3D product animation for commercial seating company

The client, an established designer and manufacturer of commercial ergonomic seating.

3D Modeling Sculpting

3D Modeling and sculpture for a Germany-based client

Targets were decided at the inception of the project. However, as the project progressed.

What do our customers say

Our 3D projects are always safe and successful with the team at MAPSystems. The 3D sculptors ensure that they put in their best efforts and creative thoughts so as to fulfill the unique needs of our 3D sculpting projects. We can confidently say that our requirements have always been perfectly addressed by MAPSystems ever since we started working with them.

Game Developer

Vancouver, Canada

We were looking for an experienced and agile team to develop some sculpted 3D models for our upcoming fantasy-based video game. We found MAPSystems during a Google search and decided to hire them after reviewing their impressive portfolio. They delivered amazingly sculpted models that enhanced the look and feel of our game. Thanks guys!


Video-game development company, Japan