About MAPMyclasses

MAPMyclasses is a MAPSystems product that is designed to address the challenges posed by monotonous and rigid online educational systems and to provide a customized and engaging environment that supports personalized learning in an online setup. Designed to serve as a multilingual learning platform that supports learning beyond boundaries and based on a collaborative content delivery framework, MAPMyclasses is a proprietary SaaS product. The e-learning suite is National Education Board (NEB) compliant and is approved by the AICTE.

online classrooms


Direct online access to school classrooms and resources promotes a flexible and convenient anytime-anywhere learning environment.

personalized learning


Personalized learning path and recommendations for improvement allow students to devise their learning goals by themselves.

Strengthened student-teacher communication

Strengthened student-teacher communication

One-to-one interaction between teachers and students promotes a healthier, personalized, and result-oriented academic environment.

interactive sessions


Video conferencing, interactive white board sessions, polling, quiz, survey, and examination assessment tools makes learning engaging.

Access to global learning resources

Access to global learning resources

The content marketplace gateway integrated in the platform makes it possible for users to access content from across the globe.

Streamlined administration


Attendance & scoreboard monitoring, notifications on classroom time tables & exams, and secure payments promote easy administration.

Key features

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