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Quality brochure and catalog design services

MAP Systems furnishes extensive array of marketing material design services from India. The altitude of your business reach depends hugely on the effectiveness of your marketing initiatives through advertisement materials like brochures and catalogs.

These can be of different types based on their purpose, number of folds and shapes. Astutely crafted designs reflect the professionalism and reputation of your business. We very well understand this fact and settle for nothing lesser than perfection with our brochure and catalog design services.

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The way you use it and the perfection with which it is hewed determines the extent to which it can help you.

Importance of creative brochure and catalog design

If you want your business to grow and brand to get recognition, brochures are unavoidable. Businesses rely on a brochure design company because of several obvious reasons.

Brand enhancement is catalyzed

Brochures make sure that your brand looks great. Along with many other branding initiatives, making use of creatively and professionally designed corporate brochures help your brand in gaining popularity faster thus leading to addition of some greater business value for your company.

Event awareness is created

In case if you have plans to organize a big event, brochures can serve as the best tools for you to let the people know about it. Without any serious efforts, the targets can get to know about the event details including venue and time at a single glance.

Promotion of products and services or offers become easier

There is no way better than customized materials to tell prospects about your products, services or offers. This is a relatively affordable option for those who have limited budget. Normally the advertisement materials like brochures, catalogs, logos, magazines, flyers, banners contain pictures of your provisions along with text detailing them in minimal words.

What a perfectly designed brochure and catalog can offer

  • Electronic brochures are really useful information tools which you can mail to the prospects.
  • Simple hand-to-hand distribution of brochures can give your prospects a personalized brand feeling.
  • After a meeting with your client, putting down a product catalog can be intelligent.
  • It can be used for informing the customers about launch of your business services, new arrivals , offers etc.

Why choose us for brochure and catalog design services?

More effective resource pool and cost-effectiveness are two main reasons for outsourcing. If you want to outsource these services to India, MAP Systems can definitely be the option you can take.

We have been offering impeccable graphic design services for nearly a decade. Our experts make optimal use of texts, images and symbols to guarantee custom brochure design solutions that are most operative for your business. Different types of brochure designs we offer

Bi-fold or half fold design: Here one or more sheets of paper are folded once in two halves with fold line running perpendicular to the longest side. Folding would have 4 panels, font and back cover with two inside pages.

Tri-fold or 6 page roll fold design: Here sheet of paper is folded two times. First right panel is folded inwards and let panel is folded inwards as well. We have 6 panels here 3 outside and 3 inside of almost same sizes.

Multi-page or booklets or 8 page or 12 page bi –folds design: Here booklet of multipage bi –folds is bound together. When bound together 8 pages booklet i.e. 2 bi –folds or 12 pages booklet i.e. 3 bi-folds are created.

Gate fold design: These brochures are not very commonly used. It is a high impact creating design when used as right marketing source and can have as many as 6 panels.

Double Gate fold design: These are again high marketing impact creation materials, are expensive and large with 8 panels. These are very useful for high end corporate presentations, services and educational institutions.

Accordion fold or Z-fold design: These are similar to tri-fold; however flow of reading needs to adjust to this structure. They adapt easily to small or big sized papers.

Parallel fold design: It is similar to basic folds assigned in parallel to one another. It gives more space to create large scale designs about products or services.

Exotic fold design: This is a new and unique brochure fold idea wherein we can create a design without any limitation of creativity.

Cross Fold design: These are also known as right angle fold or French fold brochures, would have folded front and back covers.

Flyer design: Single sheet brochure alternatives to leaflet. They are one sided or two sided, used for mass promotional campaigns.

Apart from the above mentioned brochure types, we can also provide designs for the following categories like

  • Sales
  • Product
  • Image-based
  • Travel
  • Corporate
  • Food catalogs
  • Education
  • Business brochure design etc.

Though our working methodology varies based on the specific requirements, we typically follow certain well defined processes.

Communicate your brochure design requirements

Let us know your exact requirements; we will scrutinize it and get back to you with a quote as well as the expected time for completion. Detailed discussion will be done and this is what makes our marketing materials design services fall exactly in line with customer expectations.

On approval of proposal, we start the work

If you are comfortable with the quote and timeline proposed, we kick start the project without any delays. You can stay relaxed and completely focus on your main business activities.

We send professional design concepts

After starting the work, we send you a link which you can click on to check the basic concepts developed by us for your new brochure. After reviewing, you can send us your valuable comments.

Your comments get responses and we incorporate changes

All the comments made by you get replies from experts with us. Simplest language is used to make sure that you get complete clarity. This collaboration ensures that the final design comes out as extraordinarily exceptional.

Final feedback is obtained and project is finalized

After the alterations are done, we send you the revised work which you can review to provide your final feedback. We again carry out the needful tweaking and continue till your satisfaction.

Benefits of our professional brochure design services

  • Customized layout designs for print and online collaterals as well as any conceptions
  • Latest technology and creative thoughts jointly fuel us to deliver creative output that sync with the audience
  • Cost effectiveness and a vaster global presence with great quality portfolio keeps on motivating us
  • Besides designers, we have creative content writers who can fill in the design space with compelling content

We provide complete attention grabbing promotional brochure designs services across the globe including India, UK, USA, Australia, Canada, UAE and other Middle East countries.

If you are looking for the best and affordable custom brochure and catalog designing company in India, just give us a knock. We will be there to help.

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