Edited Corporate Videos for a Leading Business
Enterprise in the UK

About the client

The client was a leading business consultancy firm in London, which had several clients including corporations and professionals. The client provided IT, legal, and logistics consultancy to its clients.

The project

The client organized a 5-day corporate event that included conferences, interviews with key personalities in the industry, entertainment programs, and dinner. The client’s videographers captured raw videos of the event and the client now looked for a professional video editing company to refine these footages properly so that they could use these videos later for varied purposes.

Corporate Videos

The challenges

The client suggested strict parameters for quality. Even though they did not specify any deadline, but they wanted regular updates to ensure that the project was progressing at a fast rate. They gave us around 150 video clips that were equivalent to almost 60 hours of raw footage. We had to exercise special care while screening the footages in order to make sure that we selected the best footages. We had to also ensure that we did not remove any footage that could have been considered as ‘important’ by the client. This was a tedious and time-consuming process. The client kept track of all the activities that we were doing in-house. The client wanted an extremely professional outcome that they can showcase to their stakeholders.


We assigned a dedicated project manager for this task; he led a team of the most experienced corporate video editors employed by us. They went through all the clips in a meticulous manner and picked up the best ones. They even got them approved by the client for further editing. After this step, we used advanced software to join all the clips in a seamless flow while dividing the end-product into four sections- interviews, seminars, programs, and dinners. We even added background music at appropriate places, text captions to enhance the impact of certain sections, interesting transitions, and animations so as to make the outcome look professional and story-like. Whatever we did, we ensured that we adhered to the clients’ branding guidelines.


The client was highly satisfied with the outcome, which was a 20-hour video documentary that portrayed all the important parts of the event in an engaging manner. The client signed up for some more video editing projects and today, he is one of our regular clients.

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