Graphic Design FAQ's

What all do you provide under your graphic design services?

The sphere of work which we cover under our graphic design services is very vast. We can deliver to you almost everything your business needs in terms of logo, letterheads, mailing labels, stationery, folder designs and business cards. Not just this, we also undertake more comprehensive tasks in form of creating specific designs for your web-sites, designing brochures and formulation of direct mail designs. Apart from these services we can also put together our skills for your any specific graphic design requirement, but for that you need to check with us.

Our services include:

What is the cost of services provided by you?

At MAPSystems we believe in delivering the best quality services at competitive prices. The pricing feature can be understood in a more elaborate manner by giving us a call or sending an email and mentioning your project specifications.

What payment modes are accepted by you?
We provide to our clients the convenience of paying through a variety of channels; this includes personal checks, Payments through business checks, Drafts, PayPal, Wire transfer.
Does client have a say in the design process?

Since we are designing to satisfy the needs of our client, we at MAPSystems make sure to involve the client at all major milestones of designing. Initially when the project is received by us, we discuss it thoroughly with the client thus understanding what they want and how they perceive the final product. Next, we also encourage the customer to bring in his/her suggestions in form of colour matching and design ideas. Once the theme has been selected and the design is ready, we again get back to the client for a final approval. So all in all the customer becomes the ultimate deciding factor with us and his/her approval is of prime importance to us.

Do I get to access the progress of my project?

As the project steers forward the client is kept abreast with the work undertaken and changes happening at all important stages. We make sure that at all important junctures, client approval is taken before moving forward. A Customer can contact us to know more about his/her project at any time.

What is the process of receipt of the finished work?

Once the final product is ready and you have made the payments for the same, we deliver the finished work on your mentioned e-mail or secure FTP. We also keep a backup in case you lose your work and thus act as a safeguard for our clients.

With whom does the copyright of the final work rests?

Upon payments you have all the rights in respect to the work, but we can use the work for promotional purpose. In case of any objection you can contact our creative head, we will be happy to help.

How do you undertake the logo design process?

At MAPSystems we first access and understand thoroughly what the client needs and what is his product base, market coverage and logo usage. Once these aspects are covered we ask the client to share with us his likes and dislikes. Our designing team takes these factors into consideration before bringing out the perfect design to suit you commercially and personally. We are also happy to incorporate changes or elements which are suggested by our clients.

Is it possible to design at a very short notice?

We can adjust to your immediate requirements provided that our production and designing team is having the requisite time to accommodate your needs.

Can you help me so that I can get the process of graphic designing started?

MAPSystems is a professional company with a personal touch to it. We will assist you, guide you and show you the best way to meet your graphic designing needs. You just need to call or email us and share with us your requirements; inhibitions and we will guide you in the best possible manner.

Do you also work for adult related businesses?

Sorry to disappoint you, but it is against our norms. We do not deal in work which involves questionable, illegal and adult material.

What are your working hours?

We work round the general Indian business hours but if you have a special demand and want to call or visit us apart from the fixed hours, you can take a prior appointment for the same.

What is the list of services which are included in your job profile?

A vast array of designing and marketing services are performed by us to perfection. The range of services which we at MAPSystems provide to our customers are stationery designing, direct mail, email advertising, website designing, web graphics, photo editing, packaging designing, poster creation, advertising (involving online and print versions), illustrations which involves 3d rendering services, printing brochures, newsletters and flyers, renovation of websites and undertaking of branding and product marketing strategies. Our services are comprehensive and all-inclusive.

Do you also undertake Printing Tasks?

We do not deal in printing services, though to make things convenient for our clients we do provide them with details in regard of good local and online printing service providers. Since we have a huge clientele which ranges across the national boundaries it becomes very difficult to furnish printed stuff to them, so we recommend using the our creative design services of the local printing agencies.

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Various Industries We Support

Apart from professional photographers, we also provide support to businesses and individuals working in various domains such as

medical photo editing for healthcare industry


photo editing for publication firms

Publishing Houses

image editing for real estate industry

Real Estate Agencies

photo editing for entertainment industry


photo editing for advertising and marketing industry

Advertising Agencies

image editing for eCommerce firms

E-commerce Firms

image editing for travel agencies


photo editing for portrait studios

Portrait Studios

photo editing for fashion industry