Delivered Professional Cooking Video Editing Service
to a Famous YouTuber Based in California


We were approached by a popular YouTube star who runs a popular YouTube channel on cooking. We were asked to fine tune his cooking videos.

About The Client

The client was based in California and he owned a YouTube channel on cooking. He shared child-friendly recipes through his YouTube channel. He asked us to refine his cooking videos to make them suitable for YouTube publishing. He wanted us to ensure that the refined videos met YouTube’s formatting and quality standards to enable successful publishing. He called our sales team for a customized quote.


We faced several challenges during the course of the video editing project and one major issue was the weekly deadlines. The client wanted us to deliver weekly videos within a day because he wanted to keep buffer time for review. Secondly, the client was quite particular about quality. He put emphasis on adherence to high quality standards.

The Solution

Our video editors adopted the following measures to ensure that they met the expectations of the client both in terms of quality and timeline of submission:

  • We collaborated with the client closely and formed a sequence-based formatting for the clips.
  • This step enabled us to implement the edits and maintain high-quality throughout the clips.
  • We added interesting transitions, text, and other effects to the video and this was highly facilitated due to the single sequence video format that we created.
  • We ensured that the quality level remained consistent in all the clips.


The client was immensely impressed with the cooking video editing outcomes as we were able to live upto his expectations in terms of quality. The client continued to give us video editing tasks on a weekly basis and today, he is one of our most loyal clients. The client’s videos looked professional and they attracted traffic to his YouTube channel, making him one of the most popular YouTube personalities in recent times.

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