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MAP Systems is one of the pioneering and progressive prepress services company in India with a wide range of experience in providing cross-media and prepress services offering in press-ready versions to its global clientele. Our services are designed on strong foundations of cost-effectiveness, innovativeness, practicality, timely project delivery, and subject matter expertise of our employees and this has given us our present-day identity as one of most prominent service provider in the print layout creation domain.

Most of the materials that are provided for prepress printing require a considerable review course by an expert service providing company. Exclusively dedicated for the same, we have a group of professionals like typesetters, copy editors, proofreaders, , and graphic designers with years of industry knowledge and troubleshooting skills for various DTP(Desktop Publishing) related works.

Our pre-publishing services include


We offer cost-effective typesetting services create high-quality print-ready files that can be published in digital media.

Content Digitization

We deliver high-standard book scanning & OCR conversion support,generating digital files & eBooks that can be easily accessed & stored.


We create accurate proofs in print-ready PDF files,making sure that the final outcome meets the specified standard.


Our in-house copy editors maintain consistency throughout a document while eliminating the potential errors for improving the readability of users.


We have experienced in-house proofreaders who can produce error-free documents by eliminating grammatical & sentence construction errors.

Graphic Design

We can integrate unique, relevant, and thought-provoking graphics, thereby adding a touch of glamour to your text.

Our prepress production services make the best use of advanced and high level creativity of our staff to bring out the creative output from ideas to paper. Our end to end offerings also includes multilingual typesetting using the software. Our prepress technicians convert diverse document formats into your chosen digital format. Finally, we make sure the output is accurate through detailed proofing and also take extensive care to make necessary editorial corrections. We have served various domains successfully like education, health care, science, technology and provided solutions for journals, books, documents, magazines, etc.

Why publishing industry has to outsource pre-press services to us?

Adherence to proven systematic practices has always helped us to attain accurateness of more than 99%. Starting right from the inquiry reception to final project delivery, the whole digital pre-press workflow process is handled with efficiency and excellence.

We establish a highly effective message channel through which we work in close association with the authors or publishers in detecting and fixing the errors in case of any mishaps. In the current scenario of tough competition, equipped with the best resources and backed by advanced pre-press terminology and techniques, numerous factors attribute to our success. Some of the most significant among them are

  • Planning done by experts before any project’s execution
  • Maintenance of great professionalism throughout the deal
  • Workforce with specialized typesetting skills
  • Regular trainings provided by industry experts
  • Swift and timely adaption of the latest techniques
  • Cost-effective rates without compromise on quality

We are accomplished to digitize printed materials in any format of preference. As a document digitization company, we have sound infrastructure and the needed skill set to carry out the complete digitization process flawlessly. Firstly, we scan text documents as well as images. Then OCR and ICR techniques are used to convert data into the digital version. We can assist you with digitization of all file formats to bestow improved results. We have also offered an exceptional class of document scanning and indexing services. We offer tailored services as per your requirements. Hence undoubtedly you can outsource your OCR conversion services to us

Ever since our founding, we have stayed separated from the herd as a most reliable destination for all types of prepress and premedia services.We meet all your specific criteria which is required for printing process without failures.

Send your pre-press requirements to us and we will make your files ready for printing with our strict preflight process.

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