Our excellent video editing team!

A band of professional video editing specialists.
Highly experienced, agile, and fluent in advanced video editing software programs!

MAPSystems is backed by a fleet of committed, passionate, and expert video post-production specialists. These professionals not only have the right kind of expertise but also possess the fine ability to analyze a client’s pain points and develop custom solutions.

At MAPSystems, regardless of how complex the video editing project requirements are, our proficient editors have always got you covered!

Reasons to trust our expertise

You might wonder what sets us apart from others. Simply put, there are ample factors that truly make us trailblazers in the domains of high-end video enhancement and post-production. Below are just a few of them!

  • Rapid TAT

    No matter the project scope or the editing complexities involved, our expert team ensures high-speed delivery with 100% optimum quality.

  • Vast industry experience

    Our prolific video-enhancing team is competent to work across a vast range of industries. This has helped them gain phenomenal industry experience and expertise.

  • High technological fluency

    We have unlimited access to all the latest technology stacks and tools, and our professionals can effortlessly utilize every single piece of advanced software within their post-production workflow.

  • Extremely scalable

    Our experienced video editing professionals are highly scalable, given their practical know-how as well as their ability to be flexible for varying requirements, making us the leading video editing service provider.

  • Attention to minute details

    Our highly experienced professional team gives priority to the smallest of details and performs multi-level quality checks. This ensures every edited file is top-notch.

  • Dedicated project manager

    At MAPSystems, you not only get an efficient team assigned to your project but also a dedicated project manager who assists you from the beginning until the end of the project.

  • A vast talent pool

    Our passionate video enhancement team is also proficient in exceptional graphic designs such as video thumbnail design, logo design, social media graphics design, 3D video creation, reel/shorts editing, etc.

  • Stringent project tracking

    No matter the size and volume of projects, here at MAPSystems, nothing gets missed. We keep strict monitoring of all our projects to ensure all tasks are processed and delivered within the scheduled time.

We cater to the following industries and sectors (and beyond)

Our team of 200+ in-house editing experts, with over 10,000+ hours of video production track record, specializes in the following industries:

  • Real estate

    Real estate sectors require a plethora of video editing to hook new leads, impress potential buyers, and build brand authority. And we help solve every one of them. Whether you require to edit drone footage, compile multiple clips, create an “About” video, or a guided tour video from scratch, we’ve got you!

  • Wedding

    Our video retouching professionals have a keen knowledge of editing wedding videos. They can transform simple videos into cinematic masterpieces. Whether you need drone footage editing, teasers and highlights, wedding ceremony video editing, documentary, or pre-wedding shoot editing - we are ready!

  • eCommerce

    For eCommerce, our outstanding video editing team has a handful of editing techniques. Do you need a product showcase video? An explainer video? A promotional video? Or a “how-to” video? MAPSystems is the best at creating the perfect video edited per your brand identity and brand vision.

  • Fashion

    Do you need a clothing ad, a cinematic fashion promo, a fashion launch video, or an artistic fashion film? At MAPSystems, our video retouching professionals can edit your videos in perfect sync, add subtitles and voice-over narration, stabilize video footage, add an intro/outro, and do many other edits with perfection.

  • Manufacturing

    We can produce flawless manufacturing process videos, tutorials, product overview videos, installation videos, factory tours, trade show videos, and testimonial videos for your manufacturing company. Implement them in your marketing strategy or showcase them on your website for better traction!

  • Entertainment industry

    We have the exact talent and skill set to edit documentaries, social media videos, music albums, movie trailers and teasers, short films, and many more with an ultra-level of perfection. Whether you need raw footage edited or a video done from scratch, you are in the right place!

  • Education

    Our highly experienced video enhancing team can offer full-fledged educational video editing services covering eLearning videos, educational films, lecture videos, interview videos, induction videos, company tour videos, corporate branding videos, and many more.

  • Corporate

    From corporate events, annual meetings, seminars, presentations, sales pitches, and conferences, to customer testimonials, product demos, farewells, and internal communication videos - our team has the competence to edit each of these with cutting-edge technology and transform them better.

- and more

Hire our professional video editors today!

Interested in trying our superb video editing team for your next project? When you collaborate with MAPSystems, you are open to a great deal of possibilities that can take your business one notch up. So whether you are an individual, a corporate entity, or a professional videographer, reach out to us. We have got tailored solutions for each of your requirements!