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Virtual Reality Services

MAP Systems is one of the leading virtual reality service providers which has successfully completed diverse and numerous challenging projects for the clients. Equipped with a team of exceptionally-talented and brilliant VR specialists, we, at MAP Systems, deploy the latest VR software and techniques for offering the required assistance to global industries. Additionally, our services are designed to provide the most relevant and interactive VR solutions to the users.

We offer an amazing virtual reality experience to the users with the help of 3D technology. Here, we incorporate naturalistic images, perception, or sounds to mimic a user's physical presence of a user in an imaginary or virtual surrounding. There are seamless benefits of using our services. For instance, businesses can have opportunities to instruct, impassion, inform, and involve customers by creating impacts. The prime advantages are better memorizing, total immersion, innovative storytelling, scaling sense provision, and rapid prototyping capabilities.

Virtual reality solutions by MAP Systems

We provide a complete range of semi-immersive, non-immersive, and immersive virtual reality solutions according to the client’s choice. It includes:

  • Interactive Virtual Tours: Through our interactive virtual tour technology, we offer interactive and customized experience to improve the client’s online brand presence in the market.

  • Telepresence: We allow users from a remote place to experience their presence at a live real-world location. It results in increased productivity, improved customer service, reducing cost and time for travel, and more.

  • Video Mapping: We enable audiences to create innovative video displays like promotional, live events, or motion graphics by combining high-quality audio, video projection, 3D graphics, virtual reality, and more.

  • 3D VR Showroom: We create virtual 3D showrooms to offer enhanced customer experiences for interacting with the online products. It helps to make faster purchasing decisions and eliminates the need to physically visiting a showroom.

  • Training Utilities: Through our utility training services, we conduct progressive training programs for students or employees to teach new skills and tactics for handling workplace situations.

  • 3D VR games: We create an immersive gaming experience to reach a wider audience by bringing the 3D characters to life through our VR gaming services. We can also help to maximize ROI, gain a competitive edge, and market cost-efficiently.

  • 360-degree training videos: With our 360-degree training videos, we can deliver stunning content which allows user interactivity in new and exciting ways. It also helps us to improve the learning experience of the customers.
Our expert team has ability to work with various VR devices like
  • Samsung Gear
  • Oculus Rift
  • Google Cardboard
  • Microsoft Holo lens
  • HTC Vive, and more.

Industries we support for VR

Our client base exceeds to different geographical locations, and we take pride in being a part of many prestigious firms. Until now, we have worked on numerous VR projects which involves creating the virtual reality applications and VR content production in diverse niches, among which the few prominent ones underlying are

  • Virtual reality for architecture

    Our team is equipped with all the vital skills to provide an interactive visualization environment for commercial or residential properties. With the help of our VR services, clients can experience the complete architecture model while incorporating appropriate changes like interior design features, furniture placement, space planning, and more in the real-time.

  • Virtual reality for military

    With our VR services, we can help the military and defense system to train their soldiers by creating virtual battle situations. It will help them to learn the ways for combating or avoiding danger on the battlefield. Besides, we can cut down the training costs by creating exact replicas of the vehicles or weapons. Due to its game-like feature, it will provide better engagement of soldiers.

  • Virtual reality for education and training

    We provide grade school or corporate students with an engaging learning experience through our VR-based learning and training programs. It motivates them to learn while improving, understanding or retaining the desired information. Through our virtual classroom service, we can also enable distance-learning for students to acquire knowledge without being physically present on the campus.

  • Virtual reality for healthcare

    Many healthcare professionals use our VR services to learn and enhance their skills in a safer environment. It involves practicing invasive procedures or surgeries before approaching the patients. Apart from this, we enable doctors to use VR for diagnosis or robotic surgery to reduce the operation time and complication risks.

  • Virtual reality for entertainment

    We offer VR solutions for the entertainment industry, which includes diverse areas like gaming, movies, virtual theme parks, music and concerts, galleries, virtual museums, and more. We provide an interactive virtual 3D environment to attract and engage the audience while providing them with memorable experiences.

  • Virtual reality for marketing

    With the help of our VR services, we can help clients to create a unique brand experience for reaching their customers. We ensure that our marketing strategy is flexible to generate interest and excitement in the potential buyers for associating with the client’s brand. It will overall help to increase the sales of the product.

  • Virtual reality for retail

    Retailers mostly use our VR services to connect with a wide range of audience. It even benefits the customers by allowing them to access their favorite brands or services. Apart from this, we can also help clients in promoting their retail products by creating an immersive and interactive 3D environment. It enables the potential prospects to visualize the accurate look and style of the product before purchasing it.

  • Virtual reality for travel

    Various clients use our interactive VR services to improve the customer’s travel experience by offering virtual tours of hotels, hotel rooms, tourist attractions, and more to provide them with an overall idea of the location before their arrival. Besides, we can also offer a virtual booking interface to provide a seamless booking experience for potential customers to book their tickets or accommodation.

  • Virtual reality for engineering and scientific visualization

    In engineering, we allow 3D visualization of the client's project so that they can make the needed modifications in the design before its implementation. It helps in saving a lot of time and money. However, in the field of science, we incorporate CGI with VR technology for enabling scientists or medical professionals to share the complex concepts or ideas in the form of high-quality 3D visuals.

  • Virtual reality for fashion

    By implementing advanced VR technology and specialized software, we help the clients to get a realistic experience of being present at the fashion shows. Apart from this, we can also help the fashion industry to create virtual fashion stores, virtual humans or 3D avatars, 3D fashion portfolio, virtual try-ons, and more to reduce costs and attract potential customers.

Benefits of choosing MAP Systems for virtual reality services

  • We guarantee a captivating VR experience from our solutions to serve the exact purpose of clients.
  • We generate realistic, well-formatted, and genuine products according to the VRML( Virtual Reality Modeling Language) standards.
  • We assure the quickest turnaround time as we follow a well planned and highly resourceful methodology.
  • Our virtual reality services company is fortified with sophisticated technologies and sound infrastructure to produce the desired outcome.
  • We offer customized and affordable VR price structure according to our client's need and their project type.

MAP Systems has been one of the leading providers of interactive virtual reality services in the industry. We work with an expert team who have the required knowledge and experience to support a variety of projects serving the diverse business needs of clients. Our services have helped various firms to reduce simulation costs and create an immersive digital experience for their targeted audience. Thus, whether you need interactive videos, audios, or compelling images, we can efficiently implement the right methods to produce the desired output. Besides offering this service, we also provide top-quality augmented reality services according to the requirements of our global clientele.

Get in touch with us to receive interactive virtual reality solutions for incorporating VR into your business and enhance your performance or services.

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