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3D sculpting
Project: 3D sculpting

Challenges confronted: Targets were decided at the inception of the project. However, as the project proceeded, the volume initially forecasted leapfrogged and moved way beyond the originally set target. The challenge was to manage the volume by harnessing the existing resources and infrastructure without allowing the cost to escalate. Read more

image restoration
Project: Photo restoration

Challenges confronted: Client’s purpose of getting old and crumpled photographs restored convincingly in high fidelity was being defeated as the vendors they were relying on were failing to deliver quality, consistency and retouching sought by customers. Customer complaints pertaining to shabby quality of rework and TAT have become rampant and the client was finding it increasingly difficult to salvage its reputation among loyal customers. Read more

creative magazine design
Project: Magazine layout and designing

Challenges confronted: The client was in an awkward situation as they inadvertently jumped the printing schedules, thus delaying the delivery of magazines to subscribers. The repeated violation of printing deadlines had been conveying a very wrong impression of the client to loyal and prospective subscribers. Read more

typesetting services
Project: Typesetting

Challenges confronted: The task was a cumbersome one as it demanded swiftness and perfection to the core. Moreover, technical genres take a lot of time. Time given was short and obviously no compromise in quality could be tolerated. Budget constraint was also a challenge. Read more

epub conversion services
Project: ePub conversion

Challenges confronted: Client was confronted with the challenge of seamlessly managing exceptionally high volumes of conversions and to deliver them within stiff deadlines. Not respecting the deadlines would mean significant decline in the business volume bagged by the client. Further, the reputation of the client would be irrevocably tarnished. Read more

Read aloud ebook
Project: Read Aloud Fixed Layout eBooks converison

Challenges confronted: Normally, there are two parts for a read aloud eBook of Fixed Layout type. They are a fixed layout format and then the audio that synchs perfectly with the text. To create fixed layout ePub type eBooks, it is important to have a detailed understanding about the general things related to ePub. Read more

3d rendering services
Project: 3D rendering service provision for an interior design firm

Challenges confronted: We always enjoyed taking projects that were domain specific as it provides a new experience every time. But in this case, there were some challenges that needed to be vanquished. This is what makes this 3D renderings case study a bit unique. Read more

image processing
Project: Image processing-Complete solutions

Challenges confronted: To edit more than 5, 000, 00 images and carrying out image enhancement within a really short timeframe was a real challenge. The customer would daily upload minimum 100 folders with approximately 50 images to FTP. Read more

xml conversion
Project: XML conversion in line with DAISY standards

Challenges confronted: We were given a time period of 8 months and 700 books were to be converted to DAISY xml format. They wanted absolute accuracy and expected us to provide single source files while maintaining consistency and robustness. Read more

architectural 3d walkthrough
Project: 3D walkthrough and visualization

Challenges confronted: The client had huge expectations in regard of output but the issue was lack of funds. They needed services at bottom-rock prices. This was a challenge as we had to do some internal planning to ensure that quality of services never get compromised because of client’s financial constraints. Read more

2d adnimation for advertisement
Project: 2D animation case study of Advertisement Company in Canada

Challenges confronted: Some challenges were there with this project of creating animation for marketing. The very first concern was the stiffness of deadline. We had just 72 hours which in fact meant that there was no time to commit errors and rectify. Read more

document scanning services
Project: Document scanning services for US based company

Challenges confronted: The project was a bit challenging. First of all the books were very old; scanning had to be done for materials in delicate state. Most of the pages had stains and were yellow coloured. Read more

hdr image blending case study
Project: HDR image blending case study

Challenges confronted: One of the leading companies in US indulged in video production, 360 degree virtual touring and photography services contacted us. The company had clients from various industries; prominent ones among them were hotels, resorts, real estate businesses and builders etc. Read more

flash to html5 case study
Project: Flash to HTML5 Case Study

Challenges confronted: The client was already facing many challenges. Firstly, their app based on Flash failed to work well on iPad, Android and all higher devices. The choice of HTML5 as an alternative to adobe flash animation made the scenario even more exigent. Read more

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